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  1. I looked on modded zombies.com and it shows map names but not pics unless you click it so I'd like to see your suggestions to save me time so what are some good custom zombie maps. i like ones that have Perks and and if anyone has a link to the Simpsons zombie map can you share it becase it's not on any zombie map websites that I found. None of the links for it on them work.
  2. Hook a 900 house power bored out hemi on it. nah the motherboard seems like it dying if you got fans to spin and nothing else. becase you needed to hit the power to start the fans so you did get the right pins. RIP
  3. Just a bug that happens keep refreshing till it says the view count
  4. A screw driver is really all you need. I didn't. Use any anti static stuck. Just touch your case a metal part on your case every once in a while to discharge static.
  5. I overclock and I have that cooler. Works like a charm
  6. Well this is the website http://www.geil.com.tw/home
  7. Friggin right, give pug your Pc for his stovepipe BMP
  8. Well duh it's not profitable but if your going to mine he should to research.
  9. We'll duh it will cost more but using a consumer pc even a 380. Using ASIC is the only way to even make money well have a chance at making money He didn't ask should I do it. He asked what currency he should mine. So no they didn't answer
  10. If you know what you need you'd be out buying it and not asking what you need.
  11. Just answer his question its against TOS or COC to make a post not answering the questions so everyone who didn't should be reported. just use ASIC machines to mine Bitcoin it's your best bet