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  1. I loved Deus Ex, I thought the storyline was relevant to the theme didn't really strike me as silly or illogical...
  2. I've found that the torrents you get from a place think it was like the... Steam Market or something? Are solid Just kidding, are you looking for like, proper skins or UV maps of existing skins?
  3. i5 3470 - 77W TDP 10Gb DDR3 RAM (1x 8gb, 1x 2Gb) WD Blue 7200rpm 1TB HDD Gigabyte Z77M-D3H ASUS R9 270 DirectCU II OC - Up to 150W TDP Fractal Design Define R4 (2x 140mm Silent Series R2 fans) Seasonic M12II 620W Pretty basic question here, if I were to add an additional ASUS R9 270 (NOT A 270X) how would my system fair? Im worried the psu might just be a little bit too small but it is a Seasonic unit & is regarded as a high quality unit. I did some math myself & the draw at max would be about 490W if my knowledge of components is correct (2x 150W, 77W, 80W for the mot
  4. You pointed out the fact that he's from Aussie in the first post and said yourself the prices are crap so obviously he couldnt. Hes said hes had a custom built PC for 8 years so I would assume OP knows what hes doing & would weigh up the options before saying anything. The latest gen hardware is offering alot of good things right now. He can go into the shop, spend $500 ish bucks and walk out with an Xbox One with Gta V, gold etc & have a great time. I spent $1000 on my build but used to play Xbox & Xbox 360. Moved over because Im going into a career in IT, have played PC ga
  5. All of you guys are major assholes, If he cant afford the PC then why bash him for going to a Xbox no amount of builds will fix the fact he can't afford a PC.
  6. Quit being dicks guys, it may not be useful yet but its an awesome step closer to true real life detail in photos.
  7. Yeah but the ricey ness was the style of the game, cant change that. I used to think it was coo las a kid but I prefer way cleaner cars now. I still hate having to widebody kit my cars to get the game done but I can always take it off
  8. AMD has the mid range on lock down, thats about it. I brought a 270 for my pc and in NZ I would of spent atleast another $100 on a equal nvidia... Kinda stupid. Also GTX 970s cost 600+ in NZ.
  9. Nah fuck that the only point to playing Underground was the ridiculous Widebody kit FWD Civic, 4 subs in the back, amps, neons, useless spoiler but it can go 250+ Kmh
  10. It means its been pinned at 100% usage bascially all its life because some idiot thought it was a top idea to "mine" coins when ASIC miners exist