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  1. Look for signage or custom vinyl wrap places like for vehicles they can usually cut out custom designs.
  2. Here I have a general guide and diagrams to do all of that under Powering RGB LED's:
  3. The only thing is it's still not a guarantee you will get 75Hz without freesync, but the fact that it was designed to do so with that should help it along when you overclock it.
  4. For full load with 10% CPU rendering I would keep an eye on it for now but it should be ok, if things are a litle warmer than you like try doing some test by placing a fan right near the heatsinks to try and draw air over them.
  5. That sounds pretty good to me, I think you'll be ok with that but if the temps still keep climbing then I would start to worry.
  6. It should still have some incidental airflow over the VRM heatsinks to keep things relatively cool, as Enderman brought up what is the fan setup around the case.
  7. VRM are the heatsinks or modules around the CPU socket, if there isn't goof airflow over them or it being limited can cause it be a little warm but I wouldn't say it's a worry until 85C.
  8. Both are good, if your looking for RGB systems the main difference would be the Cable mod kit uses a wireless remote to change colors and modes where Bitfenix uses a wire click button to change between colors but slightly less granular control or modes. -Moved to Modding Section-
  9. If that is the VRM that's not a problem since it's under heavy perlonged load, the VRM is capable of working up to 125C. However if you want to keep it lower adding a fan or having more ambient airflow near the VRM heatsinks will help.
  10. Looks like the shape of what could be a firewire port to me.
  11. It will not make a huge difference going from a thinner rad to a thicker one but instead if you can a longer rad would be a better option. I would suggest to start with he P360 kit it has a thicker rad if you would like but also the better D5 pump. Everything in the kit comes in parts, you will need to cut the tubing to length and install the blocks and fittings.
  12. You will be ok then the only thing that might happen is for the higher RPM fans if you run them too low they may have trouble starting and excess noise since at the equivalent percent it will run at a higher RPM than the lower RPM fans.
  13. The PWM setup will work as long as all the fans are PWM based, the PWM signal will provide a percentage 0-100% speed so the fans will follow accordingly to the range that they are capable of. Just note that if you plan to put all those fans on one header you will want to get a power splitter to not overload it.
  14. Assuming they are RGB, make sure you have the LED strip oriented correctly as the strips have polarity for the RGB lines. -Moved to Modding Section-