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    ive never has a sony console after the ps2
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    The days of console gaming xD
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    I'm ceo of Kitkat
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    i5 4690k @ 4.5
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    gigabyte z97x gaming 5
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    16 GB hyperx fury
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    Gigabyte 1070
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    Corsair something
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    1x sandisk ssd 250 GB 2x WD blue 1tb Raid 0
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    EVGA G2 750
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    Samsung soundbar
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    windows 10 (x64)

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  1. Hi all, little warning, gonna be a Long and maybe slight depressing story but I just need your guys help with something I went out for a drink with someone I haven’t spoken to in a year or two and we bumped into a really close friend of mine. We had a couple of drinks With him and we were ready to go but my close friend wanted a few more drinks so we stayed but I didn’t drink anymore. Next thing you know he’s ordered a bottle of wine and some high percentage pints of beer (2-3 pints) for himself and drinks it all pretty quickly ***Slightly graphic*** next thing h
  2. PLEASE DELETED IF NOT ALLOWED I’m flying over to Los Angeles in October (I’m from the UK and was going with 3 friends but 2 of them had to drop out) Instead of us getting the money back for the flights and hotel (it’s one of my dreams to go to California) would anyone be up for meeting in LA, we plan to go to six flags, Santa Monica, Slab City and Hollywood and really anywhere we’re both 19 so ideally someone our age. We’re in LA for a week (land of the 7th fly back on the 14th)
  3. Out of curiosity for all my friends out in the states, is Drum and Bass a thing in the United States? Just a quick google and I’ve basically not heard of any of the dnb DJs and producers in America and Canada. It just seems like most of not all dnb producers are from the UK and surrounding country’s
  4. ***Remove in not allowed*** Hi all. Wondering if anyone would help Me out. I'm re decorating my house have converted my attic into man cave. Now for decoration I wouldn't mind having a few licence plates from a few states like Florida, California, Arizona and Texas. two questions for anyone over in the US. Is it illegal to take/buy old licence plates from cars in junkyards?? Hopefully if not would anyone be willing to help me out and send me a few. I will cover shipping and stuff.
  5. Hi guys, Im flying out to states on monday for a month and I really don't want to pay my roaming charged on my network (Vodafone) my iPhone X is the A1901 model. What Networks would I be able to use and what would be the best network. im pretty sure I can only use networks on GSM but I may be wrong
  6. Have you tried downloading an older nvidia driver for that card, i had an issue with the latest driver for my 1070, it wouldn't detect my 2nd displays resolution.
  7. that works for about 5 seconds and then it glitches out and does that.
  8. Setup NV surround and it broke windows, any idea on how to fix this other than not using NV Surround IMG_0247.mp4
  9. Just noticed my loop changed from a deep purple to a brownish orange colour. the only thing I can think of if it’s neen really hot in the uk lately and my windowed side panel has direct sunlight hitting it, it’s changed colour over a week or 2 I’ve attached 2 photos, one is the colour is currently and the other is the colour it should be
  10. no idea why i didn't check that haha thanks alot man that fixed it.
  11. yeah ive tried the lot im out of ideas