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  1. -Moved to Programs, Applications and Websites-
  2. It just depends on your budget and what your looking for, an AIO option for that wouldn't be hard to get a good one would be the NZXT X62 units. If your looking for a custom watercooling loop though that would be more involved. -Moved to liquid and Exotic Cooling-
  3. Personally I'd stick with clear fluid as it doesn't tend to stain as readily, as you already have green tubing and no res that would stand out if you have clear fluid. It's up to you but that looks good to me.
  4. Both look alright it's mainly up to you what you want in the loop as for cleaning the rads, you can use a vingear solution to clean them. Just be sure to give it a baking soda wash to neutralize any acid and to heavily rinse it out after before use. If your going with a colored fluid I would suggest to get clear tubing since you can see it.
  5. If your interested in getting your hand started in custom cooling but on a tighter budget you can look into the Fluid gaming kits, they are all aluminium so your parts and options will be a little more limited, just make sure the block they have is compatible with your specific model of GPU. https://www.ekfluidgaming.com/ek-kit-a240g
  6. I would suggest to just get a block that is compatible with your GPU without a pump, the swiftech pump is enough for expanding the loop. Only downside that has been with that pump is longevity where some users had it die early on, while you can use different pump you want to make sure their flow and pressure are approx the same.
  7. As the tubing is a few years old now I would recommend to change it to some new stuff, if your looking for low maintenance, look at getting EDPM tubing a nice matte black look. For clear or colored tubing Primochill's LRT is alright, a good one is Mayhem's Ultra clear. https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-tube-zmt-matte-black-15-9-9-5mm
  8. To get you started a kit would be a good option unless your really wanting to select each component individually. I would recommend to look into the EKWB kits, my pick would be to P series kits. Just to provide a ballpark for watercooling both a CPU and GPU your looking at around a $500 USD for a quality watercooling loop.
  9. Yes the rad from that unit is copper so it won't be an issue integrating it into that loop, and 3/8''ID 5/8''OD tubing is ~(10/16mm) so it'll be alright.
  10. The AIO unit requires 3/8"ID 5/8"OD tubing, just not that your extra 120mm rad must be copper based you don't want to have a mixed metal loop using an aluminum rad. http://www.swiftech.com/MCR-H220-RADIATOR.aspx
  11. 4-pin CPU cord for Mobo?

    Just fold up the extra +4 pin section so it gets out of the way, just note that PCI-E and EPS cables are not interchangeable to make that clear.
  12. 4-pin CPU cord for Mobo?

    You basically just need to plug in the 4 pin portion of the 8 pin (4+4pin) EPS connector, the other +4pin is left unplugged.
  13. It will be blue still as that's the regular dye color, but for the glow effect that is what requires the UV.
  14. If they are UV reactive fluid you will require UV LED's or cathode for the effect to be visible. In general for the best UV effects you want a dark case with no lighting other than the UV lights.
  15. AMD Ryzen 2 Launching February/March 2018

    @pokemasterflex_ Please remember to include a quote and input on a News article to ensure it meets the posting guidelines in the future. As this has been posted earlier let's keep discussion consolidated in one thread: -Locked-