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    i5 3550 IKR old school for an old fool.
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    Asus and then some numbers and letters
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    8g corsair vengance
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    Saffire R9 380
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    custom dirty throw together (in sig)
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    vertex3 120GB ssd and barracuda 2TB hdd
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    Antec Neo ECO 520Watt
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    BenQ 22.3" + Viewsonic 17" + 2x 17" think visions
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    All stock
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    Cougar 600K
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    Corsair bog stock thing
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    cheap arse USB thing.
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    win 10

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    On a prison island hidden in the summer for a million years.
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    Social science, special needs integration/education. human development and personal information adoption and problem solving. In short I like to watch people be people.
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    jobs: EE, pc tech, ITC consultant, Production/manufacturing training supervisor, Heritage building restoration consultant, human services, special education/integration specialist. Hobbies: backyard mechanic, music, electronics, 4x4 and camping.
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  1. huh?? you tell me the evidence is there even though I posted a link to the companies website showing the exact opposite, then you go on a rant about anti consumer and leaked documents and censorship allegations and you use the word "believe" like I should have faith your emotions are right and the actual evidence is wrong. Please.
  2. I read it thoroughly you said: and: The fact of the matter is in the past they were not easy to spot and many people were fooled easily, The sites I listed are not exceptions (they are just a small list of many), it has been a problem in the science and medicine community since 1996*. I have been part of many discussion regarding fake news and the effects on society since 2012. There has been no observable shift due to ease of access to website creation tools. In fact there have been so many in the past that we don't even know if the number of fake news sites is growing or shrinking. The only thing that has changed is with the election fake news sites got into the mainstream media. *https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quackwatch Whilst not restricted to fake news sites, since 2003 much of their work is in response to fake news claims.
  3. Of course that's for now. that's how rational logical people approach these things. When the evidence changes we change our opinions.
  4. When this first came up I was in disbelief because they made it sound so bad I couldn't accept any company as established as Nvidia would be stupid enough to risk lawsuits and bad PR. but as it rolls on it is becoming more and more superficial. The thing that astounds me is people are posting pictures that could have come from anywhere and any times and claiming this is proof. When the actual manufacturers start doing something on their websites and we can actually see a decline in AMD product not attributed to anything else then I will accept that as the cause.
  5. Also Gigabyte still selling Aorus and G1 Gaming branded AMD cards on their website: https://www.gigabyte.com/au/Graphics-Card/AORUS
  6. Nah, fake news has been a thing for a lot longer. Naturalnews has been spouting BS for along time (easily since 2011 as it's own website) sucking in people left right and centre. It just gained media coverage with the election. Inforwars was founded in 1999, globalresearch founded in 2001, greenmedinfo founded in 2008 and there are so many more. These are very professional looking websites with massive followers all believing some of the most ridiculous fake news ever printed. EDIT:, I forgot mercola, his website also had millions of visitors and facebook page promotions 2010. They are definitely professional websites and had nothing to do with wordpress/squarespace or even godaddy/myspace. These guys are making serious bank out of fake news and have been doing it since the the turn of the century.
  7. Facebook has been the source of fake news since long before elections. People just gobble that shit up because they are stupid and want to believe what they are told.
  8. Still on Asus Australian page. ROG strix rx 570/580 and vega 64 flavors https://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards/ROG-Republic-of-Gamers-Products/
  9. Company Creates cheap 3d printable house

    That is partly very true and also a 20th century mindset, it does not really apply to today or the future. For reasons I will outline below This is where culture and economics is changing. Remember no that long ago only the exceedingly rich had a car or a tv or even a fridge even in some cases, as time moves on relative financial status becomes less a barrier to ownership. I personally old enough to remember when the working classes did not have microwaves or color tvs. As production reaches zero sum margins (profit margins are at zero because losses are at zero thus making everything essential cost price), consumerist society gets everything it wants without having to work harder or longer. And this is happening, there are not for profits and startups that can leverage existing business to bring product into the home very cheaply. It may not be there yet for material products but it is getting closer. And this is reflected int he standard of living which has been growing since the industrial revolution. With regard to education there are already countries moving to a free education system. This concept that everything must be paid for by the users and it isn't fair if we don't share the wealth based on last centuries definitions of entitlements is flawed when we look at how the future is panning out. We don;t even need universal pay, we don't need a socialist/conservative mindset in fact we don't even need post modernism. We just need to accept that no one will need to work as long as they did and some fields of work are no longer necessary. lost trades if you will. I think you will find the governments of those countries are working hard to not make the same mistakes the western world did yet enjoy the same utopia financial future. In fact If I were you I would be more worried about the US not being able to move with the times and it will become yesterdays third world while india and china enjoy almost free energy and peer to peer economic strengths. No need for a universal income. Just a re think in how wealth is distributed. Absolutely, and these areas are where people will need to be working in the future. They are the jobs that automation and labor saving devices will not replace.
  10. RYZEN 2 Benchmarks leaked

    Fucking hell, new info on Zen 2 and everyone's talking about Intel... again!! EDIT: at least it's not a shit canning session.
  11. By the time a human driver discovers the situation requires intervention it is too late, and besides what you are advocating for is still a far more dangerous situation. Computers even with what you call an inferior ability are still safer drivers than humans.
  12. So you want an inferior transport option because you don't think computers are as good as humans at abstraction. So you think because people are so stupid that AI can't deal with them that you would prefer these stupid people in control of the cars as well? I can't even begin to work out how that is logical.
  13. Not sure what your point is. Are you trying to insinuate that the level of automation is somehow inferior to humans who on the whole have so far proven to be the most inferior of all when it comes to intellectual problems?
  14. Company Creates cheap 3d printable house

    A recurring argument from people who have not considered the enormity of the future of humanity. The idea that everyone has to work for their money is shaky at best when you consider that the future holds enough resources for everyone to enjoy a small working week and adequate pay to live like a king. They are simply trading time for the benefit of not needing to erect form work (which is extra material that pushes the cost out further).
  15. Some people just confuse having right of way with being immortal. Changing the law might solve that for some, but not for those who don't think the laws apply to them.