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  1. Hi, i'm new player been playing for 4 days. In today, when i try to enter online mode, this error occurs and can't connect Social Club. What should i do?
  2. Hi, new player on GTA V Online. Only been playing 2 days. Today, game gave me 1 millions of $. I've bought me garage and house. I've only been playing on Solo Sessions to prevent annoyed or killed by other high leveled players. I'm at Rank 5 and have about 800.000 $. Some people suggested to me to get Rank 12 to unlock Heists. Thanks in advance. Anyway, i have this house. I don't know why i bought this house. It was cheap: Have these cars: (BF Injection and Obey Omnis) I've got Omnis free from Southern San Andreas Super Autos. I like rally
  3. Hi, i've downloaded GTA V about 2 days ago. But, graphics seems bit off. Game opened at lowest settings when first launch then, i've increased them to Very High. But, Graphics seems kinda bad and tearing from distance. What should i do? Thanks. Also specs:(If it's required) CPU: Intel Xeon X5450 3.00 GHz MB: Asus ROG Commando GPU: Sapphire R9 280X Tri-X OC 3GB GDDR5 384-Bit RAM: Kingston 6GB (1GBX2 2GBX2) 800 MHz CL6 1.8V HDD: Samsung HD155UI 1.5 TB 5400 RPM PSU: Gigabyte P650B 650W 80+ Bronze OS: Windows 10 Pro 20H2 64-Bit Also, game
  4. Hi, i've started playing GTA V Online today. I don't know what should i do next. Should i do Lamar jobs or rob some markets? Thanks.
  5. Can't connect because of this: Is that normal?
  6. Hi, i've downloaded GTA V from Epic Games which i got as gift. Today, i've downloaded it. But, i don't know how to enter Online mode. Thanks in advance.
  7. A lot of people doesn't recommend this software also i don't recommend it. It was corrupted my chipset drivers while updating.
  8. Yes, i need a new system. I think there's a Hardware problem on my system. I've been getting BSODs so often.
  9. Hmm, it's an 13 year old Motherboard. Maybe i need to update my USB Controller drivers? Motherboard model: Asus ROG Commando How to find latest USB drivers? Thank you.
  10. I've been getting at least 3 BSODs everyday. I've had enough these BSOD errors. I've tried different OS different drivers etc. I've been getting BSODS for 1.5 Years.
  11. Hi, i've getting BSODs every day. I want to know what causing this error? Here's the Minidump File:011621-42203-01.dmp
  12. Hi, i've been stress testing my CPU (Intel Xeon X5450) on Prime95 and it hit 95 degress just in 1 minutes of the stress test. Is that dangerous? Thanks.
  13. I've uploaded it. Thanks for the help.
  14. Thanks. This driver isn't suitable to my Wifi Adapter. I'll setup suitable driver. How to uninstall Wi-Fi Driver?
  15. Hi, i've been getting BSODs while downloading the files from internet. I want to know what causing this. Minidump file:Minidump.rar