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  1. You'll need to clarify on what you mean by " trying to make all of them work without actually using 5.1" If you are implying you want to use a 2 channel source to played duplicated on the rear and front channels, just use the single green cable and disconnect the other 3. The speakers themselves have a little up mix mode some people may or may not like. Another version would be a simple upmix by the driver without any weird stuff that is done by the hardware itself. This will depend if your audio driver will allow it, connect all 3 cables and set the channel output to 2 channel only.
  2. Been using the windows one for the last 3 years, don't see myself installing another one anytime soon
  3. I bought a HDR monitor only to find out my laptop doesn't have this voltage control thingy even though the GPU technically supports it, but the manufacturer didn't put that in. After I got in touch with Intel support that was the conclusion we came up with, told me to go talk to Asus to confirm this, but at this point I wasted enough time on it, might just be a simple problem in your case, I'd keep digging
  4. Apparently my intel driver doesn't support HDR, nor does newer versions. The laptop's website doesn't have a specific intel driver for it either
  5. I was really disappointed in google letting a no headphone jack trend as being more important than pure functionality.
  6. Personally I wouldn't either, the first I'd do is go to the setting and turn the black bar on top lol What I find amusing is the fact they they still use a LCD screen. Issue with the G7, I know it'll do the job fine for another year or 2, but it's starting to get tiring with the same old brand and nothing improving over the years, LG created their own software update division last year I think, still don't see any results of that
  7. Honestly, you just pointed out the important question, I am looking for a change, try out a different company, something with many features as possible, AKA Note 9 fits the bill in my budget. Thanks for reminding me of my objective lol I was looking at the s10e, because it felt like a safe bet as it's very similar to the G8 which is newer, the side fingerprint sensor was something I really loved on one of Sony's older phone. Note 9 is still overall pretty packed, with a huge battery too, regarding the telephoto will be nice change creativity wise from a wide angle, besides I can always use an actual camera if I am feeling too finicky. Thanks again! I'll keep my eye out for the Note 9 or Pixel 3 during this black friday (Randomly threw in the pixel even though it has a single camera, their polished software and really quick update is a huge yes for me)
  8. Mainly because newer processor the 855 and it has the wide angle lens while the note 9 has the telephoto instead. I kinda got used to having a super wide lens on my current phone. I could also just move to the G7 and spend half the price, it's like $180 on koodo on tab and if I sell my current phone, will likely get 120ish back, will be fine for another 2 years lol Won't be able to try something new going that route, lg doesn't seem to change much in the G series. my favourite improvement from the G5 to the G6 was the literal downgrade in the front camera
  9. My number one reason for moving on to samsung is that they now have wide angle lenses and proper frequent update history compared to LG. My last 3 phones were LG phones, because of their value proposition, but it's always the same story after a year passes, starts to get sluggish and updates are yearly for the most part with barely any new added features. Not really big on multitasking, but I love the whole no compromise approach the note 9 has compared to the note 10. The only thing, that makes me want to consider the s10e is the snapdragon 855 being the newer revision and has wide angle lens as the second camera compared to the note 9 having the telephoto I barely find myself using
  10. Same with my current phone, it's just that the 3rd party camera apps can't seem to properly utilized the camera, find myself taking picture with the camera app and uploading it manually. Not to mention they all use the center for both focus and metering, it's pretty inconvenient
  11. Stylus comes in handy when posting stories from time to time, never really used a curved screen phone in the past. Heard as nice as they look, there aren't that practical. My current phone has a bulky spigen case on it, will likely get the same case again, not really worried about how slippery the phone is. Last thing is, the reason I said provided the price is same, will be getting either of them refurbished from my carrier (Noticed the ads lately and they both come around the same price) Note 9 seems like a better buy if I can find one during december
  12. Provided the price was the same. I have been wanting to move on from my LG G6, it's sluggishness is getting to me, but I still want the wide angle camera and more importantly a headphone jack which both provide. Random question apart from that, people who own either of the phone, do instagram, messenger, snapchat camera app work horribly?
  13. Would this be a good surface go alternative for note taking and PDF as its primary use?
  14. Will probably get that if my G402 ever decides to die, logitech got my trust over the years with the random stuff I bought from them over the years and also support I received with stuff that had issues