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  1. https://www.i-miner.org/Nvidia-1080-TI/index.php#five Pretty sweet deal considering if you are building computer now or just want MSRP 1080Ti
  2. We need some #CustomLinusCoolers from his scrapyard wars.
  3. But why just one slot?? It has the capacity to fit 2 slot or even three...
  4. GPU do best in FP32 but except for FP64/FP16, a 1080Ti does 100-200GFLOPS(11.3TFLOPS in FP32 which is the acceleration you're talking about). Where as this USB can do over 100GFLOPS on FP16 on 1w of power and only cost $80.
  5. Take a look at the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider if you haven't already.
  6. I'd recommend a 2017 Miata(Shell) with LS3 Swap with better shocks, wider rims/tires. And all the necessary stuff. I personally like to drive in a fun car. Preferable a lightweight car with decent horsepower like a BRZ(I've driven a 2006 S2000 and it was fun and felt light. Used to have a RSX-S and it was really fun driving that car). Cars like the WRX STI is just getting too heavy and its horsepower isn't doing it anymore. Sure you can get all the horsepower you want but it's not the same experience as having a lighter car and for me, it's having fun. Also note that lighter car have a faster turning speed at the corner than a heavier car with nearly or more than twice the horsepower of a lighter car. I also like to drive around town so doing 0-60 in 2-3 seconds(Not that I have done it) isn't as fun as having the fun of stepping on that gas peddle and watching RPM/MPH meter go from 0-60. If I were to built a Miata LS3 swap with 500HP, I'd tune the final drive all the way so that I get more MPH per gear rather than performance per gear.
  7. There's a /2 for a reason. HBM/2. AMD Vega is offering 16GB HBM2 for $1199 I think. Point is, AMD is able to offer it at a considerable price. Nvidia would probably cost more to buy than AMD.
  8. So I'm ordering the K-Type keyboard from inclub at Massdrop. Sadly I wasn't the first 500 buyer so I won't get a serialized .. But anyways, after looking at the shine through... The spacebar is blank. I've search numerous sites/forum but I can find anything that's similar to the Ducky spacebar or designs shine through etc.. I'm looking for a spacebar that is DoubleshotPBT OR at least white and is shine through. It's dumb how there's LED under the spacebar but there's like shine through. Especially the Razer Blade Stealth. Why have a blank spacebar with LED under it not showing its light properly........ My last resort would to buy a 108 pieces, sucks how the I only need the spacebar but the whole thing would cost $30 for quality keycaps. Can you guys help me locate these amazing spacebars lol..
  9. Pure VG with 5% flavor caused my sub-ohms could to burn the cotton. Well, after constant/chain puff lol. Now I use 5% flavor and ~8% distilled water so the VG isn't so thick and easier to transfer to the Cotton.
  10. Nice mod. I just recently got myself a Innokin Kroma with a ECO12 with T16/RTA Deck. I make my own juices as well but it's pretty hard to get the flavoring and taste out of it.. Bought a heatsink(Helps with the connection between the tank and mod) and a 510 drip tip tube extender because the tank itself gets hot to the touch and that's where the heatsink helps as well..
  11. Haven't you heard, Intel signed a deal with AMD radeon graphics back in december 2016.
  12. Basically the real cores of threads aren't being used effectively but rather just spread workload onto all 16 threads.. isn't the extra thread meant to be so that it utilizes the cores more efficiently. Like a core is split into two thread and one handle 50% while the other thread handle 50%, and at 25% for two threads is like 25% on one core..
  13. I'm a computer science major and I had the exact same thought. Why don't programmers create a AI that can program. Creating AI is very plausible and having it create another AI is even more magnificence. People are eliminating human errors at a very fast phase and in my opinion, it'll make us dumber as humanity age because if human make errors, human tend to be able to fix those errors but having a machine that already fix it for us and not letting us adapt to fix that error is crucial to us. Imagine having a machine cook beef medium rare, it's always perfect but if you don't do it yourself, you'll never learn nor know how to cook that beef. Did you guys know that if drivers are machine controlled, traffic would be none existence, because they talk to eachother where they are and how fast they're going and thus, traffic never stops and lights aren't needed at intersection.