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  1. Update: Thanks for the help folks! The "We'll get you some adapters instead" speech worked lol. Case closed hahah
  2. Ah! That's fascinating. Basically bridging the signals from on layout to another.
  3. *My mind rn*: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN! No seriously, thanks! I'll use this in my speech check/argument. lol
  4. Only one I found is this 1650: But the 1650's 33% slower than the current 1060 6GB card we're trying to match. Yeah personally am a proponent of DP for my personal stuff. Was just looking to see if there are any solutions right off the bat. I guess we're going with adapters! Wish me luck convincing the client
  5. I guess so. Client says they don't trust HDMI - DP converters--those shouldn't have any loss in quality right?
  6. Hello! As the title says, I need a GPU that has at least 3 HDMI Outputs. Caveat is that it needs to be equal or better than a GTX 1060 6GB. Any help would be appreciated!
  7. Hahahah No no, I did trade over running on 2 hours of sleep daily for 3 weeks hunting for that thing. Finally got it via BestBuy last October
  8. Mine was pretty surreal--everything felt smoother. Switched to a 144Hz monitor two months ago (Overclocked it to 160Hz recently though). Decided to play Valorant with NVIDIA Reflex and GSync on. First time I won a Deathmatch in the year that I've played. I noticed that I'm reacting to peeps popping out faster? Might be placebo but who knows. My eyes see it
  9. I agree that it's thermal throttling, but it's a laptop? If you're able to feel the air come out then the fans able to breathe hmm. Thermal paste issue? Not that experienced with laptops.
  10. Hmm, well KVMs that I've used only switch multiple USB/Display inputs into certain outputs. You might need a thunderbolt 3 dock/switch or something similar for this need--I just personally have not encountered such a device in my line of work yet.
  11. So if I'm getting this right, you want to switch all your peripherals and displays to either the laptop or the NUC/"ServerPC" at will without moving/plugging cables around? Why not look into triple-monitor KVM switches? I personally have only used dual monitor switches but for the same purpose for my professional work. Thing about them is that they're a little finicky at times. https://www.amazon.com/CKL-Switch-Triple-Monitor-DisplayPort/dp/B089NNJ6DP Thoughts?
  12. Aaaahhh it's MONDAY?! Yeah something about today made me think it's Saturday lol. But I guess it's just some bored DDoS cannon user. Hope it resolves soon though.
  13. Heck yeah! Glad to see a fellow SM580 user--not a lot of us out there no? Yeah you'll find that you need to pop the GPU rear-end first, get the rear IO clear of the PCI holes in the back, then you'll swing the front of the card in. There's a slim slim margin when it's in but it's enough. And yeah the SF750 is such a darn pain to find. I actually forgot that I have another one with an ETA of 12/28/2020 from a different supplier, but at this point that would be a 3 month wait... Thanks for checking out my log! Good luck with your build.
  14. I'm getting the same messages as you. Either LTT's getting DDOS by some fancy shmancy setup or there's a lot of users this Saturday night. Hope it's the latter though.