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    Techology, Books, Science, and games.
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    X99a Raider
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    4x4gb DDR4 Patriot ram
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    MSI Gaming X GTX 1070 Core 2063 Memory 4622
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    CM storm
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    Adata s510 120gb ssd/ 2 HDDs
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    Coolermaster gx650
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    H236HL BID 1080p / Acer 1440x900
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    Hyper 212, corsair sp120s, and a big fan that sits next to my pc
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    Corsair k90
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    Corsair m90
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    onboard/ logitech g35
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    Windows 7.

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  1. If I can solder on some ram chips to double the ram in my original Xbox...(Has the pads there already) I wonder if that can be done here. Soldering on more or higher density ram. As long as you can find the ram, I dont see why it isnt doable. Iirc there are guys that have replaced all the memory chips on a GPU to go to Samsung from another manufacturer or something like that.
  2. Yeah, it was basically called the GTX 580. If there really were others on the forum with this spec 480 on here that's cool, I didn't see those posts.
  3. Microsoft did that to themselves at the launch of the Xbox one. Then they backpedaled and did a complete 720.
  4. Are they starting this in April or effective immediately? Cause I just got a video to do 1080p auto. But if this was 2 weeks every video would be 480p lol....
  5. I remember a story of Nuclear Submarines still using computer hardware from the 80s and 90s. But this is bad. And these breaches are only going to get worse. I mean Equifax wasnt that long ago.. and still nothing has really changed.
  6. I hope they dont do this for diablo 2. It's rare for a remaster/remake to be better than the original. Didnt luke say on wan show that they broke Bnet for Vaniilla Warcraft 3?
  7. Apple wont let this bill pass. Apple's Congress critters will shit this bull out. The Under 21 is a huge market for apple, Samsung, and all these other Phone Manufacturers. They're not gonna let their profits suffer from a bill like this passing. If it's for driving only, sure. But not a blanket ban on phones.
  8. My life in gaming has a lot of stuff that may help. Look up My Life In Gaming PS2.
  9. Like luke said in the Wan Show. How can it get a 9/10 if you cant replace the SSD? its tied to the motherboard with its T2 security chip that only the Geniuses can fix. But it is still nice to see apple making their computers more serviceable. The old Mac from the mid 2000s was sooo nice. This is better lol
  10. The real shocker to me is that Amazon bought twitch in 2014. Feels like just yesterday that happened.
  11. This is really neat in my opinion. I like these kinds of hardware hacks. Pretty sure this cant be done with HBM as it's on the dye of the GPU itself, or right next to it.
  12. I bet FB has an account on you even though you dont have an account. They still have their marketing profile on you.
  13. A massive chin with a cut out in the screen. Seems like a perfect use of space to use the chin on bottom for all the sensors and Front Facing Camera to be in the chin.