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  1. Yeah this doesn't work. "Starter Ink" comes in the box, it only has about 5% of the ink a full set does. You are almost required to buy both a printer and a full ink set.
  2. With the Rise of Ryzen in the market, one of the selling points (and one of the reasons I purchased a 1800x on launch day with a x370 motherboard) was the future planning for the AM4 socket. Unlike chips of the past, I "shouldn't" need to upgrade my Motherboard to replace my CPU. With 4 generations of Ryzen out there, and some x370 boards even working with 5000 series chips, I feel it's time to put this promise to the test. Sure, we lose out on things like PCIe 4.0 and other features, but do these matter? (really, it's a question). Does a does the promised percentages work
  3. I've been running into my bandwidth cap within a week of the 1st of the month since going remote. The upload is killing me. I'd much rather have slower speed and not have to worry about getting billed an extra few hundred dollars a month for internet. 1TB of data goes quick when you're uploading files for work, last month I transferred 15.6 TB, the month before that was 12. At $10 per 10GB over TB, that adds up FAST. Also, Comcast will not offer me the "unlimited" $50 dollars cap thing.
  4. I'm going to end our discussion here. We both have different views about how much is a student's responsibility and what they should and should not be expected to do. Both are so different it will only end in more and more arguing. And I highly doubt either of us will change each others minds.
  5. 2 Clicks - Main Menu - AP Students. If you have an account it brings you straight to the students page with a warning.
  6. It's on their website. The burden of research is on the student - a website is acceptable from of announcement to the public, especially considering it's also the portal used for access. BTW I'm not saying the people who coded this thing shouldn't be held accountable as well - the fact that there was no error thrown is bad coding and they should be fired as well. Because this was a known issue, and a warning issued prior to submission, then it's on the students to do the proper research. That's part of the responsibility of being an adult.
  7. https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/students/taking-ap-exams/tips-avoiding-problems Last I checked, this is pretty obvious and spelled out with step-by-step instructions. It's one of three MAJOR links on the "Updates for AP Students" page, which is the main landing page.
  8. AP Exams designed for and used at US based colleges. As the entire US is at-will employment, with some states putting some restrictions through local laws, this applies within the United States as do the AP exams. Unless you're an exempt employee and/or under contract or part of a union, you generally are an at will employee within the country AP exams are set to cover. For your example of a screwed up system, the system was flawed if you failed to follow instructions. As per previous posts from people that ARE part of this, they did receive many warnings. Part of any job is understandi
  9. Part of their work was turning in the assignment. Your job isn't just to get XYZ project done, but also get it to the employer. It does the employer no good if it's still on your laptop at home. Your job, being an at-will employee in a non-union job is at will. They can fire you because they don't like you, because of the car you drive, because of any number of reasons not related to race, national origin, religion, sex, disability and a few others here in California. Failing to do your full job isn't a protected class. Sure you CAN sue, but you'll lose.
  10. Depends on where you live - I live in an At-Will state, meaning they can fire you for any reason - unless protected by law. Your job, as an employee or student, is to get specific work in by a certain deadline. Seeing how most of the people successfully submitted work, it wasn't offline or unavailable, then the burden is on the worker to meet that deadline. Unless you're dead or dying, there is little excuse in the business world when deadlines are mandatory and cost millions to a company. As for the edit, all I did was add the conversation with the boss, you responded before that p
  11. Screw up a major deadline (AP Exams are major) and lose a client, yes you would be fired. Doesn't matter if you're day 1 or day 365, you're still gone.
  12. Unforgiving? These are students going out into the real world, where a mistake like this would get them fired. They had a deadline, and they missed it - end of story. Your boss wouldn't accept this answer when they just lost a multi-million dollar client - especially so if they issued warnings about it in the first place AND provided reasonable ways to fix it. You would be out on your ass, looking for a new job. Here's how that conversation would go.. "Hey Bob, you missed your deadline and we lost the client. What happened, did you end up in the ER or something?"
  13. These are AP students, supposedly the top in their fields. I don't care if the fact that they used an iPhone and uploaded directly then failed. They were warned and failed to follow instructions. End of story. Fail them all for failing to follow instructions. It doesn't matter if a dog ate their homework or the internet did. It's either in on time or it's not. As for Apple, they did put in the auto-converter for SMS and Email. I'm surprised it doesn't happen all the time as soon as it leaves the iOS environment.
  14. Looking for some guidance. As it's not an issue when using software where I can dump the left channel and mix over sound into both, I haven't had to fix this issue before. Now I have to. Windows detects my Mic (standard 3.5mm jack) as a stereo jack. On a normal headset, this works fine. The issue I have is when connecting an XLR to 3.5mm adapter, the left channel becomes static, and the rights is perfectly clear. What I'd prefer to do is just set the audio driver to mono and be done with it, but windows doesn't let me do that. Any advice?
  15. 1st one is a Grayscale scan, the other is set to black/white. That's the difference.
  16. I am really surprised during the remodel that all the floors didn't get covered in anti-static gym foam mats to keep the equipment somewhat safe from Linus.
  17. Having worked there for a few years a decade ago, I can say without a doubt it was their business practices and stocking nothing but garbage quality, high GP merchandise that killed them. People didn't trust their sales guys because they chased quotas and commission rather than what the customer really needed. I'm personally happy they closed. While it does strike a blow at consumers able to shop locally and see products, most of their merchandise was overpriced garbage. Being part of the hiring process for 3 departments, It was the goal of management to hire salesman
  18. Well, My P52 is on the list, but really haven't had any issues with it. Tho it could be because I only use it to swap between headphones on my Pixel and my laptop when working. This DOES remind me of the HP wireless problem from 2007-9 where it "could" be a driver issue, or a card issue, or require replacing the entire motherboard under warranty. So many laptops to take apart. Usually we just replaced the Motherboard to make it quicker - All because of a wireless issue.
  19. I've read about this, but haven't read if there is an option to uninstall or redo the search engine change. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if once you install it, it's non-removable/changable because of some EULA with MS Office.
  20. Go to Amazon and type in color laser printer you'll see. Ink always drys out. Toner doesn't. Almost all inkjet printers are color these days.
  21. If you want under 100 you're going with ink. If you want a color laser, you're looking at 200+. More if you want a multi function unit. With that amount of printing, and for that cost, just go buy the cheapest pos printer you can find at an office supply store. It'll do the job and be easy to replace later on. Just check the ink costs for the brands before buying
  22. Quite a bit wrong in this post. First paragraph was true for old Laser printers because a color print would have to go through 4 different passes of the system to get a single print (CMYK). New "laser" printers are all LED based and do this with one pass. It also never was an issue on a black and white printer. The papers just get routed back under the print system and refead into the loop, upside down, where they entered from the paper tray. Secondly, line or evently spaced dot can from from anything that's moving. If it's a copy, it can be from debree (or a dot) on the glass. Bu
  23. It's not something you can clean. Both items that would need to be "cleaned" are sensitive. Both cannot be touched and one cannot be exposed to light for very long. as an example: Fuser: https://www.quikshiptoner.com/catalog/samsung-scx-4600-fuser-unit-110-120v $105 Toner: https://www.staples.com/Samsung-Black-Toner-Cartridge-MLT-D105L-High-Yield/product_817096 $80 New Printer: https://www.staples.com/Brother-HL-L2320D-Monochrome-Laser-Printer/product_1074269 $90
  24. You're good. Remember, you're only as good as your weakest link in this situation. That it's the cable that came with the system is where you want that to be.