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  1. As mentioned by other if you are not using a powered splitter you will not want to exceed the 1amp capacity of the header. However for PWM based fans you can get powered splitters that take 12V from the PSU and only a PWM control and RPM signal to the header.
  2. Welcome to the Forums! The ambient temps will affect the cooling potential as the lowest the system can be at is 40C, however note that using watercooling will affect the room or ambient temp more as it's more efficiently moving that heat into the surrounding air.
  3. Ok if that is the case it can work if your doing it for an aesthetic just be sure to order the correct number and size of fittings for each portion.
  4. -Topics Merged-
  5. Oh ok the page refreshed with an image but everything is broken. If you have theses fittings you are good, however note that 14mm tubing is harder to source, as the most common is currently 12mm and 16mm exact. https://www.amazon.com/Bitspower-Enhance-Multi-Link-Fitting-Crystal/dp/B01HAKZ40I
  6. Could you re-edit the last post, if they are the multi-link ones I see they are for all types of hardline including PETG. Also to mention I believe Monsoon's V1 zeris are imperial exact with the new V2 version capable of both with different thickness of O-rings.
  7. Rigid tubing fittings will work with PETG, acrylic, copper, etc. As for tubing size that depends who you go for as most are metric exact, and only a couple are imperial exactly, primochill being one of them.
  8. Ok for those you can use the tube brackets, the newer versions of the D5 and such already have the brackets buit in place.
  9. Which pump res unit do you have?
  10. If you have a pump res combo the unit should have a mounting bracket which you can directly mount to the cable cover.
  11. Unless you had a long row of them it wouldn't be able to reliably hold up a sheet of glass.
  12. You can get brackets like this for holding the tube res, but you may need to check clearances since there is a bump at that top of that cable shroud: https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-res-x3-holder-60mm-2pcs
  13. The IPC of the hardware itself no, that shouldn't change from the day you got it but as mentioned through bloated software and such can cause other problems.