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  1. Yeah, similar explanation is the high resolution of the image, for the OP, that's why it can be "enhanced" is that you're zooming in onto pixels that aren't super big to begin with. The human eye can put a lot of stuff together, but the brain can be fooled to seeing faces in everything, so it's a fine line to walk. Now, if you're talking shadow recovery from a dark or underexposing an image, that can be possible as long the data is still there, say in a raw or low compression JPEG.
  2. Here's the best example of this in actual working order. This is a 250mp sensor. The scene in question in a single lens. How it was explained by a Canon tech to me during a demo 3 years ago, was that that video image is just a specific section of the sensor being recorded for HD video off of a 250mp sensor.
  3. I wonder how this would apply to things like Kickstarter
  4. if only this wasnt a scam...

    Been seeing a lot of these pop up in Facebook ads recently. The one I saw was advertising about 200 for a basic i7, till you read the fine print and it's a monthly payment and goes way beyond the cost of the system. Just another scam to con people via fine print and a contract payment.
  5. Professional opinion needed. 1060 FE vs 2x960s

    Really now? Unless the official list of games supported has grown exponentially in the past 6 months, then it's still short as hell. Sure, things will RUN, but unless they run well it's usually worse. Fallout 4... Worse with SLI on than a single 1080, Witcher 3... More glitches and graphic errors with SLI enabled, Grand Theft Auto 5... Neither card gets NEAR 100% and barely gets any improvement with multiple glitches in graphics throughout with SLI enabled. Go to the "Officially Supported Games" page, it looks long until you realize it's got games listed from the launch of SLI, which takes you back years. Now moving on to games that DON'T support SLI, such as PUBG, Fortnight, or most other games on the market. Your other card sits doing nothing the entire time, or worse, gives you graphical glitches. Sometimes you have to disable SLI to run them successfully. As for your "dual cards", you're running dual RX470's, which is a completely different driver and software set to run. Apples to Oranges.
  6. So, Looking to build a PC for a friend of mine. She doesn't game at all, but is starting to get into RAW editing for her new DSRL and the laptop isn't cutting it. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Lx3qdX I already have the RAM and CPU cooler. So these items aren't really changable. Also, a few extra dollars I'd invest into Black/Red combo's are more important than cost (AKA, no White parts or other colors unless the case has NO window). Anyway... really looking for case suggestions for the ITX build that fit the 240mm rad, or a Micro ITX board with a good case as well. Thanks for the assistance in advance.
  7. Professional opinion needed. 1060 FE vs 2x960s

    Nothing like that. Your 1060 is will better in almost all newer titles than SLI 960s, notably because of 6gb of video ram vs 2gb (sli wouldn't double it) and the software support isn't there for about 80% of the titles. Then there is the ghosting issue with SLI and non-gsync monitors, as well as lack of software support. It's one of those "cool idea but bad in practice" ideas TBH.
  8. Professional opinion needed. 1060 FE vs 2x960s

    Having SLI myself, unless the games are specifcally supporting SLI, it hinders performance a tad. One thing you CAN do is offload the physix processing to a second card, so the 1060 is installed and the 960 is installed as well non-SLI. In Nvidia control panel you can set the 2nd card to process the Physix. It doesn't help in all games, but it's something to do besides gather dust. IIRC LTT did a video on this with the 750ti as the 2nd card a while back.
  9. Looks like a rebranded version (with some shroud modifications) of the old V8 Cooler from Cooler Master. http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/cpu-air-cooler/v8/
  10. I was scrolling through hoping I was gunna be the first one to say it too.
  11. AMD Gaming Rig

    I agree. 1600 is a good idea for that reason. A lot better choice than the 1700 for ROI.
  12. AMD Gaming Rig

    Faster Memory (3000 or 3200) and Ryzen 5 2600. Background: Running 1800x. Ram speed makes a significant difference in gaming. The extra 2 cores do not. Go with the 5 series for gaming, 7 is really for Multi tasking (gaming+streaming) or content creation.

  14. Your analogy doesn't work. It would be more inline if you said that modifing your vehicle by hacking the computer to change tuning. People do, and it voids the warranty. Tesla, for example, disables almost all features, if you have or modify a Tesla. This is more in line with what is going on with cosoles than gas. Your analogy would be more like, you have to use XYZ brand TVs for display.