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  1. 1) GTA V 2) GTA IV 3) San Andreas Bully should be up there as well but GTA is just too good.
  2. It won't work the way you want it to. It's just mimicking controller inputs so expect it to feel wonky. I've watched reviews of similar products and they always seem to feel a bit off, at least to anyone who uses a m/k on PC. This. Only for web browsing and messaging, not for games. You can get a used 360 for less than $50 USD though.
  3. By legit do you mean OEM or does it work? I'm sure it "works" but that is definitely not an official Sony product. If it was, you would see Sony's logo on the front. I personally never buy anything other than official controllers except when they are specialty controllers meant to improve performance in some way, in which case, they are usually much more expensive than OEM. If you just want something standard, buy OEM. I'm sure there are good aftermarket controllers available but my experience has never been good with cheap solutions. The fact that there is no brand name at all on the front of the box or even the description page should tell you to run fast. It is obviously some super cheap knockoff.
  4. I would get an X, not a base model. The experience is too compromised on the base units. If you must get a base unit due to budget, then I would get a PS4 instead as it is more powerful. Also, just because you are out of high school doesn't mean you suddenly have no free time to game. Like all adults, you just have to work your hobbies into your free time.
  5. True. Basically, this has a large potential for misapplication. We haven't even gotten into intentional abuse to silence critics or those of the wrong political persuasion. And you really think that will happen? You honestly trust the government to work this out? You honestly think once all the profits from those massive fines start rolling in that they are going to try to do the right thing? Freedom of expression is perfectly interchangeable with freedom of speech. Same thing. This law is essentially doing that. If the FTC issues fines for a video in which you express your opinion or make some stupid crude animation regarding a topic that will have cross interest between adults and children, then that is a violation of your First Amendment right because it has the effect of restricting your speech.
  6. Haha, I still have my original copy of Anno 1602. Honestly though, I played it as I was kind of drifting away from those types of games. Not to derail the OP's thread, but what would be a good one to hop into if the only one I have played is the original? Not sure if it would change anything or if the new one is still the recommended one to get into.
  7. It is. The FDA regulates food products so you don't unknowingly buy something and get sick or die. The government has laws in place to protect your money from outright theft. Both those make sense and actually protect you from something beyond your control. You can't possibly put a video on YouTube in the same league. Something which you as a parent can choose to wall off from you child. No because protecting me from food poisoning or some situation where the bank "runs off with my money" isn't intruding in my life. When it comes to the government, yes, we have that right under the First Amendment. Freedom of expression isn't just limited to writing, public speaking, or traditional forms of video. We aren't protected by it in terms of YouTube's own policies but we are from the government. It's making it easier for parents who don't want to take any action or personal responsibility for their kids. Because not all of COPPA is objectionable, obviously. Yeah, because we are talking about a real health issue with unaware patrons vs an aware parent who doesn't want to just take away what they deem to be a risk to their child/children. No one expects that. They do expect you to take YouTube away if you don't like it. That is very reasonable to expect you to do. And if they can't, then they should just leave the platform. Also, you are oversimplifying the issue again. The problem is that the FTC may look at content such as a Mario video that isn't market as being for children because maybe the content creator targets adults and has foul language in their video but the FTC will look at Mario as a kid thing and fine the creator for targeting kids with adult content. Movie studios don't rate their movies. The MPAA does. So that scenario would never happen. No one was arguing about YouTube violating this right. Actually, I didn't even see the part where the First Amendment was brought up but the government in this case is creating a policy which will effectively limit your freedom of expression by fining people for making adult videos with themes that may appeal to children.
  8. No one is advocating no regulation at all, although I would argue that we need less government in the workplace. I'm not going to get into that. It's inherently political and not tech related. But like Drak3 said, you are trying to make false equivalencies. Then take it away from your kids. You are the safeguard as the parent. And no offense but to be totally frank, based on our conversation, I don't think you've really tried to vet. Not the first time but once you know that is a risk, it's on you. Even though that is an absurd situation that wouldn't happen. But using TV as an example, you wouldn't let them watch HBO would you? You know what is on there. So why should YouTube be any different? This has everything to do with raising your kids. You are concerned about the content they are consuming but aren't willing as a parent to take away the offending source. You are making excuses as to why the government should step in and do this for you instead of just protecting your kids. That was answered. The answer is NO. It's not the creators responsibility to monitor their channel's comments (I assume that's what you mean by every second) but it is your job as a parent to protect your children. It is unrealistic to expect a creator to monitor thousands of people posting but within reason to expect a parent to monitor a child/children. There are things you can do as a parent to block YouTube you know. Sure, your kids might find a way around it but if you made it clear they aren't supposed to use it and they do anyway, you have a discipline problem on your hands. Don't expect the government or anyone else to have to deal with it for you. That's pretty much been one of your arguments this entire time, not mine.
  9. Just hop onto your old device and sync your contacts with your Google account. Make sure that is enabled on your new phone as well and they will populate there. Not sure off hand about texts as I never bother transferring them nor do I ever save them when I do a fresh rom install.
  10. I can do you one better. How about a game where you can actually walk around in a real city? It's called Pokemon GO. In addition to what has already been mentioned, I'd throw out: The Division Sleeping Dogs Assassins Creed series Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4 might apply to a much more limited extent. The Getaway True Crime games The Mafia series Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed (don't judge me lol) Obviously, none of these are going to be fully accurate recreations. Liberties were taken.
  11. Of course not, but YouTube is the most popular place for creative people to upload videos. Creative people want others to see their work. Some people want to be creative for a living and not just a hobby. Look at it as that's how passionate they are, not that I guess they aren't that passionate then. Again, that just isn't a good replacement for many people. That doesn't absolve guilty parties of the absurdity of not only this particular situation but the ad revenue station to begin with. Good. So at least you admit that it isn't fair to force everyone else to make adjustments and sacrifices for parents who just don't want to put in the effort. If I was a parent and I saw my kid being exposed exposed to negative influences through a streaming platform, then I would adapt by taking the source away, not expecting the government to step in and ruin people's lives. I'm aware but you thinking I wasn't shows you missed the point I was making. As in if only the parents could do SOMETHING. As in there is a role they could play in this beyond just age verification. Such as maybe take away YouTube if they are that worried instead of ruining careers? Because you're the parent. It's your job to look after your kids. I get that you can't watch over your kid 24/7. But hopefully you have enough control in rearing your children that you are able to take away YouTube. It's any platforms job to actually give people a reason to upload. YouTube can deal with that should they feel like it. Expecting the government to step in is the issue here. All reasons that you as a parent should just take YouTube away instead of expecting the government to get involved and put people in legal jeopardy. I agree. We have only people to blame. You and I just disagree about who is to blame.
  12. Have you even been listening to their concerns and how complex this issue is? This isn't a matter of just making sure their channel is safe. Some people aren't targeting kids but talk about content that kids find interesting such as video games, Star Wars, or anything else that crosses the age divide. The concern is that the government in its infinite wisdom will come after some guy making Fortnite montages and dropping f bombs because Fornite appeals to children. I can already think of two different channels who did an animated parody of Micky Mouse and Sonic that were extremely crude and full of adult humor. Are those people just supposed to stop because you don't want to take YouTube away from your kids? That's totally different and you know it. Watching YouTube isn't a necessary part of life and isn't going to bring physical harm to anyone. If there is content that you find objectionable on the platform and you don't feel YouTube does a good enough job of separating kid friendly content from the adult stuff, then don't let your kids use it. This shouldn't be the government's, content creator's, or my problem. YouTube content is already suffering enough due to YouTube's own policies and all the issues with monetizing. Creators are already having to change their content and this is just going to make it worse for them. YouTube owes much of its growth to previous monetization policies. You wouldn't have near the amount of content creators putting in the effort they do if it wasn't for the money they can make. Would you go to work everyday if it wasn't for the fact you are getting paid? You are choosing to do so out of your own free will so why do you expect compensation? Dumb question, right? This is the same kind of deal. YouTube and creators are in a symbiotic relationship. YouTube needs the creators so they have content to sell ads with and the creators need something in return. Great except that still doesn't solve the issue that they can face massive fines from the FTC. Not to mention, finding alternate funding doesn't solve the ad revenue problem. Many creators are still making less than they used to. Many are just choosing to give it up all together. It is affecting their livelihood and the type of creative content that gets uploaded. Like I said, this is just going to stifle creativity. You mean like many people who are just reporting to work everyday, hoping that pension will be there when they retire? Yes, in general it is not a good idea to have all your eggs in one basket but let's not try to justify what is happening here with such logic. Good point. If only the parents could do something...
  13. Having them get a job outside of YouTube because parents want excuses not to have to do their job. Just screw all the hardship and economic burden this will place on people. As long as it means parents don't have to make the decision to take YouTube away. Seems legit. If you are concerned about the content on YouTube or any other platform, then you need to make the decision as to whether your kids will be allowed to use it or not. Expecting the government to intervene and put even more regulation in place that will stifle innovation and creativity is not the answer.
  14. You're making a judgement based on intent instead of the means. The fact is this is going to hurt content creators and put people in legal jeopardy because the government is once again overstepping its bounds when in reality parents should actually just do some damn parenting.
  15. Nekopara, the hentai version. Okay, I'm just joking... even though I did really enjoy it. What's the criteria here? Engrossing story? Superb gameplay? Revolutionary? Replayability? Critical success? Financial success? GTA V honestly seems like a strong contender. It has a good story with fantastic characters in their own right, one of the most realized and immersive open worlds, and it has been an absolutely stunning commercial success. Plus, the mod support is pretty awesome on PC which can help give it a lot of replayability. I liked it enough that I bought it on the 360, PS4, XBox One, and PC. I haven't got around to replaying it on PC but it will be my 4th run through it. Online is way more down to personal preference and you could argue it as a pro or a con. There are games that I enjoy more than GTA V, games that are personal favorites but I'm trying to look at the bigger picture with what GTA V accomplished.