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  1. what is gas mileage, all I know is dump fuel and watch the needle go down while i drive. I get the 14ish
  2. MK1 VR6 swap is what you want, traction is not needed in life
  3. dont drop the tank before you smoke it. thats going to be the fastest way to find the leak
  4. I dont like the Impreza 04 and newer the 02-03 bugs and the 95 are my favorites. Definitely not the 2014 models
  5. check your fuel filler cap and evap line. Those are the most common causes for evap problems
  6. I think the search may be broken then because I searched for a thread and found nothing
  7. I was just wondering what kinds of cars forum members drive? I drive a 2002 Subaru Impreza TS
  8. My entry. Black screen in the player window because I have a full screen on my 3rd monitor.
  9. Yes they have all the full size options in TKL
  10. Look at my image and think about what my answer would be