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  1. Oh it’s been a while, and wow did you airbrush that, it looks amazing.
  2. POE lighting

    Hmm that can be useful in large setups, only thing is with the POE injectors you would be limited on how powerful the lights could be installed.
  3. POE lighting

    Welcome to the Forums! Hmm never knew about POE lighting, I assume some lights themselves are completely power over ethernet and require no external power source to them. Sounds very useful in certain applications or even just control lights that use AC power.
  4. I know this is prob. the wrong forum...

    People have asked that many times before so at this point I wouldn't be surprised I guess a bit of a sidenote:
  5. I know this is prob. the wrong forum...

    For drinks yes if your planning on putting a PC in there it won't work. -Moved to Off Topic-
  6. Identify my psu please.

    -Moved to Case and Power Supplies-
  7. Help water cooling

    As said before watercooling is not cheap, but for fittings there are lots of options out there, EKWB's are fairly affordable other options such as Barrow are pretty good, as said before there isn't any guarantee if something were to go wrong.
  8. It would be this: http://www.highspeedpc.com/default.asp They also use more recently now the open bench: https://openbenchtable.com/
  9. Yeah a single D5 won't have any trouble going through that and more even, rads aren't really restrictive in a loop the blocks are what tends to be the main point of concern.
  10. Performance PC's is a fairly large online retailer for watercooling gear and other hardware, we have a couple rep here on the forums if you have questions. @PPCs-Kat
  11. Push vs pull make very little difference, a good number of people prefer pull as it makes cleaning out the front of the rad easier even with dust filters some will get by. With push and pull it only providing a few degrees of difference in most situations.
  12. Heat cycling overtime will make acrylic more brittle but it takes a long time before you will really see issues with it, most times I've seen damage on to acrylic is due to over torquing or physically dropping and damaging it. Since your aiming for 1000RPM depending on fans and setup it may not be dead silent but very quiet, the fans contribute the most in terms of noise. I personally don't have anything running above 750RPM even at full load but that being said I have a large excess of rad space. http://www.xtremerigs.net/2015/02/11/hardwarelabs-nemesis-360-gts-radiator-review/5/
  13. What laptop screws is this?

    Yes for going to want to look for the flat head variety. Something like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/M2-Torx-Screws-Countersunk-Head-Torx-Flat-Head-Screws-Pack-of-50-piece/232370696440?hash=item361a5f70f8:m:mgy0W2qtqgscXZDC7MXyfxA
  14. What laptop screws is this?

    In that case it's most likely an M2 or M2.5 torx screw.
  15. That probably would work but isn't ideal as it's designed for painting polycarbonate. I would suggest something like automotive paint if you want to get the most bright and vibrant colors just note you will want to properly prep and prime the surfaces ideally before painting. -Moved to Modding Section-