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    I'm Morgan Freeman and I am a true Illuminati NoScope Master
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    Systems Engineer


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    AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
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    ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Extreme
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    Corsair Vengeance LED White 16GB 3200MHz DDR4
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    Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic
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    ADATA SP550 240GB M.2, Kingston UV400 240GB, Samsung 850 EVO 120GB (OS), WD Red 2TB, WD Blue 1TB
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    Corsair TX650M Gray Unit
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    AORUS AD27QD Tactical Monitor, DELL U2711
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    Corsair H100i V2
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    Logitech G710+ with Cherry MX Brown switches
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    Steelseries Rival 600 on a HP OMEN 300 XL mousepad
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    Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum
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    Windows 10 Professional 64-bit
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  1. I've built an entry-level PC for a buddy using this exact board around three months ago and it already came with a Zen 2 compatible BIOS. I think you could safely assume that most of the available boards already do as well.
  2. Most of the boards nowadays are already shipping with newer BIOSes that support the 3rd gen since it's been out for months now. That said, the B450 Aorus Elite isn't a particularly good choice due to its fairly poor power-delivery system, best I'd use it with would be a 6-core R5 chip. I could recommend something decent but I'd need to know your budget.
  3. I only wonder why would you go to a pcpartpicker forum (or any tech forum in general) to spam "ball suck", I don't think you should really be wondering why they removed you I can only strongly advise against such behavior here EDIT: If you have issues with moderation, please reach out to one of us or any of the forum administrators!
  4. No point in doing any recommendations now, in that case. Honest advice? Wait and ask again closer to the date you have in mind. Too much can change in that period of time for a good recommendation.
  5. That doesn't make any sense so the Nvidia may be wrong. Hard to know without having the actual monitor itself.
  6. The FI27QD is the same as the AD27QD, I think the only difference is refresh rate so I'm not sure what's going on there. As for differences between the FI27Q-P and the FI27Q I found this post:
  7. Assuming the info is correct, it's pretty self-explanatory, the FI27Q has a lower refresh rate range for G-Sync and doesn't support HDR simultaneously with it, while the "-P" version does, as weird as it is. I have the AD27QD and because of firmware updates and nvidia driver updates the G-Sync experience is great, everything works as it should be, even with HDR enabled so I'd assume that'd also be the case with the FI27Q.
  8. 3600MHz RAM is optimal for performance on 3rd gen Ryzen, I picked a 3600MHz kit in my list because it only requires you to enable a setting in bios instead of doing any real overclocking.
  9. For a 3900X something appropriate would look like this: PCPartPicker Part List CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 3.8 GHz 12-Core Processor ($493.84 @ Amazon) Motherboard: Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS ATX AM4 Motherboard ($164.99 @ B&H) Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3600 Memory ($129.99 @ Newegg) Total: $788.82
  10. I think the chip is alright. What motherboard do you have? What cooler do you use? Those are important questions when you're discussing how Ryzen 3000 chips boost their clocks. Use Ryzen Master to monitor clock speeds, not HWinfo. I've had some issues getting the best scores/clock speeds in both singlethreaded and multithreaded tests and so far the best option/balance for me was using the PBO/+200MHz offset settings which increased my PPT limit from stock 88W, among other things. That allowed me to get just short of 5k points in multithreaded and just over 500 in singlethreaded CB20 tests. I'm using an X370 board though, so your chip may clock itself higher if you're on a good X570 one I have not tried manual overclocking on my 3700X though, beyond what PBO and the 200MHz max boost offset increase give. Edit: Also, what is your Windows power plan?
  11. Great news! Just tested it, works perfectly with my ASUS Crosshair VI Extreme.
  12. I agree, it's better than most other options in the price range, but there are some that are vastly superior to the XR in that department. And for me, it's a good-enough reason not to buy it
  13. I'll only respond to this part because it's clearly pointless to say anything else: It's not that the display it's bad. It's that you could've gotten a better one for less money. Just because you don't seem to care or see the difference, doesn't mean everyone else feels the same way. I brought up the 7T Pro because of it's stunning display for a lower price, at least in my area. And yeah, aspect ratios have gotten weirder and weirder these days but not only more content is being made for them as I've noticed, even on services like YouTube or Netflix but you're also not cutting an irregular part of your screen due to the notch on the iPhone. I've played with both the XR and the non-T OnePlus 7 Pro and there's really no comparison in terms of display, cameras, perceived smoothness of usage and the super-quick in-screen fingerprint reader compared to the FaceID. You can't really argue in favor of XR's display when compared to the 7T Pro's, that's why you didn't actually do that and it's kind of obvious why Fluid AMOLED vs IPS QHD+ vs whatever weird resolution Apple used 90Hz vs 60Hz Notchless vs a big-ass notch HDR 10+ vs dithering used to imitate HDR (aka not true HDR) Hmmm...
  14. The OnePlus is faster than a Qualcomm reference device Also, the OnePlus 7T Pro runs an overclocked version of the SD 855 called the SD 855 Plus so there's that. Edit: Also, Geekbench - ugh...