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  1. Evanair

    Is this Power Outlet Strip safe for my PC?

    Modern US households, If that is where you are, have 15 amp breakers at the box. Anything more than this and you can trip the breaker. This is why it's rated for 15 map. Although some households have 20, it is rare.
  2. Evanair

    Is Switzerland susceptible to Article 13?

    If Switzerland wants to do business with any EU state, they have to comply with Article 13. Same goes for any non-EU country anywhere. That's why some websites have blocked EU-based IP so they cannot be sued by the EU.
  3. Evanair

    Is what apple doing illegal?

    Nothing apple does is ever illegal. And if it is, the law will change to make it legal. They are the richest company on the planet, do you think they really care about laws? Any fine is just calculated into the bottom line and passed on to customers. They could start executing people who "betray the experience" and they'd still make money.
  4. Evanair

    USPS Shipping Help?

    Usually this is with Smart post. It's a FedEx and USPS program where FedEx does the long distance delivery and drops it at the local post office, and the delivery should come the next business day.
  5. Evanair

    Bethesda Support Leaks Fallout 76 Customers info

    I've been following this since it appeared on Reddit, and to be fair, the OPs headline is misleading. People did get access to read others support tickets, this is true, but the customer information leaked was only that which as provided, in the clear, by a customer typing it into a support ticket. To be fair, it's a fine line, but some (not this post) are calling for a feds to step in and hold the CFO responsible for a customer data breach, including bank accounts and payment info, when the payment statement didn't get touched. Did a bug allow customers to read support tickets? Yes. Were customers dumb enough to type entire personal contact information, including full credit card info, into an unencrypted form? Yep. Personally I find it hilarious that the same people who got butthurt that they didn't get their bag (like it's really worth anything... Most will gather dust till they get thrown away) are the ones who got into this issue. It's 200 bucks worth of plastic and garbage, which didn't even include a game.
  6. Evanair

    Commputer keeps shutting down randomly

    Did you install Ryzen Master? I'm wondering if you're on the correct power profile, it should be the AMD created one. And yes, as the other poster suggest, be sure your BIOS is updated
  7. Recently my Croashair has started to do this as well. I updated BIOS and it helped. I haven't OCd it since but the issue still pops up randomly and I have to clear bios to get it to post
  8. Evanair

    Lightning VS Fire Which one is stronger?

    Firewire Max speed is 800Mbps where Lightning is 5Gbps... so Lightning wins.
  9. Evanair

    Trident Z royal finally here

    God that's ugly.
  10. 8gb of memory for a workstation... Sheesh, and single channel no less. Buy another matching 8gb stick and see what happens. At 16gb, check your ram usage, and if it's not above 80%, then you're fine at 16. You probably don't need 32 and definatly not anything faster than stock speeds. Investing in an SSD to replace your HDD, if you don't have one already, with just 16gb of ram will probably be more beneficial than your other two options
  11. Not mentioned yet, it does depend on your motherboard. My statement has headers for AIO pump and CPU 1 and 2 fans. When I did use Corsair, I didn't connect the USB as I really hated Corsairs software. For my new cooler, I plug the 3rd fan into an aux header and change it to CPU temp based in BIOS. It all depends on how you want to control temps and how good your motherboard is. The headers off the CPU is good if you like the software. I personally prefer my motherboard software for control over Corsairs crap.
  12. Evanair

    Gaming in China now reported to Government

    Good to know. If I missed it, i blame reading news on my phone. Thank you. Still unnerving but glad it's not offshore.
  13. Evanair

    Gaming in China now reported to Government

    I don't mind what China does within it's borders, they are a sovereign country and not the one I live in. However, I am concerned if companies owned by Chinese companies, such as this, will be required to enforce this outside their borders. The article makes no mention of it, either as an oversight or an implication that every person logging in will be required to submit such information. As much as it probably already is, I don't think having an entire database of non-Chinese national's personal information and bio-metric information stored on a PRC government server is a good idea.
  14. http://en.people.cn/n3/2018/1106/c90000-9515675.html "Tencent Holdings, China’s largest gaming company issued an announcement on Monday, noting that a real name registration system, connected to China’s public security data base, will be applied to its new games to identify under-aged players and to help assist them better combat game addiction." There are also other cities reporting the same thing, but all link back to this article. What makes this interesting to me is that there is no announcement if this is in China only or will apply to any games outside of China. They recently acquired a large stake in Blue hole, the creators of PUBG, which will be changed for the Chinese market. While I don't agree with government overreaching; it's not my country. That said, it would be nice to have clarification if every time I log into PUBG, is China getting all my PII and gaming history. *Sorry about the typos, I'm posting from my phone*
  15. Evanair

    And now I don't understand humans.....

    Yeah, that's why I mentioned margins. Usually the margines on processors is extremely low. It's motherboards and accessories that have higher margines, usually high end stuff with even less. It's all about proffit margines, not totally sales. Thats why most laptops have between 1 and 2 percent margins and sales jobs is to attach as many accessories instead.