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    Ryzen 1600X
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    G.Skill Tridentz RGB 2x8GB 3200Mhz CL16-18-18-38
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    MSI R9 290 4G
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  1. Crashing usually indicated a stability issue. Have you updated the drivers for your gpu and/or cpu? A overclock can also cause the issue. Try going back to stock for a bit and see if the issue persists.
  2. Usually the red color means that the motherboard can't communicate with the cpu. It is either the motherboard or cpu that had a heart attack from the power outage. As the other person said start with resetting the cmos but other than that I would try swapping parts looking for damage..
  3. Run the pump @ 100% and modulate the noise via the fans, way more efficient.
  4. I experience this issue aswell. Still don't know what it is but I think it something windows/ryzen related.
  5. A lot of cases have the issue where the pci-e for the cpu does not fit through the hole. You should however check if the collision is the case or motherboard as some motherboard will interfere with the hole, you might need to remove the motherboard to make it fit. Else cable extensions are a option as they could be individually sleeved.
  6. I would also suspect a driver issue. What do you mean by physical slider?
  7. Usually if I have intermittent issues with BSOD's I do a new clean windows install because if windows is the issue the likelihood of finding the issue is like finding a needle in a haystack. If that does not fix it I would try to isolate the problem using safe mode or swapping/removing parts.
  8. Basically it says something about the VRM of a motherboard. Usually more = better for overclocking for stabilization. Techquickie did a video on it and Gamersnexus has a great readup on it: https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/1229-anatomy-of-a-motherboard-what-is-a-vrm-mosfet?showall=1
  9. It affects the rigidity of the chassis. I would try to fix it as it might end up damaging the lcd if you twist the screen torsionally.
  10. I honestly wouldn't upgrade your ram before your cpu, but the cpu you mentioned is not really a significant upgrade. (you could even try to overclock it to x5690, it overclocks pretty well) So considering that, if you are running out of memory I would upgrade that first. Memory speed is not really beneficial for an old Xeon as it might be for a current ryzen cpu. The first upgrade is probably an other cpu than you mentioned. (and ram as you might need to upgrade to DDR4)
  11. Thank you. got me on the right trail. Looked up some models and it seems like an old JVC/alpine CD changer unit used in my E34.
  12. This cable was found in the back of my car I just bought. Next to it were some RCA cables so I suspect something related to a subwoofer install. Might be fibreglass even? Does anybody know what this type of connector is or even what it is from?
  13. This was more to avoid your GPU still being the main gpu in use by your pc so that you would even get to display anything on the IGPU but it seemed to work fine. Honestly in my opinion the GPU is toast as you've proven that with a other graphics unit your PC works just fine and with the GPU inserted it does artifact. Also if you change settings on the GPU it changes the amount so my best bet would be a dead GPU sadly enough. PSU die less often than a GPU but I could not see artifacting becoming an issue from a PSU...
  14. Running the exact same one! Great NVME m.2 SSD.
  15. the IGPU isn't nearly as strong as your GPU but yeah If you have lightweight games like CSGO, league or rocket league that play on basically any pc that isn't a brick.