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    i7 6700
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    Gigabyte Z170x Gaming 6
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    16GB G.Skill DDR4 2400Mhz
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    GTX 1080 (Founders Edition) Asus
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    Corsair 400C
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    Kingston Savage 240GB SSD+ Intel 530 120 + 2x 1TB WD blue + ADATA SP610 256GB
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    650W EVGA g2
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    ASUS PB278Q (main) + Dell u2412m
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    Logitech G710+ - also have a driving Force GT wheel
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    Logitech G700
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    Sennheiser 598 se's
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    Win 10

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    Started watching NCIX tech tips when I was going into High School and got addicted to computer tech, and over the past years I have developed a deeper perspective on Tech.
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  1. Anyone Run A Plex Server Through FreeNAS?

    Well I run a small 1TB plex server with freenas with an old i3-2100, seems to be fine. Mind you I'am the only user ever streaming from it So not sure how it would fair with multiple streams. My guess is 2 high quality streams maybe 3 without issue. But I'm not to familiar with freenas and hardware usage myself. Also the most my server ever does for me is downloading and playback at the same time. I think if you wanted to run VM's and or a a lot of streams having a proper quad core would be critical. Plex is straight forward, many guides available to assist. Now getting things to download and sending stuff to right locations can get trick for first timers. It took me ages and finally a friend had to walk me through it.
  2. Hey Canadians - Mobile Carrier Question

    Telus is generally the better carrier for remoter regions of BC. At least in my experience. Rogers would be my next choice. However once you get out to Tofino and in the mountains reception isn't going to be astounding regardless. Unlimited data is kinda like unheard of in Canada unless you pay $$$$$.(which still is not unlimited) Wave hello on your* way through Victoria headed to Tofino.
  3. Steam Summer Sale and VR Games

  4. Steam Summer Sale and VR Games

    Hello LinusTechTipians, Every year the Forum gets covered in "what steam game do I buy?" threads during the summer sale dates, but what I haven't seen is a good thread for VR games that are good deals right now. (I made a promise with myself years ago never to post like this but.. well i need VR games...) So What the best VR game deals on Steam? Also I'm stuck between SuperHot VR and Arizona Sunshine? Any opinions on which one?
  5. Did you have the battery tested? or Just assume its okay? Cause it may just not have the voltage or be keeping the charge.
  6. So today I replaced my Transaxle oil in the 944, in hopes it would help with shifting (also hasn't been done for a long time). Didn't do much though a little quieter on the deceleration gear whining noises so I guess its good! BUT I discovered a coolant leak... My heater control valve is dead now. Its cheap and easy to replace but its at the rear of the motor and a bit tight to work on. However the Brilliant German Engineers at Porsche decided that they should put a clutch inspection port right below the control valve. And for whatever reason no 944 has a cover on this inspection port as after 30 years on the road they all have fallen out and are rarely replaced. So if this coolant control valve fails entirely it will dump coolant into the clutch... and its a rubber clutch to boot, so goodbye clutch.I have not noticed any coolant on the garage so hopefully its not been leaking for long. You can see the coolant on the head of bolt below that white rusty hose clamp. Leaking valve is the black plastic unit with the clear plastic in the middle... TDLR, if its not fixed ASAP it will destroy my clutch and who knows how long its been leaking...
  7. PayDay 2 VR

    Any idea when? or what update?
  8. PayDay 2 VR

    worth it
  9. PayDay 2 VR

    Does anyone know if you can play payday 2 in VR yet? Or is it not released? thanks
  10. I think its the tire pressure but that loose bumper may be adding some drag.
  11. There is a lot of dislike for gaming chairs, personally I understand all of it! They are dumb but they aren't bad. Are there cheaper chairs, yes. Are there better ergonomic chairs? Yes. Does anyone make anything in between, No... I have a Dxracer, but not one of the Formula ones, i think it was a King or Wide series. My friend has a Formula chair. The difference in quality, the size was incredible and about every aspect of my chair (wide series) was better and it was only a little bit more money. So i would definitely agree that some of the chairs are expensive garbage, but some aren't too bad and better than most of the competition.
  12. Come to BC!! Its government controlled and locked down!
  13. That is true! lol Although I believe that would be a 2.2/2.4/2.7L 911 engine but not sure which one.
  14. Nope that is a Porsche flat 6!! Here's the reverse operation for the real deal
  15. Plus 1 for the unofficial thread Porsche club!! Nice car!