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  1. yeah I dont think OPs idea is good, i was just elaborating
  2. idk take it into apple and see what they say even if you dont get it fixed
  3. whitelist known sites for people under it
  4. so i just got a wacom table from @clementk (tagging bc he might be able to help) so I have two monitors and the tablet (wacom intuos480) and well it uses the surface of the tablet as both of my monitors, so the left side of my tablet will move my mouse on my 2nd monitor and the right side goes on my main monitor, I get why and it makes since it does that, but is there a way to make the tablet only work on my main monitor so i have a bigger space to work with on my tablet also can i change the 4 buttons on it to be F5 and F6 and F7
  5. wow my pc is royally fucked now,


    took 5min for everything to load after my pc booted up, and thats not counting the time it took to have all my programs (chrome steam flash) to crash and restart then crash again then finally actually load and work


    this is why i dont update windows because mircosoft is a fuckiing shitty as fuck 

  6. 1. look at FNAF, he pumped out 6 games in a year reusing code and just adding more and adding new textures so the work is minimal compared to other indie game and he is a multimillionaire, so small amout of work and still made games worth peoples time and money. 2.well seems like it 3.true value can be whatever the potential possessor/possessor of the item sees in it, it can be they just think its cool so its worth that price to them just for the enjoyment they get from owning it. they can think its a investment and hoping to profit off such item later, making
  7. windows updated, and now my computer is slow AF yay

    1. TubsAlwaysWins


      You could buy my xbox and use that until microsoft fixes it

  8. You can't say something is worthless when people pay money for it. We understand you think it's the the dumbest thing in the universe but it is what it is. And just because that is your opinion doesn't mean it's worthless. If it is worthless why did I get an offer for $250 for my knife? Please explain to me? Yes the rarity was set by Valve on purpose to gain value in the item. But thay doesn't make it any less rare. Just because the item is fake and Valve can make as many as they want does not mean it's any less rare or worthless.
  9. Yes but prices are based on rarity. Just like many things in real life. say all the water in the word was gone and one bottle was let, that would sell for billions. Just like knives. They are expensive because they are rare. Some things are expensive irl because it's made from expensive martiral. And also irl thing are expensive because there is so few. Like old video games. Made out of cheap plastic and code but can sell for hundreds and thousands because of rarirty. And that's how it is with knives in cs. Yes valve can just give everyone 8
  10. You can say that about anything. look at krambits on cs or that krambit hiko owned that sold for like 80k or 100k.
  11. Lol first rule of prison. Don't admit your a pussy boi
  12. I have a AK aqua marine named dolphin lore. An m4 hyper beat named hyper dong (had that name when I won it but I use a mecha now that's not named) And I think that's all I have for named guns so far. I used to have a gut tiger tooth named golden shit