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  1. So, I sent RS a screenshot of my -1,000,000 RP with my response yesterday and when I logged into the game just now, I received a message that they had restored my rank! My first character is now 56. I checked my e-mail and they responded to my response from yesterday and thanked me for providing the screenshot because it helped them understand the situation better. Here is the thing though, in the e-mail, they said they restored my legitimate rank. What? In the first e-mail they said I had no detectable legit rank... Whatever. I'm just happy they fixed it so I don't have to grind out my awards. This should speed up my achievement hunting quite a bit. So I'm quite happy here. RS support was pretty snappy in responding. It was less than 24 hours between each e-mail and although my initial communication was disheartening, providing them with a screenshot helped. I think I'm going to set my capture device back up so I can provide video evidence in case something happens in the future.
  2. I agree this is very weird. Like I said, I only recently picked the 360 version up again. Modding wasn't nearly the big deal it was back at launch as it is now and that was when I played it. So I know I never had any issues with modders until now. My bump and then reset were my only encounters that actually changed anything. All my other recent modder encounters have just been with them trolling and killing with fire bullets, things like that. Thankfully, I've never even received any money. They say I have no legit rank on record but that means it somehow shows that I modded from rank one or this modder messed me up bad. Idk. I don't think I'm willing to resort to that level. This is on my main XBox account that I have had for over nine years. I'm just not willing to risk losing it. I'd rather just start over on the platinum awards or totally give up on the achievements for the 360 version.
  3. Kawaii Koneko

    Is Android pay secure?

    And I still mix the names up to this day. I totally forgot about that. Very useful security feature.
  4. A zero tolerance policy for people who get trolled by modders because RS just said f last gen. I mean, I guess it isn't totally their fault as MS seems to have mostly given up the fight on keeping the 360 locked down but still. This is ridiculous. The least they could do is reset my RP. I mean, it is clear a modder screwed me because how else would I have -1,000,000 RP. It isn't like I did it to myself. I just want to get these achievements and be done with the 360 version. I'm so close...
  5. Kawaii Koneko

    Is Android pay secure?

    Well, your card issuer should protect you although some do not allow their cards to be used with Android Pay. My PayPal card works, my Capital One card works, my Amex BlueBird does not, and my debit card from my local bank does not, despite the fact that my bank told me their debit card was compatible with AP. Android Pay informs me that my card issuer has not authorized the card for use with AP. My Capital One card required me to actually call customer service to manually authorize it to be used with AP. I would assume that if your card issuer allows you to use it with AP, then they will protect you. But you will want to check with each bank to verify.
  6. Yeah, so despite having GTA V on the PS4 and PC, I decided to start playing online on my 360. Why? I only had a handful of achievements left and I figured I would get them lol. Anyway, I bought the game on release day and began playing a little online when it launched. I probably played a bit within that first year and never touched it again. I made it to around rank 53 or 63, I can't remember which. Well, last gen consoles are nothing but modder central for GTA V now. It's horrible. I find a different lobby when I notice one but things happen fast sometimes. So some random modder teleported me to him and before I could really react, he boosted my rank all the way up to 120. I didn't want the boost. I'm a legit player but what was I supposed to do? The damage was done. I thought about contacting RS but I didn't. Well, a day or so later, I get teleported again and this time the modder dropped me to rank 1 with -1,000,000 RP. So this time I contacted RS. I opened a ticket and they got back to me saying that I had no detectable legit rank to reset me to. I've e-mailed back explaining the situation in more detail but have yet to hear back. So am I just crap out of luck here? Did the modder somehow bonk everything up so now it looks like I wasn't playing legit? My Googling shows that people get their ranks fixed with normality whenever a modder resets them but since I was boosted first, I'm wondering if it just screwed everything up. I know, it is a bit crappy I only contactected them when the modder screwed me but to be fair, I wasn't exactly happy when they boosted me either. It took the satisfaction out of earning the 100 rank achievement. I asked the rep to at least reset my RP to zero so I can start leveling again. I don't mind that much having to work my way back up the level chain but -1,000,000 RP is pretty much impossible to crawl my way out of given that I can't even trigger missions anymore. If they refuse to help, should I just wait a few days and try to open a new ticket and hope I get a more understanding rep? EDIT: Why not create a new character if I don't mind leveling again? Well, I did, just to earn some cash while I try to fix the situation but the problem with a new character is that award progress doesn't carry over. I was about halfway to 30 platinums for the achievement and pretty close with some others. I really don't want to start all over again on these platinums... Also, please note that I have never joined a modded lobby or done anything myself to cheat. I earned my original rank the honest way and the 120 rank was forced on me.
  7. Kawaii Koneko

    A good air sprayer for my consoles.

    Given the age of the consoles, it may not be a bad idea to open them up and do a more thorough cleaning and then use air for maintenance going forward. Also, you may want to skip replacing the Wii drive and just softmod it. Back when I softmodded my OG XBox, the drive had stopped working and I didn't even bother fixing it because what was the point? Granted, my current one does have a working drive but that is besides the point. I have my Wii softmodded and run games off a USB hard drive. I haven't encountered any slowdown or anything like that, granted I don't use it much. Last I knew, GC games had to be run off disc so that may be a problem if you still play them.. unless that has changed and I am just unaware.
  8. Kawaii Koneko

    Switching from a xbox one to Switch.

    I wouldn't call the Switch an upgrade from an XBox One. You are switching from a console to a handheld with inferior graphics but with the advantage of portability. It's just a different platform. Frankly, the Switch is great for games that aren't available on the PS4 or XBox One but when it comes to multiplats, it just isn't worth the graphical downgrade for the sake of portability. You are much better just streaming to a laptop if you want to play XBox games if you want to do some grinding on the go. That way, when you do get home, you can play with better graphics, controls, and online infrastructure. So really, I would be looking at upgrading your One to an X and getting a Switch for the exclusives. If you have to choose one or the other, it really depends on if the exclusives on the Switch are worth it. I know if I had to choose, I would go with an X over a Switch. The Nintendo exclusives aren't worth it to me to miss out on playing AAA multiplats in 4k. I do have a halfway decent PC, although it can't handle the newer AAA games in 4k but even if it could, I would still want my X around because I don't always want to play on PC. For some having a beefy PC negates needing a console like the X but I don't fit into that camp.
  9. So I wanted to play a 360 game that isn't backwards compatible on the One but I seem to be having an issue with my controller. It's an official controller, the version with the convertible d-pad. For some reason, it will not stay powered on if I use a battery pack. I'm using the AA battery packs and my rechargeable batteries are fully topped up. Note that I have not tried my rechargeable battery packs as they are all dead and I'm too lazy to dig out the charger. Everytime I turn on the controller, it lights up for a split second and then dies. If the console is off, it seems to stay on for a couple seconds before turning off which is weird. It works just fine if I cable it. Any idea what's up?
  10. According to Epic: Unless I see evidence that this is an outright lie, I'm not bothered. This is a totally acceptable reason to use scan my Steam files. As for the Tencent thing, as far as I'm aware, this doesn't seem to be a real threat. What are they going to do? Share my credit card? I doubt it. It isn't like they have my social.
  11. Kawaii Koneko

    Suggestions which xbox 360 model to get

    Most of the units you see floating around that are still working, will be the revisions with the fix in place. My original FAT is still kicking and it' over nine years old. It saw A LOT of use.
  12. The issues are one thing, I'm talking specifically about it being pulled. It's a dumb reason not to buy the game. I agree that Epic is inferior to Steam. It's just not worth missing out on a game over. I haven't personally bought any games through Epic but I have it installed. It doesn't bother me haven't it installed and would use it if I need to. What are you talking about? I'm well aware the game was on Steam. My whole point is that if you didn't get it when it was available, it really isn't much different than if it was never on there to begin with. I'm also aware that pre-orders were honored. I never claimed it wasn't originally on Steam. Not sure where you got that from. Little to do about nothing. "Anti-consonsumer". Making an exclusivity deal with developers is not anti-consumer. It's life. You can't always buy what you want, where you want it. I'm not sure why so many gamers are acting so entitled over this. Smart business move on Epic's part. I'll stop downplaying it when everyone stops overplaying it.
  13. Kawaii Koneko

    lately gta 5 is pretty unplayable

    Go to device manager, display adapters, select your graphics card, go to properties, select driver, and then rollback driver. If you have uninstalled your older drivers, you can download older versions from AMD or NVidia's website.
  14. Frankly, I think this is just a loud minority crying in YouTube comments. I don't think this will hurt says that much or drive too many people to console. Even going to console makes no sense. Sure, you don't support Epic but you still support Deep Silver. Buying on console is really just a failed attempt at virtue signaling without truly standing up for what you believe in. It's a way of trying to have your cake and eat it too. That's not really a legitimate reason to be angry though. The difference between not being able to buy it from Steam because it was never there or you didn't get to buy it in time before buying it is zero. Either way, you don't get it through Steam until the exclusivity ends. If you did buy it through Steam, your purchase will be honored and you can still play it there. If that is seriously the reason for anyone being angry, than their logic and outrage makes no sense. The most they could legitimately be mad about is that they were planning to buy it but they weren't able to in time but even that is pushing it since the end result is the same as if it hadn't ever been on Steam. Really, it is just how the cookie crumbles. I think it is about the exclusivity and even that, is silly and the outrage is overblown. 90% of the comments I read on YouTube are people being crybabies over having to use a different launcher.
  15. It sounds like a girl's name though lol.