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    Orzathewail and NWSpongebob
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    tire town
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    literally a tire, that's it, no questions asked
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    Ryzen 5 2600 overclocked to 4.1 ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asus Strix b450 f gaming
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    g skill ripjaws 16gb 3200mhz c16
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    gtx 1650 overclocked to around 2ghz on the memory and core (upgrade pending)
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    Montech mesh 900 (upgrade pending)
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    2 1tb wd blue hdds (one is corrupted i think) 1 wd black sn750 500gb m.2 nvme ssd
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    corsair cx550
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    Samsung Odyssey g5 144hz 1440p monitor
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    Some randon tower cooler, does me fine
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    Razer Blackwidow te chroma v2 razer green switches
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    Razer mamba elite
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    Logitech G733 Lightspeed, some random speakers
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    windows 10 home
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    Macbook air
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    iphone 8 plus

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  1. Summary There is no quote, but me and my family went onto Disney+ and played the Aristocats, and at the beginning, it said that there was unfair treatment of humans in the movie, so when you watch a animated movie from I guess the 60s to maybe early 90s on Disney+, remember that the little article might pop up My thoughts kinda strange if you ask me, as you can't change the past, and the past was different, also, sign of the times, more companies are acknowledging this kind of stuff nowadays, so its a little strange but not that much P.S, the words abou
  2. have not moved on yet but my gtx 1650 stops me from playing most titles at my monitors 1440p 144hz capabilities
  3. Well, it’s fine now, thanks for the help guys
  4. I am very scared and I really don’t want to reinstall windows, what I did was update my b450f gaming to the latest version and this happened. Ps, I have the installation media next to me
  5. Please help, it just crashed, I rebooted and now we are here
  6. It’s scalper season, they buy it, and then sell it for a larger profit
  7. When I start up the game and am in a party
  8. Ok, this is kinda my fault, I was playing some games with my mates and I hit the desk too hard and my pc reset, is there a way I can stop this? please help
  9. building really anything at this point is not a great idea, if I were you, I would go with a budget mobo and get one of the Ryzen 5000 apus
  10. for video editing, you are going to need more then 4gb of vram, you could spring for a 1080 ti or something like that to really take advantage of those 12 cores
  11. It all depends on if your MacBook has thunderbolt 3 and if it doesn’t, get an adapter, and make sure the egpu has thunderbolt 3
  12. The lian li tu150 has a carrying handle on it so that might be good for your needs
  13. for a nas you don't necessarily need an x470 board, go for a decent b550 board and the get and add on card for 10g networking and the storage array
  14. http://lttgamingpc.com/ this is like that lttporn thing a few months ago