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  1. AMD Ryzen 2700X and 2600X OC to 5.88* GHz

    I thought about that too, but I'm more concerned about IPC really. The scores for Cinebench are only 75-100 higher than my 1800x, so I might not upgrade this time around.
  2. Another thing, if it's not working, set your voltages first, then reset. then set your timings but leave it at 2133. then set your speed. Sometimes it takes steps it get your memory working right.
  3. Looking up your board, it appears it's labeled "VDDCR SOC" and not recommended over 1.1v. Try 1.0 first
  4. Ok, so I have the C6H Asus board, so I don't know if you'll have all the same settings. I can get my memory to work across 4 sticks at 3333mhz, so I'll try to help if I can. Honestly, you don't have to go through all of that, it's really overkill for the settings. Loading the DHCP profile should work for most of the settings, but you'll need to change a few other things. 1) Up your CPU_Soc voltage. Do not go aboive 1.2, I'm currently at 1.1 but can boot and run successfully at 1.05 if it's not super memory intensive, so I leave it at 1.1 2) If you have the option, up your DRAM boot voltage to 1.35. Mine's in Power settings on C6H. 3) Loosen your timings on first boot, instead of 16-18-18-38 from profile, run 20-20-20-44 or something, let it train the memory, reset a few times, then lower to back to 16-18-18-38. Without increasing CPU_SOC voltage, I cant even boot over 2400mhz. Also... Skip off numbers after CL15, (example, 17 will default to 18... just the way Ryzen works). Below CL15 you can do each one, but not above. Edit: Uploading a photo with proof of speeds/settings, just for proof that it's not BS.
  5. I'm really wondering if it's worth upgrading from the 1800x now... Only a 108 more points in Cinebench....
  6. it's all new community guidelines standards and review process of posting, it's a reflection on the messaged chat filtering blocking messages from going through if they don't meet guidelines . Get use to stuff you post being filtered and/or blocked due to this new process coming out.
  7. Video Editing Question - CPU

    I've used both Dual CPU and Single-Higher clock CPUs. Prior to them removing the Multi-core rendering in AE, the dual CPU's would have been better. CC has removed this, go with the 6 Core. Creative Suite has a hard time taking advantage of tons of threads, hell, half my threads on my 1800x sit dormant while rendering.
  8. Wow.. I have T-Mobile... time to go make the first 4 letters of my password super offensive.
  9. Nintendo Switch not complient with USB-C

    The brick isn't USB-C complaint either. Mine (when I had a switch) would charge the switch just fine, but other USB devices couldn't charge off it at all, they wouldn't detect anything plugged into them.
  10. 1800x voltages

    I've considered adding the GPUs as well, dual 1080s dump a ton of heat.
  11. 1800x voltages

    Under gaming load, I rarely spike above 60c on the processor, under Premiere rendering (30+ min encodes) I level off at 78c. I'm using the Asus C6H with current release bios with memory running at 3600mhz. CPU is cooled by an S36 closed loop kit, with 3 additional 120MM fans as exhaust in the case. Honestly, hottest things are GPU's under gaming load.
  12. One thing to note is what is your actual bottleneck. Run something like MSI afterburner for the overlay and run what games you're playing. Watch your percentages and see what's pegged at 100. Another thing to be aware of with Ryzen is the impact of faster ram speeds that improve communication over the fabric. You get a good jump from switching from 2133 to 3200 in fps on most games due to improved multithread communication. Really it's all on real world performance, there is no point of massively overclocking your CPU if it's only running at 50% at stock when your GPU is maxed out. Lastly, remember cinebench is a multithreaded app that's for rendering, not something like FPS. The cores don't need to talk to each other to render frames like in gaming. it's a solid benchmark for rendering in 3D space, but not so for gaming. Linus might get amazing scores on his dual CPU massive thread machine but it would game like shit. Bottom line for you... benchmark off what you plan to use, not all performance is the same across the board. A formula one car might be fast as hell, but if you're towing a load a pickup truck would be best...
  13. when encoding my 1800x sits at 78c with long premiere encodes when it's overclocked to 4.1ghz on a 360 water cooled closed loop. Just giving you a baseline of what to expect.
  14. 1800x voltages

    I have an 1800x running at 4.1 and 1.375. if I set it lower, everything is stable except for long premier exports. I stopped messing with it at that point because that's what the primary use of the system is.
  15. Annoying friend at school