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  1. Agree! Anyways, i fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling it.
  2. Last night icue stopped recognizing my ll140s, randomly. What happened?
  3. He's tried both the port on the io and on the front. Any help appreciated!
  4. It's my brother's 18th birthday gift,so me and my bro don't really want to return it, is there another way to solve this problem?
  5. first of all, check if your gpu is not faulty. i would reccomend getting a replacement. Second of all, don't overclock your cpu yet, because the overclock itself can be the cause of some of these problems. Run the memory diagnostic tool to check if your ram is causing issues in cmd running as administrator, type "sfc /scannow" to check if windows has some corrupted files.
  6. There are white pixels on my new rog laptop, they can be seen only on black backgrounds. How can i fix this, and are they dead or stuck pixels?
  7. There are 5, 3 corsair and 2 cooler master. The faulty one is a cooler master one.
  8. GPU left fan and case fan slow down togheter and then they get normal again just to do it all over again. Anybody know whats going on?
  9. Anyone have some opinions on the Aorus ATC800? I'm considering buying it but i don't know if it performs good.
  10. Welp i'm gonna go kill myself see ya Seriously speaking, that's an odd number of ram,i think that could cause problems with performance too. I would say to lower it to 16 (2 gb less of ram doesn't feel different) Or if you REALLY want more ram at least make it 32
  11. I reccomend getting another ssd or hard drive because 18 are really too little
  12. Get a 2070 super my dude Edit: the MSI Gaming Z/X models are pretty cool
  13. You're right, but i feel like these drivers are time bomb and some day they will release an REAL unstable driver. I hope they get their things togheter and create stable drivers once and for all. As for cpus, amd for life
  14. Honestly i prefer NVidia for the better and stabler drivers over AMD GPUS.