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Everything posted by sof006

  1. sof006

    Asus: Our competitors sucks!!!

    Bold claims. My ASUS Tuf board started making odd sounds after about 6 months of use. My MSI board has been fine since I replaced the ASUS board with no issues, not to mention a better colour scheme.
  2. sof006

    5G Waveforms are Potentially Power Vampires

    Honestly I'm very happy with 4G. I hope that when 5G gets switched on it increases the available bandwidth for 4G as a result so I get more reliable speeds. My 100GBs of 4G data is perfect and I wouldn't trade that for a 5G contract anytime soon/in the future.
  3. Tbh I'm not even surprised. Amazon and Google are some of the biggest companies in the world, you'd have to be so naive to be shocked by something like this. Obviously this doesn't mean it's okay, but realistically is there anything we can do about this? Governments and agencies that fine companies that do this don't fine them enough and they just keep doing it. "oh you breached our data law, we'll fine you 10 mill. Don't do it again!" Google: "Lol okay" Meanwhile they've just made back that money 20 times over in the span of a couple hours.
  4. I bought my Topping D50 for less and the specs are better.
  5. Always found this a bit strange as you would assume undervolting would cause instability when the clocks increase. Guess not.
  6. sof006

    Speed waits for no-one; PCIe 6 announced

    Jesus, I'm still on PCIE 3
  7. sof006

    Uber Air Travel trial in Melbourne

    I'd say it's a reasonable price, considering what the service is actually doing for you. It's rather specialised however so it would have to be a case of "I am desperate to get from A to B, get me there fast".
  8. sof006

    This is the PC killer (Haha JK) - The Xbox Scarlett

    You'd be surprised what Microsoft can do. The One X does a pretty good job at dissipating heat.
  9. sof006

    This is the PC killer (Haha JK) - The Xbox Scarlett

    It's using the latest tech out there. AMDs Navi is supposed to rival that of a 2070 from Nvidia. If that is the case I'd not be surprised at Microsoft "up to" claims.
  10. sof006

    This is the PC killer (Haha JK) - The Xbox Scarlett

    Read my post, they claim "up to" in the video. People take stuff out of context, the person saying it in the video clearly states up to 120. Key words being "up to".
  11. sof006

    This is the PC killer (Haha JK) - The Xbox Scarlett

    I wouldn't be surprised if this new console was very much on par with some of the high end gaming desktops out there. Microsoft did say in the video "Up to 120 FPS" meaning it won't always achieve that. Probably looking at 60 vast majority of the time though.
  12. No such thing as privacy or digital data rights. And there never will be. That's how this world works.
  13. sof006

    E3 2019 Microsoft

    I doubt, since Sony has no plans to do it until next year. Microsoft and Sony are competitive in that regard. They'll wait for around the same time as each other to get an idea of what they plan on pricing their consoles. Microsoft might wait till last so they can competitively price their console better than Sony. That's what id guess since they lost 2-1 to Sony.
  14. sof006

    Google Stadia, Live Stream Wrap-Up

    The only benefit I can see here is that you don't need to download to play. Just "stream" it. But thats literally the only benefit, and not one i'd see the point as i'd rather download the game and have it physically there to play at all times.
  15. sof006

    Ryzen 3000 to get a soldered IHS

    Basically you don't delid it. It would gain you little to no benefit due to it already being soldered.
  16. Who tripped over the power cord again
  17. They need to, they've spent the best part of the last 4 years or so ruining their image. Especially the Xbox brand. Only recently has it started to come back as they're merging Xbox and PC together instead of heavily separating the brand's. Also getting decent titles on Xbox.
  18. Glad to hear you got your data back. It's never fun losing data.
  19. sof006

    EE to launch UK's first 5G service in May

    I'm on O2 and I get 100GB of data with unlimited everything else for £40 a month and very happy.
  20. sof006

    RUMOURS REGARDING PS5 (Through Gamespot)

    Exciting! Will upgrade from my Pro to a PS5. Be nice to experience games that are supposed to run at 60 FPS actually run at 60 FPS.
  21. Microsoft said that people running 1803 will skip 1809 in favour of 1903.
  22. sof006

    New software update for 737 MAX

    Moral of the story. Don't cut corners when it comes to safety.
  23. I imagine it should allow you to recover it, would be silly for it not to. Did you find out if it worked?