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  1. That same machine is 4300 Euro in Germany and Spain, both countries have around 20% of VAT - why is hardware so expensive in Portugal? Might even make sense to order it in Spain and pick it up when traveling there. Totally legal to move goods around within the EU without any tax/toll. Edit: Wait, somehow the same machine in the .pt store is "only" 4.400 when I configure it:
  2. Anyone that at this point still thinks Apple machines are "status symbols" understood absolutely nothing and is stuck at the era of reading GHz numbers on the carboard box.
  3. Yep, everything there, including some fine print in the bottom right corner I didn't have time to read.
  4. Freakin Christ, these machines have EVERYTHING This is absolutely insanomato. They have literally nailed every single aspect. Monster M1 chips Up to 64GB RAM Mini LED 120 Hz Larger Screens Even higher resolution More TB ports MagSafe HDMI SD Card Even better sound no Touchbar better cameras W T F Edit: Okay the price is kind of a letdown -.-
  5. Going back to USB-A would be absolutely moronic at this point. USB-A needs to go for good, type C is the definitive universal connector that can host everything, from 5W PD without any data to TB4 with included 90W PD, a ton in between and more to come in the future.
  6. The 14 will come out next year. This years models start at 700 & 800. The 14 is not coming anywhere near 1k, not even 899.
  7. The Youtube video has 3x the amount of dislikes than likes, that is Youtube Rewind territorium. Are they at Intel PR simply blind, imcapable or what? Do they reflect even the tiniest bit on the reaction of the target audience? How stupid must a company be to pull such a PR stunt after what happened on YT on Twitter, which is much worse in terms of people keeping their manners? What's next? reddit, 4chan?
  8. You missed two important points: - Many do - Even the most "crappy" iphones run the respective flagship silicon at launch There is the 13 Pro Max for 1100 - 1600 13 Pro for 1000 - 1500 13 for 800 - 1100 13 Mini for 700 - 1000 12 for 700 - 850 12 Mini for 600 - 750 All of which would qualify more than enough for gaming. Now tell me again, which iPhone costs 2000$? Evem the 13 Pro Max with an insane 1TB of storage is 400$ away from what you claim. Choosing the much more sensible 512GB variant which is still the 2nd most expensive
  9. You might want to recheck Apple's pricing and range of available phones. C'mon, I know your agenda but this is ridiculous.
  10. That one has sailed a long time ago in this type of thin&light ultrabook or however you want to call them. If you are lucky you can exchange the SSD.
  11. To really compare prices, you have to include build quality, display, KB/trackpad, speakers and so on. The only machines that compete these days are the high-end Lenovo (Carbon X1 and similar) and the Dell XPS, maybe some Surface machines. And I suggest to have a look at the prices of these machines. Comparing a MBP/A to a 500$ Acer is simply not fair. And the M1 MBA starts at 1k - given the performance you get in addition to what I mentioned above, that is imho an awesome deal. In general I don't think 1k for a laptop that lasts many years is a lot of money.
  12. You guys are hardcore. I succumbed in 2018 to replace my 2010 15" aluminium chunker with a 13" butterfly that feels like it is 1/4th of the size and weight, has 4x the pixels and 3x the trackpad real estate. And don't mention the speed when you come from a Core 2 Duo.. Just to be clear, the 2010 15" still works flawlessly.
  13. And you completely ignore that your 70€ include the price of the battery which you always pay, even if you order a new battery yourself! Subtract the price of the battery and you are left with maybe 30€-40€ once in 2-4years! Is that so hard to grasp? So you want to tell me that people will spend hundres of €s on a new phone instead of bringing the old one to a repair shop and spending 10s of €s for a battery replacement service? But going online, searching for and ordering a replacement battery for 10s of €s they will do? Your are really standing on really thin ice. Which is st