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  1. Original VW's and Porsches... They are pretty hard to beat. My dads 81 911, will roar to life instantly despite sitting since September 270K kms, no and the thing runs and looks mint (as mint as 38 year un-restored car could be). Talk to any old time Porsche tech and they will tell that they rarely do/did suspension work aside from upgrades on the cars. My 944 not as amazing but, with oil changes and changing out 30+ year old hoses and wires and seals the car still drives and feels as new. (200k km (family owned since 80k). My Mini cooper on the other hand... 135k kms and it needs major work every few months it seems. My familys (x5 based Range Rover) is the same thing. They both use BMW parts and both suffer from being over complicated (less so on the mini though) and expensive pieces. BMW 200X-05 x5's and 5 series used a big watercooled alternator. Now alternators break and and whatnot - but a new one was well over $1000, rebuilt was $800 + plus install which was not as simple as a regular alternator job. truly an un-required piece of equipment that makes things cost more to fix and over complicates things.
  2. Etherium tops $1,000 spiking GPU prices again

    Seems like no one is looking at the benefits. In a year there will a HUGE amount of used cards hitting the market! And they will be high end and cheap. Say what you will about mining cards, obviously they aren't stellar and not for everyone would want the risk but it drives down used market substantially even for the used non-mining cards. So you might not have a brand new AMD 580, but you may just be able to have 2 in a year for the same money as a new one today.
  3. MSI Releases new Mini-ITX AM4 Motherboard

    I think this a very good point and often overlooked by new ITX builders and manufacturers, most of my ITX is covered by a heatsink.. I have a full glass side panel but as you said its tinted. If i was going to do anything for visuals i think i would do those plastic I/o covers and decent looking heatsinks.
  4. Spotify faces a 1.6 BILLION DOLLAR copyright lawsuit

    I pay for it too, and I would probably pay twice as much max. if I had to go back to the old ways I don't think I would listen to as much music at all or it would be youtube based (which is not much better than Spotify when it comes to $$/listen). The trouble is finding what that per play cost would be - its very difficult thing and far from perfect world. Too much and people will torrent or not listen as much. Thus the market for music decreases and the music labels still loose. The numbers aren't lying for past number of years thanks to streaming more music is being listened to, but just as easily as that trend started it can be stopped. Personally I think Spotify should kill free listening or put a cap on the number of songs one can stream for free - Getting people to pay is important, but not too much. Its a tough time, the old school way of business doesn't like other companies making all the money from something that they were simply to old to see. If Universal for example made a streaming service they wouldn't have an issue with streaming and money going to artists... They could care less, as long as they are in control of the rights and have the all the money. But because the streaming market is so competitive they don't stand a chance. They could buy their into the market, but then their other large music companies would sue them to for not paying enough to their artists. (And a company like universal would never to do this because they are all working together to prevent or hold back streaming) I think if the market option reduces there will be the ability for the remaining streaming companies to operate and pay artists more - but right they are fighting free users, huge competition and the music labels. Spotifiy, Apple music, maybe pandora?, Google (youtube/music) will remain. You can draw a lot similarities from the movie streaming market, only the key difference is that they started to make their own content - its baffled me why Spotifiy hasn't done this yet either, seems like a great win-win for them.
  5. HTC Tease a Potential NEW Vive

    As a current VIVE owner, I dont think its a good time to go for a V2 of the VIVE. GPU's haven't advanced enough to support higher resolutions, while this minor because they will shortly. The biggest problem is truly a lack of good VR content that is pushing boundaries. Don't get me wrong VR content has improved in quantity/quality and features - but I don't really there is a game out that is being held back by current tech. Yes, it would be nice to not walk around with a cord and to see higher resolutions but the mass majority of the games that are made aren't making it feel like these are necessary. Fallout, Doom etc the major AAA titles have bigger issues than resolution. I see more of need to launch it next year or maybe tail end of this year for a release. And I do think they have to very careful here going forward - VR equipment is not like monitors. If they build these too different from one another its going to annoy a lot of people. Developers aren't going to want to work for the last gen if new one is so much better/different - same way no one makes PS3 games once a PS4 is released, etc. And unlike game consoles VR equipment isn't cheap or just something to toss out after awhile. If they wanted to focus on for example improving movement characteristics - making it easier for people to walk in games, it would likely create such a huge difference in Vive V1 and V2 that it would be like going from ps3 to ps4. Developers have a hard time already getting an audience for their games because of such slow adoption (its finally picked up i think) to throw a new road block with mega hardware change would truly damper growth just as momentum was changing. Its just to early in my min for that. However if all the V2 is a resolution bump, maybe a lighter headset more comfortable unit for a similar price I see no issue.
  6. You got to be a special idiot to buy a 04' civic for nearly $9000.... Other than that Its neat and very cool, this is the future and it it is cool to see where AI can intersect with politics and other non-techy stuff. Too bad its not useful information for anyone other than Fox, CNN (news network), ABC and other partners in crime to speculate on the next election. Now just wait until Alexa, Google Now, Siri get these results and start slowly giving biased answers to important questions asked to sway voters... Now that will be... well crazy!
  7. Cars that you absolutely hate

    More of a characteristic of the originals, before they got AWD (964/993 carrera 4's) or any form of TC. And it needs to be a heck of corner + speed, they handle quite nicely otherwise.
  8. WD noise true or not?

    My few year old WD blue made noise, could hear it over my fans, actually thought it was a fan... I got new seagate 2TB and it is much quieter.
  9. Amazon Releases Alexa, Echo, and Prime Music In Canada

    I wonder if it can speak french... and the Canadian version at that
  10. mITX cases for full sized components

    Wait for this guy to come out, https://www.nzxt.com/products/h200i-matte-white
  11. Networking or linux

    Build a linux based server of some sorts. That will make you learn both at the same time.
  12. I don't think 100ft is going to work too well for you, but I only have experience with this method using 25ft cables. The USB cable will likely run into issues due to maximum length without needing a repeater. Adding in repeaters introduces lag. That said I'm not an expert but an active powered USB cable may work and they do exist. As for the HDMI cable again the cable needs to be really good (Actively powered and thick) in order to maintain the high bandwidth speeds for the entire length as the VIVE needs most of it. Its possible. I think the issue here is you need to invest in good quality gear for there to even be a chance, so high costs just for an experiment. If you got it working I would imagine there would still be some evidence of lag or latency. I remember watching my friend play a conventional game with a 50ft HDMI cable (cheap one though) and that was laggy and terrible. I think a better approach maybe to try to do it with Ethernet for such a long distance. USB/Ethernet and HDMI over Ethernet. But this method is also very expensive due to need for 4k HDMI requirements. Also unrelated to the VR content, It is very frowned upon to restart old threads, best to go and make a new thread regarding the subject. (although VR help is kinda limited so if I can I try to help out) I would suggest posting a question on the reddit VR site.
  13. Websites using your devices to mine cryptocurrency

    Malwarebytes active protection seemed to prevent coinhive from running, when Pirate Bay was in the news for starting to use it. But I can't confirm it 100%, going to check it out again though.
  14. (Mini News) Office 365 Price Change

    So given that a lot of people have their own NAS setups, why not use that for "cloud storage"? That would the best value for cloud services - although you do need to maintain it yourself...
  15. OnePlus collects users data - a lot of data[UPDATE]

    As a Oneplus 5 owner, I'm not that impressed with this news... However at least they aren't recording the GPS cordinates too. Which Google does anyways. Owners of Oneplus devices should make a big deal of this, and maybe they will at least tone it down or do a Microsoft/Windows move and at least let you kinda disable the stupid tracking... The oneplus 5 is a good device, yes has its quirks but this really shouldn't be an acceptable practice for any tech company but we typically live with it. However for new/small player in the smartphone market they need to get their shit together, real fast or there won't be a market for a oneplus 6.