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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/16/technology/google-employees-protest-search-censored-china.html I skipped the first few news links on google search as they are from pretty right-leaning sources, feel free to look them up. And I agree, it's not the only issue, which is why I said similar instead of the same. Censorship comes in different levels. Removing people from a theatre for talking is technically censorship, but it's disruptive so we tollerate it. So is punishing people for swearing or limiting what people can and cannot wear for decency reasons. It's part of civilization, we give up some of our freedoms in understanding that it is for the greater good for us all to get along. It's when taken to far, beyong the necessity for people to get along and into the realm of control and power, that what we commonly refer to as censorship becomes a problem.
  2. Stop derailing the thread. It was a message of civility and reminding people they are on a tech forum not one based on politics. And back on topic... The idea of the "Good Censorship" is at odds with some employees quitting over the algorithm being developed in accordance with the Chinese government. It seems rather hypocritical of employees to protest quit one project and not another when they are based on a similar mindset.
  3. This is the difference between a public forum and that of a publisher. There are a ton of protections for a public forum, where as a publisher has responsibility for things it puts out to the world. Google enjoys the freedom of a public forum, as they aren't responsible for their users content. If they become arbiters of information and are no longer a public forum, they lose their protection. It's a fine line they are trying to walk and it could bite them in the ass legally
  4. Seeing as the original source is Breitbart, I'll take this with a gain of salt. Most likely propaganda from them. That said, seeing as Google did confirm it is authentic... If people push back hard enough, Google will just go offshore and be able to do whatever they want without legislation from the US, such as to Europe if they are actually modeling after the European censorship model. Google makes more money than a significant number of countries GDP (in 2014 it was would be country number 70 if a list was made). They have a ton of power and once they go offshore, no amount of legislation from the US can touch them.
  5. Evanair

    Your Favourite Apple repair guy featured on The National

    Signs are posted when you walk in usually, saying CCTV in use, one of those consent by walking in and the sign is posted. Or they don't have audio. Most don't honestly.
  6. Evanair

    Your Favourite Apple repair guy featured on The National

    I know this is in Canada, but the topic is relevant. California Connecticut Florida Maryland Massachusetts Montana Nevada New Hampshire Pennsylvania Washington Illinois In these states, recording in public requires consent of all parties involved., known as two-party consent. It falls under wiretapping law. This applies specifically to the hidden camera scene in the film. While I do not know Canadan Law, as I do not film there, I do film in California. This type of reporting would be illegal.
  7. Evanair

    Your Favourite Apple repair guy featured on The National

    Recording someone in private property without their permission is a crime. It's only legal if there are 3+ people in the shot and they are background only, and not the subject. For example, in the state of California, you need permission from both the recording party and the party being recorded to legally record them, especially when Audio is involved. In public even, the person has to be a person of interest to actually record them directly. A random apple employee wouldn't be considered in this, the manager could be, but even then it would probably still not pass the bar. Journalism isn't grabbing a camera and recording whomever you'd like. There are privacy laws protecting individual people and even the US first amendment doesn't go as far as people believe it does.
  8. Evanair

    Your Favourite Apple repair guy featured on The National

    Apple as a lot of lawyers, I'm actually surprised Legal let this through at their desk. Schematics in the background, hidden cameras on private property. It's a can of worms.
  9. Evanair

    More power from car USB?

    @W-L is correct. I had the same issue on my deck, where the phone draws more power than the deck provides. I used the above cable and connected the second to the cigarette lighter using a 2.1amp charger. Mine was a little eaiser because it was aftermarket and I had removed a cigarette lighter to put a USB port in, so the wiring was still there and hidden under the dash. If your unit is also stock, it will have to be outside the dash, as most, if not all, connectors behind the plastic are proprietory. You could splice into the connection cabe, but I wouldn't recommend that as it's generally expensive to replace Hope you solve the issue, and I hope car manufacturers start putting more than 900ma outputs on their USB ports that connect to the dash.
  10. Evanair


    Different tools for different jobs. For a PC, definitely a manual screwdriver as most castings are aluminium and you need torque feedback to not strip the threads. Electric stuff is for machine work or construction.
  11. Evanair

    How Do I Make Illustrator Better

    Touch screens with accurate pens, such as the Surface series, Apple iPad Pro, and Waccom screens have built in hardware to interface with the pen and mimic pen work. They sense pressure and movement in different ways than finger-based touch screens do, like on phones and inexpensive touch laptops. Simply put, your system doesn't have the hardware. You would need to invest in a Cintiq monitor to have what you're asking. Otherwise, a drawing tablet is what you get when you're not looking to spend 2 grand.
  12. Evanair

    Why do people still buy MS Office?

    Google Docs is a nightmare in terms of reliability and "just working" Besides being an industry standard, it's also got the "just work" thing down. When doing professional products, you don't want to have to rely on the internet for your files, or a browser for your documents. It's just unprofessional.
  13. Evanair

    Front panel connectors HELP

    Remember not to connect them both... Your case manual is horrible, but it seems to tell you to disconnect the molex if you're connecting to the RGB header on your Motherboard. Always better to undervolt it than fry the RGB
  14. Evanair

    Front panel connectors HELP

    It's not RGB that way, but it's for the LED button to the RGB controller in the back. See it plugged in bottom right of the controller at that timestamp.
  15. Evanair

    Front panel connectors HELP

    Did some research, looks like it runs from the LED front panel to the FAN/LED controller on the back.