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  1. The backside of the laptop. Spelling error. I don't know if it's possible to remove that:
  2. We left it under the rice, we'll try to power it up again tomorrow. Hope it works. The backplate covered with rivets i suppose. There's a 2 screws but i didn't tried to take them off. If i could access the motherboard, i'll look straight to taking off the CMOS battery.
  3. If it doesn't work for couple days, we thinking about the sending it to service to fix it.
  4. I'm not using this computer. It mostly used by family members. I've learned that water spilled on it just hours before.
  5. As i said, i didn't know what exactly happened. It was working fine on night just hours later after the spill. But, today it won't power up at all.
  6. I didn't drop anything on it. I don't even know what exactly happened. I heard it sucked water from the table as kids were playing with water around the computer. And there's was moisure on the keys and my mom said she did cleaned it.
  7. So i've dropped the laptop under the sun in hope to dry the wet out.
  8. Thanks. Battery is integrated inside so i couldn't take off the battery. What i'm thinking to do is dropping PC inside of bucket of rice to let it dry out. My cousin also was spilled bit amount coffee on his laptop and he said he did exact same thing to let it run again.
  9. I don't know what exactly happened, but i'll try to explain what exactly happened what i heard of: So, my brother and neighbours kids was playing around with water while laptop was on the table. After that, my mom found laptop little wet and some steam on the keys, most likely the moisure around keys. So, she said that she used the laptop and it was running completely fine then shutted it down while updating OS. So, today it won't open. The battery light shines and battery is full. Laptop is now completely dry and i didn't found any wetness around the comput
  10. I'm pretty sure this driver timeout errors mostly caused by the Radeon Software. There's should be a way to install drivers without Software.
  11. I hope i won't see any sparks and explosion happening in my system again.
  12. That PSU is that bad? I mean, most people recommended it me to buy it 1 year ago. Sad to hear about it. I hope it wouldn't end up like my old PSU. Also, i'm not playing newer games. Most demanding game i've played is Battlefield 1 and not had much issues playing it, locked my CPU at %100 but i was able to play with very smooth 50-60 FPS.
  13. Hi, i have an R9 280X Tri-X OC 3GB GDDR5 384-Bit model GPU. I've applied new fans and thermal paste on it. And, i'm thinking about selling it and buying much newer and less power hungry card like GTX 1050. Is this an good idea? Thanks in advance and have a good day. -Curesto