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    I own a unicorn.


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    i5 3550 IKR old school for an old fool.
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    Asus and then some numbers and letters
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    8g corsair vengance
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    Saffire R9 380
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    custom dirty throw together (in sig)
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    vertex3 120GB ssd and barracuda 2TB hdd
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    Antec Neo ECO 520Watt
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    BenQ 22.3" + Viewsonic 17" + 2x 17" think visions
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    All stock
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    Cougar 600K
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    Corsair bog stock thing
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    cheap arse USB thing.
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    win 10

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    On a prison island hidden in the summer for a million years.
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    Social science, special needs integration/education. human development and personal information adoption and problem solving. In short I like to watch people be people.
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    jobs: EE, pc tech, ITC consultant, Production/manufacturing training supervisor, Heritage building restoration consultant, human services, special education/integration specialist. Hobbies: backyard mechanic, music, electronics, 4x4 and camping.
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  1. And that's where the consumer laws in Australia come into their own, once you have a shop you have an ABN/registration, you are liable for all work you charge for. You can and will be personally charged and fined if you fail to uphold all responsibilities and claims made. If they claim to be an authorised repairer and they aren't, they can be charged with fraud and false advertising. The customer does not have to go anywhere near a court/solicitor as consumer affairs and the ombudsman will do it all for them.
  2. What failed in this Audio system? Blown speaker?

    The math and physics is the same for all audio. I used to be in car audio a little bit years ago, moved through home audio but all the time I have been big into live sound. I designed and built all the speakers in my studio/theatre, I have built several guitar amps and one car amp. But by far the best thing is building custom speakers for weddings. All amplifiers are voltage sources, the resistance of the speaker determines the current flow and thus the wattage being dissipated. Depending on sensitivity, the total SPL at any given distance can vary largely. The reason car systems get to 130 is because it is very close to the drivers and usually in an enclosed space. Maintaining 106db (which is what I aim for at the mixing console) is usually about 10-15 metres from the drivers and in an open environment or large hall. I know I can push harder than 106 but that's when I start getting into the danger zone of breaking things. EDIT: and yes the amp is beautiful, I bought it back before class D amps became a thing, it weighs 40Kg. Seriously, it's like lugging 2 bags of concrete into the venue.
  3. What additional costs to the consumer? It didn't cost the consumers anything for the ACCC to to take apple to task for intentionally breaking the law. This is how it is supposed to work.
  4. Or at the very least request the repairer is actually a business and not a DIY job.
  5. What failed in this Audio system? Blown speaker?

    It could easily be a shit woofer/faulty woofer. That is as true as any other possibility. I find most of the Ratings on car audio to be BS, has been since I can remember (back into the 80's easily). For the record. I am a live sound engineer and setup studios/PA on the side. My personal wedding/party small band rig consist of a single amp capable of delivering 700Watts RMS into 4 ohms x2 channels and 4 12" 150Watt RMS drivers. I regularly push 100-103db on the dance floor.
  6. What failed in this Audio system? Blown speaker?

    You'd think that, but it's common to run higher rated amps than drivers because amp clipping is harder to hear and can do as much damage as driver clipping. I regularly run 600Watt RMS amps at about 50% into 150Watt RMS drivers.
  7. What failed in this Audio system? Blown speaker?

    Although a very controversial topic, clipping or extended DC driving a speaker will kill the coil. Regardless of an amps rating and a speakers rating, if you do not drive the audio to the point of distortion through the speaker or clipping in the amp, then you are not likely to kill the speaker. Be aware that not all clipping or over driving is immediately audible to the untrained ear.
  8. Tools for a Better Life

    I think he stole the idea from us, we were talking about entering the space industry a little while ago, we have some of the best engineers on the planet, loads of resources the Chinese don't seem to want as much and we need another industry to prop up our economy. +plus we have the best back yard to launch rockets from.
  9. Australia has very strong consumer laws. Fixed or not, he ACCC really don't take lightly to any company misrepresenting consumer law. There is no excuse as the Iphone ships with a note explaining that it comes with consumer guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian law. Where apple broke the law: 1. released an update that caused a product to cease working. Knowing it would do so and knowing it was against Australian consumer law to do so. 2. told consumers there products weren't covered under any warranties knowing that was against Australian consumer law. 3. got caught being cunts. Not officially against Australian consumer law but pretty bloody close.
  10. Tools for a Better Life

    You didn't get the memo then? Trump is building the deathstar He is going to make the senate great again. We are going to do it through the trade council.
  11. How a geek should ask a sporty girl out......

    If you've been a friend for 3 years and you've never naturally progressed or even discussed the likelihood of going further then I'd say it ain't going to happen. Not that I know her from a bar of soap, but most girls like confident men, she knows your not so either take the bull by the horns or find a shy girl to work with. Stop with the questions here and go start watching Jordan peternson on youtube, He is a very prominent psychologist and spends a lot of time talking about men and woman and the differences and why woman are attracted to men, He knows his shit. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=jordan+peterson+girls+are+attracted EDIT: please watch a few and good luck with it all.
  12. Tools for a Better Life

    Good quality PPE. I'm still recovering from a grinder accident from last August. Oh and a plasma cutter.
  13. When does it count as a new PC?

    Like a broom that has only had two new handles and three new heads. I'm of the opinion that once all the matter is replaced then it is no longer the original. If it is an inanimate object, the only thing that dictates what tit are the people that obbserve it. It's not the original boat, it is a representation of the original boat and those who restored it vouch for it's authenticity as a restoration involving the complete replacement of everything. In the auto restoration world there are restored cars, tribute cars where not enough of the original car is left to call it genuine and original (genuine) cars.
  14. Am I the only one who is satisfied with all the free offerings and the expense of having to watch the odd add for other content? I don't have a paid sub to any service yet I am never want for entertainment.
  15. Apparently not all their "highly sensitive tesla data" is open source.