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  1. Basically title, they're fairly cheap but they will be paired with a 5950x and I don't want to overload the memory controller if they're quad ranked, they're a kit of 4x 16GB. Are there better / cheaper alternatives at 64GB, same speed or higher, same CL frequency or better? (current is CL16-18-18-38, I saw the CL 18-22-22-42 ones. They usually try to hide everything other than the first number on those, guessing they're low quality and expensive as well from what I saw) At about 250 to 300 euro.
  2. 5950x is available in my country right now, albeit for 1000€. I would have bought it if I had the money...sigh idk if I'll get my loan this year or next year.
  3. Now I know there are no reviews yet, I just saw on reddit people were saying that overclocking is a bad idea in this 7nm process, talking about degradation and stuff. I've only ever overclocked intel processors so I don't know much about AMD overclocking. Are AMD processors kinda self overclocking like the ppl on AMD reddit were saying, should I be safe meddling with voltages and if I shouldn't overclock it then should I even bother with an AIO cooler for it? Will lower temps help it "self oc" more? Talking ofc about the cpu going by itself above the max normal turbo fr
  4. Emag, evomag, pcgarage, forit, and cel.ro in Romania, Amazon prolly outside of it through germany/ france
  5. Hello, thank you for the list! I might use it actually. Does the extra 1500€ include the motherboard price? Pcpartpicker didn't calculate it's price here.
  6. Budget (including currency): 15.000 lei ( or some 3000€) Country: Romania Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: high performance gaming, high workload multitasking with multiple active game clients, WoW, Fortnite, L4D2, Aion, all new AAA games maxed out 144+ fps Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): Asus tuf vgm259qm 280hz 1080p monitor. Hey, I'm looking to build a high end gaming system with mo
  7. Are there usually any issues going for 4 sticks instead of 2?
  8. I want to go with 32GB of RAM, I saw ppl saying that the sweet spot will be 4000MHz, and linked a G SKILL kit at 4000MHz CL16. The thing is I don't know if these are available in Romania, I found a g skill kit at 3600MHz CL16 at an acceptable price, will these bottleneck the CPU and should I try to find higher frequency RAM? The alternative is 4 sticks at 4400MHz CL18 for 50 euro more.
  9. This is an interesting choice by intel but most gamers care more about performance than high core counts, that being said I myself prefer and would use both to their capacity in certain games and am very interested in how AMD's 5900x performs compared to the 10900k or even the 5950x if it's worthwhile.
  10. I just checked the i9 10900k I was looking to buy in romania's stores and it's price exploded, increasing by nearly 80%+ from 2.500 lei to now 4.000 lei for the identical product while it's out of stock everywhere. That's nearly 300 euro more. Did something horrible happen? Last I checked was less than 30 days ago and now the prices are going up while AMD is breathing down Intel's neck?
  11. The type of RAM that uses your hard drive and isn't actual RAM.
  12. I have 16GB and they're not quite enough without virtual ram. I consider 32 GB to be the sweet spot considering there are also newer and newer games being released which will use up more and more ram.
  13. That amount of RAM is generally used by servers and stuff like that. For a normal user between 32 and 64GB is enough. I recommend 32GB right now as DDR5 is going to be released soon and 64GB only if you're absolutely sure you need that much RAM.
  14. They will launch new products with 24+GB of VRAM to make you buy them again.
  15. That may well be true but there is no real world testing to prove it yet and with the weird CCX design won't some games stutter and have fps drops from that generated latency? A 12 core amd CPU is actually basically a 6 core + 6core cpu.