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  1. Do corsair sell the white textured keycaps separate like they do with the original reds? Cant find anything online about it, If anyone has any information please share
  2. Matsy

    Corsair 2100

    So is there a way to convert 3.5mm or RCA to USB via a powered adapter or something?
  3. Matsy

    Corsair 2100

    This wireless headset is USB Is it possible to use a female USB to 3.5mm (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-5mm-Male-Audio-AUX-Jack-to-USB-2-0-Type-A-Female-OTG-Converter-Adapter-Lead-/371427237487) connect the cable to a TV 3.5mm jack and use them that way?
  4. Stupid question but I've been looking around google for awhile now and cant seem to find anything that gives me a straight answer Circle bowl (need to know if its big enough before I order it) with dimensions 93(H)x 156(Ø)mm What is the width of that?
  5. As i said there's nothing there. Played around qith all settings.
  6. I use my TV speakers atm (I know, I know....working on it) I have dual audio video files (2.0 and 5.1) How do I make kodi auto default to 5.1? Nothing in the setting that I can find.
  7. Well...thats stupid. Opera experiment over I guess, shame, was liking it. thanks.
  8. So what about Opera 31? Did they just get rid of the entire skin/appearance thing so you are forced to have white on top?
  9. Wanted to change the skin of Opera (trying it out( to a dark skin like http://flesheatingbug.deviantart.com/art/Nautical-Skin-Dark-theme-for-Opera-360450655 or similar. However, I cant find any way to add this to Opera 31.00 (the current version). The top is all white, I cant deal with that. Cant find anything to with skin changes or anything. Any assistance?
  10. Atm I have a clean install of openelec on it, yes everything works (the default confluence skin) Whether or not I go in via SSH with WinSCP or by USB dongle, I still cant make any changes to the folders inside. Just get permission denied each time. Right clicking on the file it doesn't show as read-only though. This is the SD-CARD with all files on This is what happens I go into the SYSTEM.file (this is where everything is located) and I try to copy something to it. The place I need to paste the files is in F:\SYSTEM\usr\share\kodi\addons\skin.confluence, but I just get the above error
  11. Bump, tested Rasbian, doesnt work cant get into skin.confluence folder. Anyone have a way to make openelec not-read only?
  12. Dunno how to use Raspbian, google isnt very good either for it. I would imagine it would have slower boot times and would only be beneficial if I could go into the skin.confluence via a My Computer type thing same as windows and copy/replace files.
  13. How am I supposed to tell that? I'm using WinSCP to open the files. The only thing that comes up when I try to copy is Permission Denided Error code 3 Error message from server; Permission denied Cannot overwrite remote file As far as I can tell, its because the entire file system is read only. Google isnt any help.
  14. Trying to add http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=82065 to my raspberry pi's xbmc setup. I've tried OSMC and openelec, you have to copy the files to the skin.confluence folder via SSH However both of these are read only when connecting and will not let me add the files to the confluence folder... Is there any way around this to make it not read-only?