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  1. Can i see some of yout previous work and what are the costs?
  2. Sth to incorporate with her and the colour green
  3. Hey guys. I need help with a logo and it would be greatly appreciated if you guys could help me. Its based on athena and need to have the color green incorporated somehow. A circular logo would be best. Thank you in advance
  4. Is there any way to ensure the products sold on this website are 100% genuine? I emailed them twice but they haven"t replied to me yet. What would the community advice me to do? link- http://www.beadstime.com/
  5. So i have been dating a girl for 4 months and she has been ignoring me for the past couple of weeks. I have confronted her several times and she still continues to do so. I also think she's still in love with her ex but i dont want to lose her. What should i do?
  6. Are there any interesting shows worth bingewatching?
  7. Does anyone know any cases of this stature? (No caselabs please)
  8. Woah,I'm not bragging. It is kinda hard for me to be nice.
  9. @Tosa I'm rude and stuff.I apparently "break" girls hearts.
  10. Guys i need some help as the title suggests. Could i have some tips? None of the girls like me anymore because I screwed over many of their friends.