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    Gaming especially on PC
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    I want to get a degree in Computer Technologies and a bit of Programming, other wise I'm good at gaming I will start a yt channel(JK) . Moreover I'm a good guy ,willing to help anyone , and I make pancakes.
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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600 @3,7GHz
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4@2999Mhz
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    Asus GeForce GTX1050 Ti 4GB Strix OC @1966Mhz
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    Thermaltake Core V21
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    298GB TOSHIBA MK3252GSX ,1863GB Western Digital WDC WD20EZRZ-00Z5HB0
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    Corsair CX 450M
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    Samsung C32F391 32"(1920x1080@60Hz)
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    AMD Stock
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    Motospeed CK104
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    Razer Deathadder Chroma
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    Custom Hi-Fi,Corsair Void Pro RGB USB White
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    Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview 64-bit

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  1. oh wow thank you , is that a software i need to buy/download and set it up , or i can do this with windows .(sorry im really not good with sound settings)
  2. nope the exact opposite, with low frequency protection the bass was lower and came only through the subwoofer (and not both subwoofer and speakers) and the bass was lower at normal levels . Basically im trying to find a way to manually enable this enchantment , i have searched online and found nothing
  3. maybe some configuration inside windows control panel , go to project and select duplicate it might work (worked with my laptop on my TV screen)
  4. im not pulling audio from my monitor anymore, it can be loud but usually i operate the speakers at 2-20% audio volume, its pretty clean and crisp very good quality especially for movies and music( i use my headphones for games) but there is tooooooo much bass and (its doesnt bothering me too much but surely my mom does xD)
  5. Hello there, I have been using an overpowered subwoofer (like those in live concerts) and i have it for my PC(i really like audio quality at max). My speakers are really good (2 Sharp ones in front and 2 Samsung in the back linked to a sharp Hi-Fi). On my old monitor i have been using the "low frequency protection" enchantment in the sound settings, but since i got a new monitor whenever the sound is "too low" (like the start of a music track) the speakers "turn off" (the monitor manages to not send any signal to the speakers , for power saving maybe) so i switched to the audio output of my PC and there is no such enchantment for that audio source and i needed to lower the bass from the EQ but im not satisfied from the result. Anyone has any idea how to get/enable low frequency protection or any solution to that? (plus virtual sound and loudness equalization)
  6. Thnx for responding i will test it and update the topic
  7. So i have a Msi B350 artic mortar MoBo and a R5 1600 (at stock clocks and Auto voltage) Yesterday i check for a bios update and i found one. I downloaded it and flashed it all going normal. I read that memory compatibility was improved so i tried to overclock my RAM even further that before (It didnt post above 2800Mhz). I set my voltage to 1.4V and tried 2966Mhz(worked fine),3000(worked fine),3066(worked fine) and 3200(worked fine at the begging). So i log on to windows , i check my memory speed on Task Manager,i see 3200 Mhz i was like Hell Yeah, i open chrome and stuff then BSOD (or green screen since im on a Insider Build). I check the BSOD error code ,its ram, so i put it back to 3000Mhz (it working even better than before , i saw a 5% cinebench score boost). So my question is should i set the voltage higher (1.45V-1.47V) or should i stay where i am? (all the specifications of my PC are on my profile)(sorry for my english btw) Thanks to anyone that will help <3
  8. Thank you so much ,anyway its in 8 months so i might change my mind
  9. Yeah i just updated it . i was planning to water cool my GPU too (its included in the price above).Thnx for repling
  10. Hello, I would like to ask If its worth to go full water cool on my new pc (but like in 8 Months). I looked at EK's website and did the configurator thing and it showed around 400 Euros (which i will have hopefully). And its like pump,tubes,fans,radiator like the full package.I wanted to do it long ago. Im interested in overclocking but in the same time the overall picture of the PC (i dont mind extra noise so much). So should i wait till then and make it beautiful or go for a Air cooler instead ?
  11. My gpu is like 1% usage (it's normal for me) the problem is the cpu,also I'm running an insider version of Windows (I'm an insider) so maybe it's a windows problem. If I don't see any changes to the next build I will do a clean installation
  12. It's a bit difficult to do a clean installation atm , is it possible to remove a mining virus, if yes how?I am currently doing an offline scan and some other scans with Malwarebytes to insure I don't have anything else. Could you guide me from here?
  13. It's usually windows apps and I see that the task manager uses 35-40% which is insane
  14. Hi, I have a system with an R5 1600 overclocked at 3.9. I stressed the CPU and the overclock was fine ,my temps were below 75 C°. The thing is sitting at idle (like no game just 2 programs opened) I open the task manager and I see the CPU usage at 96% or above that constantly,and the programs that are opened don't oven use the CPU (like 1%).Is it a problem of the overclock?Is it normal? Also the temps at idle are around 45 C° , which I don't find normal for the cooling I provide
  15. After some thinking I have these options (the 8 GB is single slot setup) numbers is the price in euros in my contry