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  1. Yeah I'm broke as of the moment so I dont have any cash to buy the official one so Im scouting for a website where I can download the game for free.
  2. So my friend suddenly had this problem, I assume there are malwares on his storage device. He tells me that lately his pc just alt-tabs on its own even though he doesn't manually alt-tab nor accidentally presses the windows key whatever app he has open would just suddenly minimize. When he looked at his storage he found suspicious looking files and in his settings he can't turn on the Real-time protection setting because the toggle switch is grayed out. Anyone knows whats going on?
  3. As a protable gaming console, yes they pretty much have. But in terms of playing console games thats another matter in it of itself. If Smart phones would replace portable consoles like the nintendo swith, it would need be able to play console titles especially the new ones natively without using any emulators.
  4. Is it cheating when you use contollers in a pvp game that have controller support enabled.
  5. Look I know that this looks like me being desperate but I am right now. Im an IT student waiting for my virtual graduation, what sucks is that since my first year in college until my final years I never had my own pc to use in school, further increase my own skills in coding, learn multimedia editing and so on. Now Im just stuck at home waiting for my virtual graduation and currently taking care of my dad because he is diagnosed with Chronic Liver Cirrhosis and can't leave him alone to find a job. I intended instead to find an online job but as mentioned I dont have a pc of my own. None of my
  6. Is it possible to develop website or Web Apps on an iPad?
  7. Actually I have a kz zsn pro. Im just wondering how good are the really premium ones.
  8. Has anyone tried to buy the ie800 on wish? Cause Austin Evans did and his experience was good. He he said that as far as he was concerned these were legit. Is it really real?
  9. If I get a link of a song on YouTube and convert it to .flac on a website, will the finished file be really a true .flac quality audio?
  10. Oh..... I thought it was international so thats why I entered... Oh well ?
  11. Is the giveaway international or specific to selected countries only?
  12. @LinusTech I kinda had this idea while watching the stream about the car to have it over at DemolitionRanch along with the whole team to shoot it. I would really like to see Linus hip firing Mat's 50cal sniper ??