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  1. Could be. I'd say to make a clean installation then.
  2. 1. The DP port on the gpu or monitor is broken. 2. The DP cable is broken. 3. The monitor is faulty. One of these three.
  3. If im not wrong, i already allowed telemetry in gpedit and automatic updates.
  4. Yeah, i'm logged in my microsoft account and have already joined the program.
  5. It says "Some settings are hidden by the company" I tried enabling Telemetry and Automatic updates but nothing happened.
  6. Yeah, it's that. The problem is 2 of them are under the other 2 so they're unreachable.
  7. That's right, you should probably wait for some months for the prices to stabilize, unless you want to spend more for less.
  8. So, I just finished using ddu in safe mode and now it's stuck rebooting... What do I do? Update: it crashed with the error code driver power state failure
  9. You're not rude in anyway, you're right. I'll try uninstalling and making a fresh driver install
  10. Do i have to use DDU or can i just uninstall them trough geforce experience?