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Status Updates posted by pierom_qwerty

  1. "I accidentally have 3 Petabytes of drives"



  2. update:


    it got flagged for an offensive skin tone.......................



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    2. pierom_qwerty


      @will4623i made a snapchat face mask with linus' face


      @wkdpaul now trying with this: 


    3. lewdicrous


      Make them spin!

    4. pierom_qwerty


      @lewdicrous instructions unclear, now making linus clock filter

  3. snapcode.png.faaffded4780dc3838146b4b4197da9d.png



    its live. the scariest thing is that it matches all of your face expressions. it blinks when you do!

  4. image.thumb.png.4005c40293ba846556780ce5d3b80e3e.png


    Linus Snapchat fact mask?

  5. image.thumb.png.e6981bb1aa78fecac7559ee322344934.png


    Download my child! Use my gigabit ethernet to the max! I want to see 3d boobies faster!

  6. My very first post on the forum over 4 years ago was to game at 1080p high settings for $400 at 60+ FPS.


    CSGO is on the highest settings right now and goes above 200 fps...


    This build cost me $325.

  7. IMG_20200212_072048.thumb.jpg.cc5d064f680963ff201f899e8d51e6fa.jpg



    Snapped this really quickly before I left for school this morning!

  8. Question for the mods:


    Would i get banned for making a post on watercooling my asscheeks as they can get sweaty while gaming?

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    2. Slottr


      If you have to ask if there will be moderation reaction to a post, it's absolutely going to be yes 

    3. pierom_qwerty


      @Morgan MLGman *clears throat*



      Lets theoretically say I have Hyperhidrosis (yes I do) and I sweat a lot, even at regular temperatures. Due to the fact that my glutus maximus is above average in size, especially for a Male, it is warmer due to the extra fatty tissue. Because of this, I am even more prone to sweating and it would be helpful to cool down said area. Therefore, this would not be a shitpost as it is addressing a problem for me while gaming, and could solve a problem for others as well.


    4. Morgan MLGman
  9. I need something wacky to 3d model and print. Gimme ideas


    1. OJTheAviator


      I'm in the middle of an EDF project and a robotic arm project, so I'll share what I've been printing.

      • Something that attaches to mini servos securely.
      • Sections for a robotic arm that make use of mini servos as joints.
      • Something that secures a 68mm EDF down, so that it can be tested from a distance.

      If none of these strike your fancy (Why ever would they not, seeing as they are so universal in application and not at all specific to me? /s), try designing and 3d printing a (nice)* mobius strip or a klein bottle. No internet cad files allowed (no thingiverse, etc). It's probably going to be hard, but I've seen people do it in Fusion 360. I haven't tried yet.


      *(By nice, I mean there shouldn't be sharp turns, or even abrupt changes. The thing should be fairly smooth.)

    2. OJTheAviator


      Or, make a better printing press model than I did. This was modeled in an hour or two, but someone else printed it, so ignore the yellow-blue color scheme.




  10. I was trying to get this monitor (https://us.aoc.com/en/monitors/22v2h/specs) on amazon (80USD), but some random fee kept on getting applied. Out of *nowhere* comes this bad boy(https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07W62G1HF/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1)....same specs, lil different bezel, same price too. No hidden fees 😎


    it comes tuesday

  11. image.thumb.png.15325c8f86f38320581f0f20be69941b.png

    44 books may or may not be the exact number to perform a chunk size overflow and duplicate items in minecraft. also, my laptop screen and main screen are at different heights. i also needed something to put on my laptop so enjoy this fine meme from r/linuslore

    1. Danioki


      you know you an take a print screen of only one monitor right? :D

    2. pierom_qwerty
    3. pierom_qwerty


      the best part is that servers will get mad and state that illegal characters are being used, but it turns out clientcommands is able to bypass this lmao

  12. UPDATE: I got the computer....but I cant use it until I:

    • take the ACT this saturday
    • Swim at the State Meet for Swim Team this Friday
    • finish my Program for FBLA by next tuesday


  13. jmmerlzqdle41.jpg?width=960&crop=smart&a

    1. Tristerin


      I have those flip flops, with the brazil flag lol (its for Jiu Jitsu)

  14. Im actually getting a pc lmao

  15. fuck flask


    shit wasn't rendering the mf html template...why??????? i was using classes w/ add_resource calls instead of an @app.route





    also, its my birthday bitches

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      Heppey Birthday.🎂

    2. will4623


      Happy Birthday and I am not a bitch.

    3. OJTheAviator


      \ ˈbich

      1 : the female of the dog or some other carnivorous mammals



      (These dogs could be female. Just go with it)

  16. welcome to my school lmfao



    1. Flying Sausages

      Flying Sausages

      "Name a pokemon"








    I usually think that these type videos are self-serving and calls for positive reinforcement.  But this one touched me.  You've built not just a brand, but an empire among the ranks of Ananatech and Tom'sHardware.  I can't imagine what your daily or weekly schedule is like.  And you've been running like that for years.  It's really a kind of miracle that you don't look like you're 50 years old.


    I'm not crying, my eyes are just water cooled.


    Linus, I love you man. You've given us so much, its time for you to give back to yourself and your family. You have shaped the way I see Computers for years now, I thank you and wish you happiness and love.


    Im not sure what to say myself, but these are just a few comments from the video

    1. Den-Fi


      It really underlined the cost of doing what he does.

      So many people literally think being a youtuber is a do-nothing job.

      It has costs. Bigger for some than others. Especially for someone who took it upon themselves to support not only his own family, but 30 other people.

  18. i missed my 4 year anniversary on the forum lol

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    2. pierom_qwerty


      @Levent flashback to forum version 1.0

    3. Levent


      I was here before IPB was the forum software used in LTT lol.

    4. pierom_qwerty


      @Levent I joined just a few months before they transitioned to this style. If i look through, someone screenshotted one of the posts I made and it is in that good old style.

  19. anybody from baltimore here? i have a question to ask

    1. VenomZ_


      Whats the question

    2. pierom_qwerty


      @VenomZ_ do they speak like this?



  20. Hey everyone! If you see someone with M.A.P. or N.O.M.A.P in their username, it 99.9% means they are a pedophile! MAP stands for Minor Attracted Person and NOMAP stands for Non Offensive Minor Attractive Person. Please report people who claim they are a MAP, as they are in reality pedophiles. They are pedophiles hiding behind an acronym. They also have "MAP Pride" (ew), a flag, and are trying to claim MAPs are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Holy shit does this make me sick to my stomach.

    1. Tristerin


      I have two very beautiful young girls (4 and 2) and if you even glance at the registered pedophile map where you live you will want to just go kill a bunch of neighbors.  If I open it up to 15 mile radius its disgusting.

    2. pierom_qwerty


      @Tristerin Glad to hear that you have two kids, and I hope that they never have to deal with even getting remotely close to a pedophile or the like.


      Also, there is a registered Child Molester within 1,500 feet of my school 🙃

  21. 24 hours ago i asked for building ideas


    how many did i get? none

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    2. pierom_qwerty
    3. wkdpaul




      here you go ;


    4. OJTheAviator


      You should build an airplane. Or spaceplane. I used to build a ton of those. See how many details you can include. Add an APU to an airliner? Winglets to a 737? Maybe include a little box on a 737 with a sign saying "MCAS SYSTEM (to turn off, look up MCAS in one of the manuals sitting on the shelf at the airport)".

  22. Bored with nothing to do for an hour. Give me building ideas!

    1. wkdpaul
    2. pierom_qwerty


      I probably should have specified in Minecraft lmfao

    3. wkdpaul




      alright, fair enough ... how about the new LTT logo ??


  23. O_O



    1. Caroline
    2. pierom_qwerty
    3. Caroline


      my modem should play this every time I connect