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  1. Why would anyone want to mine crypto on their phone in the first place?
  2. Sure its better but running at 96 degrees under load. Yikes.
  3. Not supported by the switch. And far from all games are supported on virtual console anyway.
  4. Mojave have automatic updates though. Atleast you can opt out.. For now.
  5. Once a week. So episode 2 was released on floatplane when episode 1 hit youtube.
  6. Flying cars is a cool concept and could solve several issues. But considering how many dangerous idiots and morons exists with regular boring cars I'd take a hard pass.
  7. LTT is pretty fond of their angle grinder. Should do the job quite well. @AlexTheGreatish get to work!
  8. Yeah but that's what I was getting at. Why would the UK have different materials in their switches? Is it possible the switches just got fed up with all the "it's coming home" crap and just cracked from frustration?? Also Nintendo actually responded and claimed they haven't received a notable numbers of inquiries on the matter. That might be total bs but for the time beeing I'm gong with that.
  9. Why would only the UK market be affected though? I don't think the UK have a completely different SKU than the rest of the world.
  10. Why can't we just call 4k 4k and 8k 8k and be done with it?
  11. I'd take this poll with a grain of salt. People with the cracks are far more likely to have answered. Meanwhile people without the issue might never have heard of this. I'm one of those people. That said the dock is pretty interesting. There is vents at the bottom of the switch but the dock blocks one of them and the other one is pretty obstructed with the back flap closed. The cracks seem to all be on the side where the vent is blocked off. Most of the cracked switches seem to have the cracks located on that side of the console.
  12. Oh I re-read the article and was about to edit my comment with a "nvm" because it clearly talks about searches not beeing tracked. Still not sure what the usecase for this mode really is.. But I never go outside my techtuber sublist anyway
  13. Only home and trending huh.. So you won't be able to use the search function? What on earth could home and trending offer that warrants incognito mode?
  14. Sad part is that kill list isn't complete. Maxis is missing.
  15. Is it one hour without any possibility to change it or is it one hour default and possible to adjust it yourself? Like you can set the phone lock to 30 secs, 1min, 5min etc? @DrMacintosh have you tried out the update or read anything about this? Currently running the ios beta so cant try it our for myself.
  16. I'm curious to who would actually fall for this. If you gonna crypto, you should atleast have some basic knowledge of computers. Not mindlessly running unknown script, especially with sudo, is like terminal 101 lesson one. But I have probably too much faith in people..
  17. Considering how the question is asked. How many inches your display is don't matter. The resolution is what's important. Like if your graphics card is able to provide steady 60fps at 1920x1080 resolution on a 19' display, it will provide 60fps at 1920x1080 on a 65' display.
  18. I am a fan of the warcraft lore. But the movie is only decent if I ignore all previous knowledge about warcraft. They shit on the established lore so bad with that one.
  19. How the hell would Facebook have access to my credit card transactions??
  20. Yes. Kyle did a livestream from floatplane right around the time bitwit launched on floatplane iirc.
  21. Yeah that button binding thing in Razer Synapse can do many things.. Create macros for example. Which he obviously created if said commands requires more than one button to be pressed... Not sure how this is tech news though.
  22. The modern rgb-craze started with the release of the Corsair K70 RGB in September or August 2014. Corsair had an exclusive deal for the cherry mx rgb switches for the first six months if I remember correctly. Corsair also released some other peripherals with rgb around this time, M65 RGB was one of them. Around the same time razer started their chroma lineup with the blackwidow chroma, Kraken chroma and deathadder chroma. When corsair exclusivity deal with Cherry expired every manufacturer cherry-faithful released a keyboard with the new rgb switches. After that things have been ramping up every year, with more and more things getting rgb. Everything from sensible things like keyboard backlight to 24pin power-cables and logos on the back of monitors...
  23. You honestly think they didnt know about these issues back in 2016? You are claiming this a new issue. No it isn't. This is a issue that have been affecting a lot of people all the way back to the introduction of the new keyboard in 2015. You don't think apple engineers look on what issues a laptop was serviced for? They knew about this for years. But they took their time to release a extended warranty program for it. Years actually. What I'm getting at.. This is NOT a new issue and apple did NOT release a free repair program quickly.
  24. If you're not an old-school gabber I'm surprised if you can endure the entire song
  25. No.. The issue did not pop up recently. I had my MB 12" keyboard replaced due to sticky keys back in 2016.. And I wasn't alone in this back then. Difference is that the warranty covered it back then..