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  1. I had my i7 8700k overclocked to 5.0 ghz. then it blue screened so i lowered it to 4.8. it blue screened twice. I had xmp 1 enabled and was doing 1.2 volts on everything. i know that it might be stability. But, if it happens again how do i reset my bios to stock settings?. My mobo is an asus rog strix z390-e
  2. Yes i didn’t say anything about the fans
  3. I have an nzxt h700i and don’t know where to plug in the fans. They have plug ins and the plug into the cam hub. When I turned it on none of them would spin or work
  4. Amazon has good service I’ll return it
  5. For the usb it fit but since it was under the gpu it went in sideways
  6. Assuming it’s not the pin is there anything I could do to revive it
  7. Well ya that’s what I’m worried about should I rerun the moitherboard
  8. Also I’m pretty sure it’s a dead power supply
  9. I built a pc and don’t know what went wrong. I built my first pc and at first it would turn on and then there was an extra cable to plug in. I plugged it in but forced it so the pins broke. I continued to force it and just gave up. Now when I turn it in it wil ll turn on then turn off, turn on then turn of and it will continue to do it. dirs anyone know who to fix it ?