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  1. There is no modification of firmware when you unlock a dvd player. You are literally punching a code into the remote and pressing a button to turn off the region lock. It is more like changing the background in windows than modifying anything. The threads I have read are actually debating the difference between turning off region locks or buying an already unlocked player (which you can do in the us) and bypassing the content scrambler. That's nice, Maybe explain why so many websites sell region free DVD players in the US. Plus the numerous websites that show you how to unlock them? https://forum.dvdtalk.com/international-dvd-talk/255168-region-free-players-illegal.html this thread has some answers. Can you show me were the law says it's illegal? you keep telling me all about these laws but you jhaven't actually linked to a single one yet. I have scoured the DMCA laws and not one says it is illegal to buy or own a region free player in the US and I haven't found a law that says you can't buy DVDs from other regions for personal use either.
  2. That's because Australian law doesn't recgonise region locks as DRM. The courts actually did have a case regarding this when the sony PS 1 was hard moded to circumvent the need for original discs, the courts originally rulled in favor of the defendant because they interpreted what he had done as circumventing region locks, on appeal they they decided that hard modding the PS1 constituted changing the code to circumvent copy protection DRM. That is where the difference lies. As I said above, telling the dvd player to play all regions (using the firmware that came with the dvd player is not the same as bypassing encryption or copy protection using some other device or software, as I have highlighted several times, Australian law does separate the two. I know this, as I said in one of my very firsts posts, it is law even though it can't be enforced internationally. EDIT: also if you search any of the US homethreatre forums you'll see it is hotly debated if region locks are DRM.
  3. I linked to the ACCC earlier, region locking is not considered DRM in Australia, you are free to unlock your dvd player, buy an unlocked one or even run a business unlocking them. Head of the ACCC said: this is a quote from our Attorney General, it is from a news article which I am loath to link, but the original document is unobtainable: https://www.smh.com.au/technology/are-regionfree-dvd-players-legal-20120201-1qs42.html Fact of the matter is region locks are viewed by the consumer affairs department and the atorney general as little more than a hindrance to consumers. So, in the words of the ACCC " These restrictions are artificially imposed by a group of multinational film entertainment companies " that we me step around anyway we see fit. The WIPO document linked is interesting in that it claims the Libraian found it to be DRM yet the documents I linked (which are the congress librarian conclusions on DMCA only mentions region once and that is with regard to a request for exemption on consoles. CSS and region locks are different, you don't need to decrypt anything to make a player region free, there is no actual circumvention, you simply tell the firmware to accept all codes. The CSS that document is talking about is the actual encryption on the disc. It is like clicking the button on a porn site saying you are 18 years old. You are not hacking or circumventing the code on the website to get access, you are just telling the website what it wants to hear to give you access. EDIT: It's also interesting to note that in that article you link they had this to say: The Australian courts will rule any modification of code as DRM circumvention, but they will not rule bypassing Region locks as circumvention. Again because the Australian legal system see them as two separate issues and consumer law trumps corporate law.
  4. the future everything boeing use blockchain for there assembly line, medicalchain use blockchain to store health records, one belt one road is slated to use a block chain foundation for it's logistics (becasue it is decentralized and no one country or company can control it), A short google brings up these: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/ameer-rosic-/5-blockchain-applications_b_13279010.html https://hbr.org/2017/01/the-truth-about-blockchain https://futurism.com/blockchain-future-pros-cons/ there is a lot going on and it is considered a very good technology for many applications. Chinese government and everyone across the one road is looking at it seriously, Australia is putting money into setting up blockchain standards so it can be used for government and public service. https://www.intheblack.com/articles/2018/08/22/how-governments-using-blockchain-technology plus https://hackernoon.com/blockchain-for-government-41e3b097356d https://www.computerworlduk.com/galleries/applications/how-governments-are-using-blockchain-3680393/ I know people like to play the what what game and ask for citations, but this really is a big thing and is happening all around the world. Interest in secure decentralized ledgers is high and blockchain is just that.
  5. He is in Australia and region blocks are not considered DRM here. They are actually viewed in a dim light buy the ACCC and circumventing them is every consumers right. Unless you can show me where any of those articles mention region blocks I am going to have to go with the fact that neither the library of congress (US copyright office) nor section 1201 (Section 1201 Exemptions to Prohibition Against Circumvention of Technological Measures Protecting Copyrighted Works, statutory requirements to the DMCA) mention region blocks at all. While there are many arguments that unlocking a DVD player does not circumvent CSS (content scramble) and that several websites claim there are no specific laws that make Region free DVD players illegal. I t seems that this idea it is illegal is one presented only by a consortium of interested parties and not actually a law. The only reference I can find only to region blocks being DRM is wikipedia and that doesn't have any citations. https://www.copyright.gov/1201/2015/fedreg-publicinspectionFR.pdf and best case scenario for your argument: http://www.clas.ufl.edu/llc/copyright/RightsDMCA.html Given they exist in their thousands and we haven't yet had a court case or legal action I think it is safe to safe for now that region blocks are not enforceable by any current laws.
  6. best thing you can do for yourself. I'd hate to think how fucked I'd feel right now if I was still smoking. Everyone I have spoken to who has quite has said the same thing, they forgot how it feels to be alive and not feel sick all the time.
  7. I quite smoking a decade ago. I miss it A half corona cigar and rum 'n' raizen dark chocolate is my idea of heaven. I don't miss the wheezing and coughing up of lungs though.
  8. Governments intervene for two reasons: 1. the problem poses a financial risk to them 2. the problem poses a voter endorsement if they fix the "problem" Sometimes government intervention is helpful and sometimes it fails, but for the most part regulations that only damage an enterprise also damage an income stream (tax revenue) so they tread carefully. If the vast majority tend to err toward banning lootboxes then it is because that will net them votes or the outcome is likely to have a net positive effect on the economy.
  9. Well, even though I can think critically and know that just because someone makes a tweet doesn't make it true, There is a part of me that is cautious that he is/might be a sexual predator. That unfortunately is human nature, we put preservation over logic, nearly every time. While 99% of what we hear we ignore, when it comes from someone with as much reach as Elon it has the potential to do damage. I'd be pissed if half the world though I was a pedo because Elon called me one. However I wouldn't be insulting him in the first place cos I'm not a cunt. Also I am mixing 12 year old top shelf Sctoch whiskey with no name fizzy cola because I ran out of wild turkey rares. don't hate me.
  10. I guess with the crime being by it's nature a public action that evidences itself, it's not hard to narrow down the possible claims that by their very nature are injurious to the victim. The crime itself is evidence it occurred so there is no need to debate if it happened or not, the cl;aims made are know to have X amount of damage so all that's left is for the defendant to make his case and either argue it's true or at least argue it meant very little and for the judge to decide how much damage it caused. Ful disclosure, I am drunk right now and can't and shouldn't be typing but am hoping their are no grammatical errors that make this say something I didn't mean to convey in absolute terms but rather as an observation of the absolute nature of defamation. P.S thank fuck for autocorrect p.p.s except when it doesn't know hoe to autorcorrect ful to full and tries to make it fuel...
  11. no, I look at it historically, and with 20+ years of international/social/political observation. Not only is the entire population heading for better health, but we are all heading to a better standard of living and the number of democracies is increasing. Even China is heading toward a democratic existence. Look at how they were 40 years ago, then 20 years ago versus now. Even NK is starting to talk, Beirut looks nothing like it used, the IRA don;t bomb the shit out of everything every second day, Gay people can get married (there was once upon a time that that would cost you your job and even your life), Russia technically not a Communist country and things do seem to be improving. Just because everything is not looking roses now doesn't mean it is getting worse, the fact is things are getting better now in most countries. So before you point to atrocities in country X or shit things the the ABC agency in the US has done, I am not claiming everything is perfect, I am just saying that on the scale of historic evidence (even just in my time of 40 years) things around the world are improving and heading toward a free democratic state.
  12. I don't share your outlook. People have been afraid of those things for as long as we have been able to communicate. There is nothing new under the sun and nothing seems to ever come of it, because when it does it doesn't seem to last. Every empire falls, every dictator dies and the only thing that seems to be growing and expanding is true democratic freedom and standards of living.
  13. Elon in the stand: "No your honor, I was not referring to Mr Unsworth, I was simply insulting Thailand and all the fucking eXpat pedophiles that move there! It's just a coincidnece that Mr Unsworth happens to be a ped expat who moved there"
  14. I think you might be surprised at how long this, or ideas like it, will be around, everything is heading down the distributed load/P2P path. Blockchain is being implemented in more and more things, World leaders are looking at distributed networks to solve logistics and centralization issues. I am more scared of my ability to get my head around the enormity of technology and understand when and how something is secure than I am about oppressive identities turning the world into some sort of soylent green/hunger games mashup.
  15. Most out of court settlements have agreements that please both parties, it is likely Elon would sign something saying he will not say anything about Mr Unsworth again or the whole thing goes back to court. I was watching this case for a long time keen to see the outcome then it was dismissed with prejudice and now I will never know beyond the obvious what the outcome would have been. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/4394374/ali-v-facebook-inc/