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    2x E5-2670
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    Intel S2600CP2J
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    128GB ECC 1600MHZ
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    GTX 770 SC
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    Corsair 400q
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    Samsung 840 Pro 512GB and Raid 1 2tb Segate
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    EVGA 850 G2
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    2x Hyper 212 Evo
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    Corsair k70 RGB with Reds
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    Logitech G700s
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    Logitech G430, Bose Home Theater 2.1

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  1. Panel LED Displays? Super awesome, ones from this company go upto 2880HZ http://pixelflexled.com/products/
  2. I mean its not a bad cinebench score :P Gotta like xeons!

    64f_1484784930_CINEBENCH Windows 64 Bit.png

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    2. Wferr


      It thinks im running win8 okay.

    3. Wferr


      @IAmLampYeah, was cheaper to get this bundle off of Natex.us then buy modern hardware that would be slower lol.

  3. Id say scam, or used prob. The seller was just created and has no reviews or anything.
  4. Just get one of these with them. http://www.supermicro.com/products/system/4U/6048/SSG-6048R-E1CR72L.cfm
  5. Most likely not. They just use the same PCB design to save money and just dont add some components, or use different variants of components that support different things.
  6. I got a new kitchen now. Its pretty cool.
  7. Not sure if this qualifies as a "hot deal" But ya know.... Also Ive been dead. Im back. Natex.us is offering quite the bundle at a decent price. I just picked up one of these recently aswell. http://www.natex.us/Intel-S2600CP2J-Motherboard-Kit-p/s2600cp-sr0h8-128gb-12800.htm for $470 Intel S2600CP2J Motherboard Extended ATX Duel LGA2011 v1 CPU Sockets Intel C602 Chipset Dual E5-2670 SR0KX 8 Cores 16 threads 2.6GHz processor base fr
  8. Its been a looooonngg time.

  9. Any updates with this and the new forum software?
  10. there is a directory for the world that it saves on exit in
  11. Wferr

    CTRL + V Game