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  1. Now that you guys mention it, an external mic and my earbuds would be a much better solution, so any other recommendations on those? I don't really care about sound quality.
  2. I'm looking for a new gaming headset, but know almost nothing about audio. I'm hoping I could get one for less than $50, as I have a $50 amazon giftcard, but wouldn't mind going a bit higher if its worth it. I really don't care about mic quality, but I'm hoping I could get a pair with at least similar quality to my current earbuds, the Sony XBA H1s. Any suggestions? I'm not going to be listening to music with them, but the higher sound quality the better.
  3. Oh shit! I just glanced to the left where there was a link to the wan show and I have the same Hot Dog costume as linus! Ha!
  4. The 300hr thing was a bit of an exaggeration, but yeah, PC seems to be the way to go. Thanks guys!
  5. Should I get Fallout 4 for the PC or PS4? I have a good computer, I can max it easily at 60fps, and I do like pretty graphics, but my brother is already going to buy it for the PS4. I'm saving money for a DSLR, and could really use that $60, but he's a huge fallout nerd, and will likely put 300hrs into this game before I can even touch it. I'm fine playing at 30fps, but mods are something I do want. Anyways, what's your opinion? Should I get it for PC, or just use my brothers copy on the PS4? What platform are you getting it on? Why?
  6. Damnit it's not meat? I was hoping for an Android Meat.
  7. OOH OOH I GOT ONE! There once was this thread on Linustechtips.com. A thread about people's experiences with non techies. This thread often broke out into off topic discussions. So much so that someone created a new thread just for the off topic discussions of that thread. No one used it. I don't know where it is. I think it just flew past Pluto on the New Horizons probe.
  8. He's 14? And acts like that? Was he dropped on his head as a small child?
  9. If that horse is enough to convince you to preorder than you need to do some more research on the game! There's also a dog, a mech and Quiet. I'll let you find out who quiet is.
  10. oh man im going to have to try this when school starts!