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  1. Alright, seems like a good deal for a new 970. I think I forgot to mention that the price drops would also come from consumers who want to upgrade their systems which would in turn make them sell their cards quickly (thus, rush prices). That's all I was saying. Good luck with that deal though! It sounds sweet.
  2. I concur with most of the people above me. Tough it out until the next generation drops since you'll either experience two things: The new gens are amazing and are totally the best bang-for-thy-buck at the time. The new gens are only mediocre which means purchasing a last gen card is feasible. Merchants are going to try to empty their shelves to make room for the new cards.
  3. Ugh. My luck :< I was looking forward to today--just recovered after being sick all week.
  4. >.> Trying to update my game as fast as I can. Go bandwidth go!!! @_@
  5. Reminder that meetup is this saturday. Being to busy due to steam sales purchases is not an excuse and punishable by death. That is all. Will be adding some new rules and guidelines to the OP end of this week, just to stop the "are we restarting then?" questions. Waa sorry again. I won't be able to attend because my uni graduation ceremony is on Saturday. I wish you all good hunting, however!
  6. Okay here we go: LTT (of course?) Uberhaxornova JessieCox Dslyecxi DanaAsmr
  7. Yes! It's a good place to purchase keys. Just make sure that the "shop" or thread that you're purchasing from has a lot of comments stating how reputable the seller is--you know normal internet buying protocols
  8. The thing is that the end product would be something like this: Something that I have control of the timing in which a certain LED array would be on or off. Possibly even PWM control so I can gradually make the LEDs "breathe". I think I mistyped what I wanted. It's not a 5ft LED array (I would just buy an LED Strip for that) but rather different LEDs (possibly 5ft long in total) being controlled by code via the arduino.
  9. Hello people of LTT. I'm looking to start a small project over the summer that involves an Arduino board. The project is simple: To make an array of LEDs oscillate and "breathe" (Err a lightshow-capable LED set up) possibly a 5ft long LED array. Would this be feasible for me? I have no Arduino experience. I really dunno where to start besides purchasing one. But I have basic coding in C (The most advanced thing I've coded would be data stacks and binary trees). I've also written programs/games for an old Motorolla HC11 microcontroller. Edit: This is what I want the project to produce
  10. Back but I'm exhausted--time to catch up to a week's worth of homework!

  11. Aida64 or RealTemp gt (if I need something lightweight)
  12. I think OP is talking about the headphone stand contest.
  13. If anything, I think 'normal' cargo jobs will be mostly handled by AI. But time-sensitive, long-hauls, or VIPs will probably be on a sort of "Auction" that players will have to compete to get the contract.
  14. I'll mostly be away for the next week or so. Will be at Fanime2015.

  15. Oh okay. I wouldn't be surprised to see some sort of Space UPS/FedEx since there are cargo ships (Freelance etc.) available. Since we have evidence that there are "Data Runners" in the Galaxy, I'm sure we'll have Cargo runners as well.