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  1. Linus Do you cheak abd reply to your messages if so please do read mine

  2. So , it has been a year snese you where suposed to releace the AIAIAI TMA-2 headphone review or that modular headphone review!


    Just a little PSA. Any time now!

  3. Trump Singles Source 1: ‘Make dating great again’: Trump singles site sees membership spike Is a dating site that matches Trump-supporting singles Has racked up almost 24,000 members since its official launch in June David Goss, the site’s founder, told that membership jumped by about 5,000 after Donald Trump’s election victory in November Another wave of new members has signed up Goss said “We have had five to six thousand in the last two-and-a-half days” Website now not available. AT&T Shuts Down 2G Network Source 1: OP: Kloaked Source 2: Source 3: AT&T announced on Jan 16th, 2017 that they’ve discontinued service on 2G wireless networks as of Jan 1, 2016 Looking to free up more spectrum for “future network technologies” Including 5G If you’re an owner of the original first-generation iPhone, it will no longer receive cellular service from the AT&T network iPhone First Generation Specification Screenshot Nintendo Signals the End for Wii U Source 1: Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo America, told Polygon that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would be the company’s final game for the device “We really are at the end of life for Wii U,” he said Gabe Newell Confirms New IP in the Half-Life/Portal Universe Source 1: OP: TopWargamer Source 2: Stated during his AMA on Reddit When someone asked about Halflife 3, Newell joked that “the number 3 must not be said,” but confirmed that Valve has at least one single player game in the works Saying “yes” when asked if the company was developing “any fully fledged single player games” When asked in a different thread if Valve would ever consider revisiting the Half-Life and Portal universe in a new game, Newell answered “It’s not Half-Life 3: confirmed, but it is possible Half-Life related game: not out of the question” Newell also stated the “We are continuing to use Source 2 as our primary game development environment” "Aside from moving Dota 2 to the engine recently, we are are using it as the foundation of some unannounced products. We would like to have everyone working on games here at Valve to eventually be using the same engine. We also intend to continue to make the Source 2 engine work available to the broad developer community as we go, and to make it available free of charge." In another answer, Newell said that Valve is designing VR games along with a “knuckles controller” Sentry SFF Case Breaks Indiegogo Goal in 12 Minutes Source 1: OP: darksable Source 2: Currently raised 809% of it’s funding goal, at $157,720 USD at the time of writing Indiegogo Page Seagate Closing One of its Largest HDD Manufacturing Plants Source 1: OP: NumLock21 Source 2: Seagate has confirmed they are closing up one of their largest plants Located in Suzhou, China Closure will significantly reduce the company’s HDD output Looking to optimize their production, reducing HDD production capabilities from 55-60 million HDDs per quarter, to around 35-40 million. Seagate will lay off approximately 2200 employees Unclear what Seagate will do with the facility once HDD production ceases ZTE Launch Kickstarter for new “Hawkeye” Concept Phone Source 1: OP: RKRiley Source 2: Source 3: Project CSX from ZTE hits Kickstarter Currently raised $32,861 USD so far, $500,000 goal. 29 days to go Offers a hands free experience Scrolling based on eye-tracking - pages can scroll automatically up and down or left to right based on movement Voice commands can be used to navigate between pages Sticks to walls and surfaces with self-adhesive case optional Product Specifications Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC 3GB RAM 5.5” Display 1920 x 1080 156.4 x 75.8 x 7.9mm 3000mAh battery 12MP + 13MP optical zoom PDAF rear camera 8MP front camera 32GB storage USB type C, 3.5mm audio, dual sim, nfc Android 7 nougat OS $199 USD Expected to ship Sep, 2017 Opera Neon, Opera’s New Concept Browser Source 1: OP: suicidalfranco Source 2: Source 3: Built on the same (Chromium-based) core as the regular version, but much different in terms of user interface and features Introduces new ways of managing websites, and experiments with long standing tabs along the top layout we’re all used to Includes desktop OS level features, including split-screen, message notifications, screenshot tool, built into Opera Neon as standard ‘Concept interface’ inflates tabs to visual bubbles and places them on the right-hand side of the window Will most likely bring features to Opera, if received well Opera Neon Video (1:03 Long) Adobe is Working on a Voice-Activated Digital Assistant that can edit Pictures for you Source 1: OP: Lacrimas Source 2: Adobe research team exploring what intelligent digital assistant photo editing might look like With Adobe Sensei they combined emerging science of voice interaction with understanding of the creative workflow Their speech recognition system is able to directly accept natural user voice instructions for editing either locally through on-device or through a cloud-based Natural Language understanding service Adobe says this is their first step towards a robust multimodal voice-based interface Video (0:30 Seconds Long) Reddit User Shows AM3 vs AM4 Mounting Plates - Seems to be backwards compatible Source 1: OP: goodtofufriday Source 2: Reddit post reads “If any of you want visual proof, here’s my EKWB AM4 mounting plate (black) Versus AM3 mounting plate (silver) Images ASRock Shows off a new SFF Motherboard Form Factor Source 1: OP: M.Yurizaki Source 2: ASRock Shows DeskMini GTX/RX, using Micro-STX Motherboard with MXM Support Specifications Picture Netflix’s Took a Gamble to Invest in Original Content, and it Paid Off Source 1: Hundreds of movies disappeared from Netflix over 2016, the result of their decision to end several key content deals with top studios and distributors Paving the way for them to create more original content Firm said it produced 600 hours of original programming in 2016 - and intends to raise that to about 1,000 hours in 2017 Budget to achieve that is $6 billion - $1 billion more than last year Netflix added 7.05 million new subscribers in the last three months of 2016 Ended 2016 with 93.8 million subscribers in total Expect to break 100 million by the end of march Netflix also added that any weakening of net neutrality laws would not affect its business in any significant way But stressed that it would hinder competition across the board Nexdock turns Intel’s Compute Card into a 2-in-1 Laptop Source 1: OP: Dawson Wehage Source 2: Turn a credit card computer into a full laptop Intel announced the Computer Card at CES 2017 Essentially a full computer, complete with CPU, GPU, and wireless connectivity Designed to let hardware manufacturers easily add computer internals to smart devices All built around a single, upgradeable standard The new Nexdock is one of the first products we’ve seen announced that looks to take advantage of the Intel Compute Card Company is listed as one of Intel’s regional partners for the Compute Card Nexdock Nexdock is a touchscreen device with two slots on the side One for the Compute Card, which contains the “computer” of the device One for a larger, custom USB-C module for swapping in and out ports and battery life as the situation requires Device can be converted into different form factors using keyboard and kickstand accessories Nex Computer hopes that by separating the OS and processor from the rest of the hardware, will help prolong the lifespan of the computer and help reduce environmental impact Compute Card won’t be available until mid-2017, and the modular Nexdock only exists in computer renderings with no price of release date estimates Product Page (Rumor) Google will Reportedly Launch Android One in the US Source 1: Report from “The Information” claims that Google is going to bring its cheap smartphone initiative, Android One, to the US Android One was originally created for developing markets like India The line started out with $100 devices, with a second generation moving up to the $200 range According to the leak, the US devices will be slightly more expensive Releases for between the $200 - $300 USD range The Information wasn’t sure which OEM might make the phone Floated on LG as a possible partner About 700 Microsoft Employees will be laid off next week, Sources say Source 1:
  4. Your opinion is duly noted, but there is plenty of evidence to support my position as well
  5. We see it this way: We we make good content and we want people to watch it. For some reason more people watch if we make a silly face in the thumbnail. So..... I guess we will play the game.
  6. Yes, we were hoping to get away with ambient cooling in there, but summers have been.. hotter than usual in Vancouver and once we added the big UPS it became unmanageable. We have a dedicated AC unit for that room now. Part of the plan for the future is also to line the room with acoustic material so that we can get rid of some of the background hum in our videos. Baby steps..
  7. Because the room above it is the stairs The server room sits under a wider-than-normal staircase up to the top level. The big room upstairs has 3 people in it now, and in the future the plan is to add more.
  8. Hi guys,
    So I built my first build 3 days ago out of parts from Microcenter. Everything was working fine, I downloaded Windows 10 Pro today and everything seemed to work just fine. I left GTA V and Google Chrome running and I put my computer to sleep for about an hour. When I came back, I pressed my keyboard and tried to wake it from sleep. All of the fans turned on, the few LEDs turned on, but then it all shut down, and I can't power it back on.
    My mouse which has an LED in it is lit up when plugged in, the green light on the mobo lights up when plugged in. When I try to boot, nothing happens. Everything was working fine earlier this afternoon, and I can't seem to fix the problem.
    Specs: i5 6500 Asus z170 mobo of some kind Gigabyte RX 470 (bought used, excellent condition) 2x8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport Ram Toshiba 240 gb ssd/toshiba 1tb hdd Some corsair carbide case.
    If you have any questions/need more info/a picture, please ask, I'm really frustrated as this is my first build, every game ran perfectly and now I'm stuck with this.

    1. TommyW2061


      start troubleshooting, theres loads of vids on how to troubleshoot correctly, IMO start with taking out your graphics card and start the computer up then. (with the hdmi cable directly into the motherboard. JayZtwocents recently made a vid on how to troubleshoot. i'd recommend you watch that...


      also, why the Z170 when you have no overclockable CPU? just wondering.


      hope i helped

  9. Hey Linus, I was wondering if you can make a video about replacing the regular black tubes from an AIO CPU cooler with your own clear flex tubing. If you can do it with a custom loop, you should be able to do it to a AIO.
    1. bossman1


      He will never read this.

  10. Does a dual core gaming CPU make sense?? We sure didn't think so but... Buy Core i7 7350K on Amazon:
  11. Main News Topics Nintendo Switch: Debuts March 3rd @ $299 USD Source 1: OP: AluminiumTech Source 2: Source 3: OP: shermantanker Coming March 3rd, will retail at $299 USD Comes with the dock, left and right Joy-con controller Can get a bundle with a blue and red joy-con controller The “Pro” controller will cost $69.99 USD Zelda: Breath of the Wild announced as launch title Polygon’s listing of launch titles, or launch window titles Not a lot of stuff 1-2-Switch is a launch title as well Comes with a bunch of mini-games Some third party games confirmed, but not many Specifications 6.2-inch, 720p multi touch display, running at a 1280x720 resolution when used in handheld mode 32GB of onboard memory Expandable via microSD cards Games will come in the form of physical GameCards Visual of GameCard Nintendo advertising between 2.5 and 6 hours of battery life Switch uses a USB-C connection for charging Can connect to internet through 802.11ac Wi-Fi Can connect up to eight switch consoles at once for local multiplayer Product Page LINUS STEALS RAZER PROJECT VALERIE?!? Source 1: Evidence #1: Evidence #2: Evidence #3: Cool Stuff from CES? Luke? FLOATPLANE CLUB (PUT LINK IN DESCRIPTION) Rapid Fire Norway Becomes the First Country to Kill FM Radio Source 1: OP: DatSpeed Source 2: Source 3: Only a quarter of cars on the road are equipped for the switch Norway has started switching off FM transmitters as of Jan 11, 2017 Becoming the first in the world to dump the 80-year-old standard Switching over to Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) Will give citizens more stations, better coverage, program time-shifting and more Majority of people are against the transition “We are simply not ready for this year,” MP Ib Thompson told Reuters Reportedly costs between $120 - $230 USD for a DAB car radio adapter DAB has been running alongside FM in Norway since 1995 Nokia 6, Nokia’s First Android Smartphone is Official Source 1: OP: Daring Source 2: Features 4GB of RAM Snapdragon 430 64GB of onboard storage microSD support 16MP main camera 3,000mAh battery 5.5 inch display, 1920x1080 resolution Android Nougat OS Launching in China ~$245 USD Will go on sale ‘in early 2017’ Available exclusively through retailer HDMI 2.1 Announces at CES Source 1: Includes support for 4K at 120fps, or 8k at 60fps. Dynamic HDR metadata Final spec to be announced in Q2, 2017 Maximum data transfer rate of 48 Gbps 48Gbps - PICTURE US Army Wants Biodegradable Bullets that Sprout Plans Source 1: Source 2: US army seeking proposals for biodegradable training ammunition over environmental concerns Solicitation was posted on the Small Business Innovation Research program website in late November Explains “Currently the US Army manufactures and consumes hundreds of thousands of training rounds. These rounds are fired at proving grounds and training ranges in the United States and around the world” Materials in current training rounds need ‘hundreds of years or more to biodegrade’, according to the solicitation 'The US Army Corps of Engineers' Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) has demonstrated bioengineered seeds that can be embedded into the biodegradable composites and that will not germinate until they have been in the ground for several months.' Consumer Reports Now Recommends the Macbook Pro Source 1: New Apple software fixes a battery issue found in CR tests Update released Jan 9, 2017 With the updated software, Consumer Reports that one model of the MacBook Pro lasted 18.75 hours on one charge Now that this has been fixed, all three of Consumer Reports machines fall within the recommended range in their rankings Slack Brings Their App to Windows Store for PCs Source 1: OP: AluminiumTech Source 2: Now available to download from the Windows Store Looks to be a straight conversion of the desktop app that’s already available Features Screenshot Chrysler Pulls a VW, Cheats Emissions Tests Source 1: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says Chrysler is violating the Clean Air Act Alleging it installed software in some of its diesel vehicles that increased emissions beyond what the company claimed EPA says "light-duty model year 2014, 2015 and 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Ram 1500 trucks with 3.0 liter diesel engines sold in the United States" are releasing excess nitrogen oxide emissions. They allege approximately 104,000 vehicles were covered in the claim VW’s controversy covered nearly 500,000 cars Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is denying wrongdoing at this time (RUMOR) 1080ti Possible PAX East Release? Source 1: OP: RKRiley Source 2: WCCFTech reporting this Say the info comes from an employee from a NVIDIA AIB partner A Facebook Project that uses Brain Waves to Communicate? Source 1: OP: SydneySideSteveSomewheres Source 2: New research division is developing “brain-computer interface” technology Several recent job postings by Facebook’s Building 8 group describe a project involving “neuroimaging” and “electrophysical data” to create a “communications platform of the future” An open position for a brain-computer interface engineer seeks a Ph.D. in neuroscience who can help with a related project from “inception to product” over a two-year period Job Posting “One day, I believe we’ll be able to send full rich thoughts to each other directly using technology,” Zuckerberg said during a June 2015 Q&A Other listings seek engineers who can develop “novel non-invasive neuroimaging technologies” and create “realistic and immersive haptic experiences” Facebook has poached Regina Dugan from Google in April 2016 to spearhead the new Building 8 team Little is known about “Building 8”, aside from its broad mission to develop consumer hardware products that advance Facebook’s mission of “connecting the world” Before Google, Regina Dugan was the director for the U.S. Government's Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA
  12. Soundcloud Link: Rapid Fire LINUS - Rant About Mobility and Performance in Laptops, and big bulky laptops removing the mobility part Acer Predator 21 - Razer Valerie - Blackberry Mercury Smartphone Hands On Dell Announces 8K Display Along Slew of new Monitors New HDMI 2.1 Spec includes support for Dynamic HDR, 8K Resolution, and more Qualcomm says 5G is the Biggest Thing Since Electricity Bitcoin Lost $3 Billion in Market Value in 40 Minutes LG Abandons the Modular Smartphone After One Model,lg-abandons-the-modular-smartphone-after-just-one-model.aspx AMD Confirms all Ryzen CPUs are Overclockable + Not Just Octacore Available at Launch HTC Announces Viveport - Subscription Based VR Service Intel - Credit Card sized PC CES 2017: LG fridge is powered by Amazon’s Alexa Thousands of People are Watching Two Google Homes Argue With Each Other on Twitch Vine Will Shut Down for Good this Month AMD Announces “FreeSync 2” OP: HKZeroFive
  13. Has Intel pushed performance ahead in the last 10 years? Let's take a look! Buy on Amazon: