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  1. Let me guess - this is as well not available anymore Did they name any reason why they want to disable vod?
  2. IMHO most PC gamers have upgrade cycles of around 5years for all of the major components. The most recent Steam HW supply resulted in 1060 still being the most popular card which was released in 2016. I have no clue where all the fuzz about upgrade upgrade upgrade comes from. This most probably applies to a tiny percentage of gamers only, and even in those cases components will get sold 2nd or even 3rd hand and have a long way ahead before they will ever see a landfill.
  3. You mean the part before the WAN show intro? I just rewatched the 4 most recent ones and saw no such mention. But would explain what we are saying, and - as I pointed out before - suck balls for the game streams and my favorite Anno stream
  4. Well I was hoping that something was said by LTT or LS himself and someone from the community picked it up or had at least the same concern. But sure, @LinusTech, it would be cool if you could comment. So that is exactly the problem I have, I am deep aslepp when that stuff goes live, I ususally watch the replay on YT. Since I am pretty sure WAN show has been streamed to Twitch yesterday but it is not available now, I am afraid streams on their Twitch channel are no longer available for offline watch. Something I hate in general but for LS' game streams it really sucks balls as I genuin
  5. I have been noting that the last video on the Twitch Channel is an awesome Anno stream from a month ago. So - no WAN show, no other LTT live streams since then - or - - said streams are no longer available non-live, if so, why? Also: No game stream since then? Sad face.. I really love the LS-Anno streams and sure as hall can't watch them live since I am 7 time zones away.
  6. Literally all of this applies to every web browser as well, including the pre-installed Safari. This does not make any sense at all. Same goes for VNC clients, Microsofts Remote desktop client and literally all the other remote viewers that are still on the App store.
  7. Exactly! When I saw the title I thought, wow, FINALLY we are getting an update.. nopes, yet another video sponsored by some PC parts mfr/retailer/whatever
  8. Summary Igor's lab published an interesting article that discusses and explains the causes of the RTX 3000 availability disaster that most of us suffer currently from. While mining is apparently part of the issue (surprisingly mostly for the lower-end GPUs), the devil also lays in other details such as the PWM controllers that are apparently very hard to get right now. Quotes My thoughts In generally like the insights that Igor regularly provides but I have been especially starving for these infos. It bugged me so hard to be left in the unknown what exact
  9. Well sure that makes sense, but why define those resolutions if both of them never saw an actual screen? Well, no. That would still be an (ultra-wide) 1440p screen. This is exactly the point of going by vertical pixels.
  10. I agree. So 3840x2160 should be the minimum to be called 4K. Anything with a higher horizontal resolution can then be wide-4K or ultrawide-4K, same goes for the respective 1440p resolutions.
  11. I always thought 4K means "4 times the pixels of a full HD screen", so you double each dimension of a 1920x1080 screen. Naming resolutions by either horizontal or vertical dimension does not make a lot of sense IMHO as the other dimension can vary greatly and therefore the actual amount of pixels. Relating it to the vertical amount of pixels makes sense as long as this guarantees a certain minimum aspect ratio. Under that assumption, I'd say we have Full HD - 1080px, 1440p - 1440px and 4K - 2160px minimum vertical pixels to be called such.
  12. So do we know how this will affect prices in other parts of the world than USA-land, e.g., Europe? No tariffs there (I guess, stuff is manufactured and assembled in far east?), but if Asus and the like argue with increased assembly and international shipping prices, well, are we still going to see sth from it?
  13. Wow, okay at least we come to a conclusion. Still can't believe that took so much effort on my side to convince you. Well anyhow apology accepted.
  14. Oh my god.. Just, no. Why would anyone publish incomplete and doubtful data in a report, then draw conclusions from it? Those are sales data from Q3 which ended Sept 30 and for sure by one month later every manufacturer knew exactly how many units they sold. Whether the fiscal Q3 hasn't ended yet is completely irrelevant. You are really hanging to very thin straws here, you are simply incorrect. Here is the more detailed report about the Q3 that they link to, even clearly stating that Samsung has regained a very clear leadership: https://www.counterpointresearch.com/global-smartphone-market-sh