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  1. Yes, you do lose. The so called excuse of "Early access" is nothing more than hiding the content you were going to release behind a paywall. Content which was going to be released for free for everyone on YouTube anyway. The only difference is the lack of 3$ per month from your pocket. You're not actually getting things earlier, you're getting the exact same videos which were going to be released for everyone for free, it's just that you payed 3$ for it. But "Early Access" Am I right???
  2. Someone send that screen to warranty for the dead pixels. It does qualify, it has more than 5 dead pixels in one spot.
  3. No, the difference in performance is too small to justify the price difference, even when the cards are at MSRP.
  4. Does anyone know why it took what over 6 months or so, for Intel to finally release the budget version of 300 series motherboards?
  5. Ok, not a perfect test. But it does show that Intel's paste is shiiiiit.
  6. Go to your "Local Area Connetion" in Control Panel, right click on it, properties, then configure and then find an option called "Speed & Duplex" and select either Auto negotiate or force it to 1.0Gbps The setting looks like this:
  7. Any ideas how to fix that annoying sound for good? (there's an attachment to this thread) In the room the usual temperature is 23 degrees C, I opened the window to let some fresh air and the room temperature dropped to 18C. Outside it's snowing and it's cold. And the fan on my 950 from Gigabyte started to make that noise as soon as the temperature dropped in the room. Now I say this because that's the only thing that I did to it, I haven't touched it in a while. Now it's back to normal, but I also stopped it a couple of times with my finger and somehow that fixed it, at least fo
  8. Because the restrictions that they have to follow are idiotic. No one can actually make a good performing car while meeting those restrictions. Thus everyone cheats. Yes, everyone cheats. And it's only a question of who gets caught doing it.