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  1. There's no carrier. Could it be a paper SIM?
  2. One more thing: we found a SIM inside when he was installing his: is it normal?
  3. Alright, thank you everyone. We're from Europe and at this point i just think the phone was manufactured for America, etc, since there's no CE.
  4. It has IOS, doesn't look like a fake OS since all the apps are there and you can really see the camera quality is good. But we're worried because there's no CE Mark and that black spot in the first photo that doesn't appear on the online photos.
  5. There's No (CE) Mark on the sides. The EMUI codes are right and all the other specs too. There's also that circular black spot in the first photo on the side that isn't on the online photos.
  6. My computer's aging and that's just normal, but it just angers me that i have to wait 4 seconds when i right click on any application. It also opens applications way slower and it's so annoying... I already tried updating, clearing temp files and doing some ssd management (I didn't defrag it, don't worry). Can someone help?
  7. damn, really? I really liked how it sounds. Also helps with footsteps
  8. Hmm, that's weird. I noticed, while switching eq profiles, the sound didn't really change... I also tried to switch the EQ on and off multiple times to check for sound variations, but nothing.
  9. Thanks, both of you. This is the new EQ, hope this is more balanced.
  10. Where's the bass and tremble slider? (Again, really sorry for these stupid questions, i'm a newbie).
  11. Well, i mean, i already spent 200 dollars on these and i think that's enough. But, i'm curious, how do i tweak the EQ better to get more detailed audio? I'm a literal newbie to sound and EQs so i don't really understand much.
  12. Update: I did it! So, I did some research. Apparently, all Arctis headphones come with a little bit of configuration to do to make them sound good. The equalizer on the Steelseries GG is pretty bad, so you'll have to install Equalizer APO and Peace Equalizer (Don't freak out if it looks hard, follow my steps.) Then, you wanna open Equalizer APO and install it on the playback devices with the Steelseries name on them, I used this configuration for my Arctis 9 and now it sounds fabulous, take a look and try: I really hope this fixes your problem, enjoy your Ar
  13. Do some of you have a good eq for the Arctis 9? I'm trying to get that huge audio room in my headphones similiar to my old G933