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  1. Try turning the ram speed down to 3000 or slower. I had this issue when running premiere and AE when I clocked up my ram. Ran find in games, but not in Adobe.
  2. There are many of us who purchased Ryzen 1st Gen and are looking at the newest chips with hopes to purchase. Problem is, can we trust AMDs am4 promise that this new chips (with bios updates) will work well? We have the x370, x470 and x570 now, as well as a slue of boards in-between. Honestly, before the launch and release it would be nice to get some testing on older boards to see if the new processors work. How does a 3950x work on a top end board from the day Ryzen launched? How about a b450 board? If not the 3950, could someone drop a new processor onto it at all and it work? I know the charts and power figures say some boards won't and some will, but I really and hesitant about dropping 750 bucks just to have to replace my motherboard as well, and frankly, I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to see AMDs promises tested before purchasing.
  3. It depends on when you purchased it and which voltage it is. Older stuff can have pins swapped to work together and newer stuff cannot as it isn't just a 12v on/off rail. The answer is probably not.
  4. Perhaps a used thinkpad P50 from Lenovo? You're asking for demanding programs to run on a rather low end price, because you need cpu power, dedicated gpu, as well as ram. I did a lot of research before purchasing my 3D rendering laptop early this year and the cheapest I could find for quality was starting at 1800, and that's with a 30% discount
  5. I don't know which TV you have but I have set this up using a USB stick, converting everything to 1920x1080 jpeg and having it run. Repeating slideshow. The TV I used would also do videos as well as pictures off a stick. Was the cheapest option I found and easy to explain to people that you just drag and drop what you want into the drive and plug it back in.
  6. Do you use Windows? How about an Android phone? Or an iPhone? Or own a smart TV? How about any games or software? All of these are leases. Every single one. Want to write something bad about Microsoft? Well, under the EULA in word (not sure if it's still there, it was years ago) you cannot talk bad about them using their software or you violate their license and cannot use their software. Do you own a Tesla? You might think you do, but you don't. You own the body, but the tech and the software on it are leases. Modify your car at all, services shut down and you can no longer do anything with it but drive it and basic charge it. It's not a stretch to see how paying for extra services is the future. Micro transactions for features, with monthly upkeep. Tesla could easily do this with their car, for GPS radio, etc. Continued Licenses are the way of the future because companies can milk as much money from you, collect information from you, and cut you off it they don't like what you're doing, saying or anything for that matter. The day you can convince corporations to give away money for free is the day this changes.
  7. The best way to think on this is... How can companies get the most amount of data about you (and your data) to sell and leverage as marketing? That's where were going. We're already leasing software, no longer buying hardware but leasing it with agreements. It's on its way to corporations owning everything and all you can do is press I agree or never be born.
  8. I ran into this issue, I needed portable and powerful. Which means thick and heavy. Ended up getting a Lenovo ThinkPad P52. Does exactly what I need. It's really a niche market for laptops designed this way. Also, I'd never get the P53. I swap batteries when necessary and P53 has no changeable battery.
  9. Does it happen on both rear AND front ports for your headphone jack? Also, what PowerSupply are you running?
  10. The secret is it's Apple. Everything they do is perfect. Always has been and always will be. And if you don't agree... Well then you don't understand what it is to be a true Apple user. Also you're now banned from Apple.
  11. Funny how a big desktop computer pulls 1.5 kilowatts when most don't even have a power supply over 500w
  12. I realize after a few hours I was a bit harsh, but not that off. Remember, there is a difference between an editor and a graphic designer/animator. Case and point is the original movie Star Wars. The version given to the editor was much different than that of the final release. It can be argued, and I agree with, that the editor saved the movie. Editors make tons of decisions and effect the story in so many ways. That's what your reel should highlight if you want to be an editor. Tell a story. The basics of content creation, the ability to use certain software, and understanding editing techniques are really checkboxes that come across in any video. It's easy to see if you know the tools, it's harder to showcase that you can tell a story.
  13. Because every tom dick and Harry can edit video these days, video editors get paid min wage where I live. So do most creative jobs that people feel they can do on their cell phones. Unless you're able to be good on camera, win and audience and make your own channel, you really won't get a job making more than 10-15 an hour, depending on where you live and the min wage laws. Or you'll be 1099 employee earning even less than that because you won't be doing billable hours and usually do it for a few bucks per project that takes you hours and hours. In order to get work you need a polished, developed, and well rounded portfolio that shows why you should be hired over everyone else. And by this, I'm not meaning LTT quality videos, they are actually garbage in terms of quality people want for an edit. Think Ford or Budweiser commercials... During the Superbowl. That's what companies want to hire.
  14. I've considered TR, but it seems to dog behind the 3900x in testing (though, to be fair, I have yet to see a TR 32 core vs a 3900x). I know LTT only does basic testing, video rendering and Cinebench but really doesn't get into the weeds with content creation instead of editing. Budget would be 3-4k, just replacing Mobo and CPU.