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  1. Can you post a photo of the loop most times we can get an idea of the situation if there is something up with the configuration. As mentioned it sounds potentially you have a trapped air pocket blocking or impeding the flow.
  2. Some units have fan control, I believe some versions of the Corsair Link enabled PSU's have the ability to change the fan curve to your desire.
  3. If you do video editing or render work it can help depending on the program as long as it can leverage it. I personally do some 3D modeling and while the benefit is marginal having a professional GPU can be useful.
  4. Yes, same class of card. For $5 though you can't go wrong that card is around $500 dollars brand new if if I could get my hands on one at that price it could come in handy!
  5. It's a workstation graphics card design specifically for computation or programs which can leverage the hardware for live 3Dviews such as solidworks and among others.
  6. That's very doable if you have a current sensor once it drops below a certain level it can basically cut off any type of charging until say a user unplugged and replugged the cable.Some chargers I have seen have that capability and cut off until it battery drops a significant amount before charging again, but in general battery degeneration isn't terrible these days most are able to have a good number of charging cycles without loosing a large amount of it's original capacity.
  7. That's the standoff but what screws are you using to bolt the motherboard in place? These ones most commonly used in systems with the one at the top being 6-32 as the common standard.
  8. If those are temps under load I wouldn't worry too much about it but if it's at idle see if some extra airflow near it helps.
  9. Are you using the 6-32 threaded screw that is usually the standard for most motherboard standoffs. I have seen some use M3 but that is less common.
  10. Similar to CPU's you don't want it to exceed 85C on chipsets, it's a little on the warm side of things but still safe.
  11. What do you mean it looks perfect in the photo above, sometimes you need to push it towards the IO if the holes aren't lining up perfectly.
  12. Batteries don't keep charging when they are full in smart phones and devices, they drop the current to a very small amount and trickle charge it which is not recommended. The battery can degrade faster if you use higher amperage chargers that heats the battery up more so than lower amperage chargers, so it's a trade off by quickly charging your device.
  13. Adafruit has a bunch of those it just depends on the size and resolution you need: https://www.adafruit.com/categories/506
  14. If you can get Montana's they have a fluorescent series of paints which reacts with UV or a UV clear coat. https://www.montana-cans.com/en/spray-cans/spray-paint/gold-400ml/montana-gold-400ml-fluorescent-colors https://www.montana-cans.com/en/spray-cans/effect-sprays/uv-effect-400ml/montana-uv-effect-transparent-400ml
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