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    Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
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    pc building
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    Wishing I had a White Castle slider right now.
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    refirbishing and pc repairs


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    some acer one
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    14gb ddr3 (mixed types, ik that not good)
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    GT 1030
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    acer tower
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    a crappy 240 watt that will explode any minute
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    windows 69 limited edition (comes with gold background options)
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    Apple MacBook Air 2018 Model

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  1. I looked at an image of the box and saw that it said 2000 not 3000, However I am confused because there was numerous YouTube videos explaining this motherboard did indeed support Ryzen 3000 series.
  2. Hi there, I am planning to finally build a PC. I have already bought the Graphics Card (1660), SSD (480GB), HDD (2TB) and the Power Supply (550W Bronze). I was about to purchase the second lot of parts which was the motherboard and CPU when i went through the specifications 1 last time and I noticed that the ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Motherboard supports Ryzen 1st and 2nd gen CPU's, being new to PC Building I am not entirely sure what this means, will ti work with a Ryzen 5 3600 straight out of box or will it reqiure a BIOS update? Thanks
  3. Lmao my teacher was gave me 100% so im gonna take it and leave it, and tbh I didn't even have that error (sum function) unless it just didn't appear for me.
  4. While playing MyCareer I am having an issue where I am playing as my team and not my My Player. I seem to end with no VC and my game crashes. This means I can no longer play on this player build. And I am stuck in a continuous loop because of this process. Does anyone have the same issue? If so how can I fix it? (This is on PlayStation 4) The tech support has given me multiple methods to fix but none of which have been successful.
  5. Thank goodness, I really don't want to loose all my Minecraft Saves XD
  6. Yeah I believe my dad must have done the same. I've got the Xbox 360 (like the really really old one, the chunky white one) and the 360 (slim, still the old one but slimmer). Somehow both of them haven't yet got the red ring of death
  7. Somehow my dad always managed to get the consoles for free. He got a PS1, PS2, and 2 Xbox 360's for free, I think it was linked to some mobile phone plan or something. Imagine if we could do that today
  8. You have to say, This is pretty cool
  9. whoa thats so cool, I've always wanted to unbox an original Xbox 360 thats Halo 3 Themed.
  10. Haha there you go. I just want a cheap ass console that i'll spend less than $30 on and after im done with it I can put in my my closet never to be seen again.
  11. Yeah, I love how cheaply made they are and how surprisingly light they always are. Lightest one i've got is lighter then a piece of paper
  12. Yeah don't worry i've tried that. Just dont think its interesting enough for a YouTube video. I have 2 Raspberry Pi 2's and 1 Raspberry Pi 3
  13. Yeah I know, Im interested in old emulation of games.
  14. I want this so bad, I've been looking everywhere to buy it but I literally can't find it anywhere. I want to make a YouTube video on it and try out to see if I can use my own games off a SD Card. If someone can find it online please reach out to me. Here is my discord Cosco#3647 (FYI, I live in Australia beacuse shipping may be an issue) Its called the VBOX II NJ-3802 and its a "Knock Off" of a PS3 and a Xbox 360 If you can't find it all good, it was worth asking
  15. Oh my goodneas thanks so much, This has helped out alot I really appreciate it!!!