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  1. Spoilers for Scrapyard Wars EP3, do not read if you have not watched





    Hey about your comments for Scrapyard wars, I thought the concept was good but what was missing that made it disappointing was some kind of benchmark of the systems or the overall systems done, or that data shown. I think most viewers are highly interested in what was managed to be built and performs so without that, which everyone was expecting, was a let down. Also the release scheduling was a big problem regardless of reasoning, which I understand, for this video series missing the 1 per week target really knocks the flow and enjoyment of it and because of that other issues just get highlighted more due to the existing frustrations.


    Team play competition is interesting, I do like that just not as a replacement of system specs and performance data. The extra hosts/larger team and being allowed to work separately was good, hard on LMG as you mentioned, so maybe just set a limit of how many per team are allowed to be out (separately) of the build location at a time or throw in a wild card that 1 per team plus an open extra that either team can use but only one with a maximum time limit before they must be back and open that up again for use.


    I also think all team members must build their own system, not necessarily acquire the parts but they must build it.


    Give EP1 and EP2 a watch and see how you feel just about those, I personally thought they were good (going off memory, I'd have to re-watch again) but EP3 just did not feel like it tied the story up or competition. If it wasn't such a time drain I would suggest re-storyboard the third episode and re-edit it, throw in some benchmark data (probably impossible now) and evaluate the two different edits. I have no idea footage wise what you have to work with but maybe different scenes in the video with interviews of the contestants about their system (where you can overlay the system data) would help.


    For me like the first 12-15 minutes was fine however belonged in EP1/EP2, or make it 4 part series, then the rest was the real issue that story wise and presentation did not work. You know when you spend all that time putting stuff in to a cardboard box to carry away and then when you pick it up the bottom falls out, that's what this reminds me of. Lots of work, lots of good then....


    - added spoiler - @LogicalDrm

  2. basically. NVIDIA's features (especially NVENC which is awesome) have become part of our workflows for lots of things. It would take a significant performance advantage for AMD for me to consider foregoing the features NVIDIA offers for a personal build. YMMV.
  3. When your postal service is heavily subsidized to stimulate your export-based economy, you have these kinds of options. In Canada there *is* no 6-week option for $2 or we'd offer it. Sorry
  4. Ooh Look, Competition!


    1. amdorintel


      linus should be scared

  5. I bought a new gameing pc yesterday and I have my old one with both of the oc have windows 10.

    Is there anyway that I can get everything on my old PC on my new PC?

    1. Tristin
    2. Den-Fi


      Make a thread. That is the best way to get help. Make sure you are specific.

  6. No, it's because you derailed the conversation to talk about speedrunning lol. Anyway in response to the OP's question, BS1, then Infinite. I wouldn't recommend playing 2. It's basically the same game as 1, but without a soul. I was sooo bored.
  7. Check Inbox

  8. Are there people working for Linus Tech Tips all over the world?

    1. lewdicrous


      Not sure about LTT, but I think FP has some employees outside of Canada.

  9. Went from Stealth to new Stealth, ended up hating the keyboard. Using XPS 13 2-in-1 now and on the fence about not having a USB type A and an HDMI port...
  10. did you saw this video guys :( 

  11. I disagree the Pixel 4 is 'objectively worse'. For many people Apple's OS and business practices are back enough that they would consider a Pixel 4 to be a better option.. and having a chunk cut out of their display might be the final nail in the coffin. So we're left with "was the statement inflammatory to a misleading degree?". After reviewing again and taking community feedback, I decided it was. Sorry. All I can do is fix it at that point, but naturally another subset of the audience will be pissed off about that. The silent majority doesn't care about any of this... We react to it because we care about the general sentiment in our community because positivity and interacting with our awesome community is one of the best perks of our jobs and we want to make sure we protect it.
  12. The review contains both positive and negative components. Also, punctuation is important. For the 'corner cut' title, we added a question mark to reflect a question many of our viewers seemed to be asking about the Pixel 4 in the video comments. SEO/click-through optimization is more art than science, and we're constantly learning new things that work/don't work, and make people happy/piss them off. It's a super-fine balancing act. The first day of click-through on that video (~10%) was better than we've had in ages. But people were salty, so we've found new techniques that work, and a line that a portion of our community doesn't like crossed. That's good to know, and we'll file it away with the rest of what we've learned over the years.
  13. The title and thumbnail are designed to get people to watch the video. They are not the content. The title was changed because people accused us of using clickbait. I re-watched the video and felt like it was a fair criticism, so I changed it. The content inside the video didn't change. There's no psychological warfare going on here
  14. I wasn't aware of any of these issues, and the rest of the streamers we collaborated with were chosen by NVIDIA. Frankly I don't think any of this affects the results of our test, but I'm disappointed that Grimmmmz used copyright law for something other than what it was intended for. With that said, if someone was physically driving by my house honking their horn to interrupt my filming session (and potentially use the recording to dox me) I would certainly understand the temptation to use any means I could to get that clip pulled down.. I can see this one from both sides...