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    Techology, Books, Science, and games.
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    X99a Raider
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    4x4gb DDR4 Patriot ram
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    MSI Gaming X GTX 1070 Core 2063 Memory 4622
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    CM storm
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    Adata s510 120gb ssd/ 2 HDDs
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    Coolermaster gx650
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    H236HL BID 1080p / Acer 1440x900
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    Hyper 212, corsair sp120s, and a big fan that sits next to my pc
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    Corsair k90
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    Corsair m90
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    onboard/ logitech g35
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    Windows 7.

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  1. This is really neat in my opinion. I like these kinds of hardware hacks. Pretty sure this cant be done with HBM as it's on the dye of the GPU itself, or right next to it.
  2. I bet FB has an account on you even though you dont have an account. They still have their marketing profile on you.
  3. A massive chin with a cut out in the screen. Seems like a perfect use of space to use the chin on bottom for all the sensors and Front Facing Camera to be in the chin.
  4. Gta 4 on pc before the patch a couple years ago was so hard to run. 5820k and a 1080 and I couldnt even do 4k. On a 12 year old game. I think I was getting under 60fps at 1440p.
  5. I'm probably gonna switch to AMD Strictly for the number of times Intel changes sockets. That is laughable.
  7. I just want a Windows phone again. If I could put windows on my Note 9 I'd be happy. Yeah, itd probably suck but I like things like that.
  8. I have a 4s that I forgot the password to. Am I boned?
  9. Didnt the 8800 Ultra launch at $999 like 10 ir 12 years ago? $500 more than that isnt much including inflation. I mean it's a crap ton of money for a GPU but I still want one lol.
  10. It was more negligence on my part. But my first pc was some Gateway with a Pentium 4 in the 775 socket. I was maybe 10 or 11 at the time and I took the entire pc apart. And I stuck my finger into the pins on the Mobo and ruined it. Luckily my father took me to frys and that's when I re built my first PC with a new motherboard. My father was amazed I was able to get it back together at that age.
  11. No pin. No chip. That's insane to have on any debit or credit card. Apple is too funny. My credit card had a chip and I think it has a pin. I havent used it in a year.
  12. I have spare parts to build like 10 PCs. I got most my parts from upgrading old PCs, building new PCs for people and them giving me their old one, motherboard upgrades, etc. You can build up a nice collection in 10 plus years like I have. Altho I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff lately.
  13. Refresh the Shield Portable line.. that's the only shield device I've ever had any interest in. And they discontinued it after 1 product like 5 plus years ago.