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  1. Hey James, I have some kryonaut also but was looking for best cooling available. When I say tin I mean thin metal (steel), sorry NZ term. Liquid metal on steel should be fine yes?
  2. Hey I know putting LM on alloy is a no no but what about this tin and copper heatsink on my laptop? The GPU has a tin plate in middle of copper heat pipes.
  3. Go liquid metal all the way for best results. If you follow Linus or Gamer Nexus guide then you should be ok, just be very very careful and tape or cover parts around CPU when applying.
  4. I also found this thread but its still a bit confusing as to the correct information.
  5. Hey guys I have an older laptop that has HDMI running off the Intel 4600 HD integrated adapter that's plugged into my Samsung 4K television. My question is, I can only get 30p at 4K resolution, now will this be because my HDMI version is only 1.2 or is this a limitation of the integrated graphics? I'm also not sure what version HDMI my laptop has but am assuming its 1.2.... Any help or advice is appreciated Laptop Model: PSKLNA-00V001 - TOSHIBA SATELLITE L50-A00V