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  1. If you can scratch together the extra $25 it would be a better choice for gaming. I understand the need to meet budget may eliminate that but if you can stretch somehow you'll likely be much more pleased.
  2. Well... He said GTX1050 which is available in a low profile form factor. See here
  3. Anyone who was holding out for Vega, they are the ones who care. This is the exact same chip and memory that will launch with RX Vega. Thusly everything about this card will be the same as the RX Vega The only things that will change are: 1: Drivers (And if AMD launched a professional card that is designed (as advertised) to be for creators who game and gamers who create without proper driver support... that would be both stupid and contemptuous towards those who are spending $1000 to $1500 for this card.) 2: clock speed: with an AIO water cooler they MIGHT see another 100-150 Mhz, AMD aimed for 1600Mhz, normal clocks are 1400-1500 Mhz on air so 1600-1700 seems resonable under water. My Thoughts: 150Mhz more will not make this card a 1080Ti competitor, it will make it a 1080 competitor... which means it needs over a 30% performance increase from drivers alone or this card will not be a high end competitor. This card feels like it should have been out 1 year ago but... I'm guessing that 1: AMD was having trouble hitting their desired clock speeds and 2: HBM2 is still a very questionable choice for this card, it's very expensive, doesn't have a speed benefit over GDDR5X and is also in short supply because of production difficulties. HBM isnt a good feature if it limits your chip production, doesn't provide a performance benefit and increases your production costs when you're part of a company that is dealing with massive debt and the pure and simple need to just HAVE product available for people to buy. disclosure: I own AMD stock, I do not own Nvidia stock (makes the last 12 months look like a dumb choice right?)
  4. Name one person that said that very thing about any of the Titan X cards when they came out... They're both "workstation" cards and the Titan X has (for all that matters) Identical performance to the GTX 1080Ti. Will RX Vega not have the same exact chip in it as the FE?
  5. In my opinion, given the choice, a 290 will be an upgrade and a noticeable one at that, however a 980 or preferably a 980Ti would be a much larger upgrade and likely give you better value given the inflated prices of AMD hardware at the moment. I would personally feel that true for a R9 290 but the R9 290X tends to match a 970 pretty well step for step. Regardless of what your firestrike says A Lot more depends on acutal gaming performance, luck with individual silicon lottery and individual card cooling performance(especially with GPU boost 2.0 and 3.0) Certain games favor Nvidia's architecture and certain games favor AMD's. But the rough idea of general Gaming performance from R9 290 up is as follows: R9 290 < (970=290X=390) < 390X < (rx480 = 1060 6gb = 980) < (980Ti = 1070) < 1080 < 1080Ti See reviews that show this in action below: DF 2014: Here DF 2015 in Witcher 3: Here Jayz2cents 2015: Here Anandtech Review: Here (have to page through all the tests with this one)
  6. I bought the aio from EVGA then applied it to my founders edition card.
  7. Perfectly normal operation, it is not throttling, that is GPU boost 3.0 finding the highest frequency for the given card conditions. As temp goes up the clocks will drop one tick at a time. You can try to minimize that by increasing fan speed to keep temps lower but temp, voltage and power limit will all cause clock drops as the temperature, load and conditions change. You can minimize the effect but cannot prevent the effect.
  8. Aio coolers are great for gpu's, I definitely recommend one as a user myself.
  9. What people think about something often times has little basis in fact or reality, claiming they were deceived because of their own misconceptions and lack of knowledge does not make what google does illegal, it just means that consumers are uninformed, naive and often don't care to find out anything other than what a government or the media tells them(which in europe happens to be mostly highly liberal/progressive). Google has done an exemplary job of being unbiased in their search results and they most certainly(IMO) have a great search engine and product. What they are being found guilty of is something that EVERY SINGLE other brick and mortar store and many online stores do as well, which is place certain products front and center(whether on an isle end cap, on flashy displays immediately in front of you as you enter the store, or on the website's landing page for extra exposure because they are popular or highly profitable or important for the company or on sale, ECT.
  10. The FE cards are a 2 slot exhaust blower style cooler which means the cooler itself is much smaller, the core will run hotter unless your either ramp up the fan speed very high or replace the cooler with a water cooler. Other than that, they do usually have a lower maximum power target. For my FE the lower power target has not been much of a problem, the card hits it's voltage limit before the power limit so having a lower maximum power level has not been a problem.
  11. I would! So i say yes! Gaming upgrade for you, mining for those who mine, everyone wins.
  12. But, what people think is often not reality and Google's ability to freely operate their company and services legally is not and should not be dependent upon what people "think" about a service.
  13. Agreed, laws and regulations are necessary to some extent. But just like laws they can go and be taken WAAAAY to far, for example the point we are at now where laws are being written or interpreted that directly interfere with an individuals right to abide by their own conscience, that being a gross overreach of the law. My personal feeling here is that Google is not a public service guaranteed to offer 100% unbiased results or operated by a governing body who is required to offer equal services to all. The EU's stand on this is a gross over reach of law. Google is a business. Period. Example that matches what they have decided google is guilty of: A grocery store puts certain products on the endcaps of isles for additional exposure because they want to sell/move a certain product especially well for any number of reasons. If google puts certain products on its "internet isle endcaps" why are they guilty of being anti competitive? Should the grocery stores be fined for being anti competitive? Or should google be able to sell products the same way... because they are a For Profit Company who offers a large range of services to many people. They are not refusing to sell other products or hampering people's ability to find that product in their store(just like a grocery store) they are calling attention to certain products inside their own store for any number of reasons.
  14. My thought: Google is a business that offers a service to people and to companies that it has designed and operated for many many years, how it offers it's services to companies and the end user should be Google's own personal choice, just as using their services by people is that persons own personal choice. They are not a socialist country that must offer government sponsored services to everyone equally. They are a private entity that runs a business and should be free to offer their services as they choose, if the companies buying their services do not like it or the end user that is using their services does not like it then they are free to choose another service as their heart desires. Google is a company, that sells things, they are not a public park that everyone must be free to use equally.
  15. Who ever said that it is supposed to be a generic thing? It's a service that google offers on their own website. Is amazon liable for selling products that are "amazon's choice" because that product is getting additional exposure? That's not fair to the other brands on their website. Google is a company who sells products and offers services and exposure to other websites and products, Is Walmart being anti competitive by putting certain products on the end-caps of shelving units to give them additional exposure to the buying public?
  16. My personal recommendation Get the card that: 1: Suits your budget best (ALL 1080Ti's(even FE's with a custom fan curve, can be loud though) will boost to somewhere around 2ghz with overclocking and perform very similarly) 2: Suits your build's design and color scheme 3: That you like the best I personally bought a USED 1080Ti FE, i have owned mostly FE's in the past few years due to owning an EVGA Hybrid cooler that I simply swap from one card to the next and gives Excellent temperatures, quiet performance and good overclocking. Good luck and enjoy it!
  17. Well... If you really want to buy the cards that the crypto miners have, then the best thing that can happen for you is for the major mining currencies to flop hard. Then many miners will abandon it, attempt to recoup some money by selling their GPU's and systems which will flood the market with used GPU's and drive the prices for said items way down. It's like buying a 2-3 year old card, still mostly new, the previous owner took the biggest depreciation hit and now you get a newish product at a discounted price.
  18. I can appreciate what they're after and the potential profits of it, but it's still speculative and can pop harder and faster than the US housing market in 2008. Or it could continue to grow for the forseeable future. The idea that keeps popping into my head with the crypto mining craze is a thought from the california/alaska gold rush. It's the guy selling the shovels that is making a killing, the miners... some may and some may not.
  19. Agreed, The 570 is nice if you can find one. IMO, your best bet for bang for the buck with a blower style cooler will be with a USED GTX970, 980, or 980Ti(over $200though). I've not bought a new GPU since my Gigabyte GTX970 G1 when they launched(late 2014?) I've gotten used cards through craigslist and ebay since then as follows: Titan X(original), gtx970, gtx980, gtx980Ti, gtx1050Ti, gtx1080(x3), gtx1080Ti. all of them i either still own(a 1080 and 1080Ti) or have bought at a good price, used, then sold when I found another good deal. I personally perfer the founders/blower style cards since i just swap the EVGA Hybrid AIO from my current card to the next and just reassemble the old card to be sold.
  20. Ask... and ye shall receive! GTX1060 Crypto mining focused GPU And here too Etherium is very popular to mine at the moment, it is a currency that requires a system to crunch/hash/dig through mathematical calculations to aquire "coins" and the more cards you have and the better those cards are at "digging" the more currency you earn and can then turn in for real money at whatever the current exchange rate is (minus fees). (If i have butchered that explanation of mining please correct me, I have only a basic understanding of what calculations are actually being performed) Will it continue to hold value? Maybe... at the moment it is all speculative mining, etherium could be a flop and worth nothing or it could become like bitcoin. IMO(a very uninformed one to boot) unless there are actual places to use the currency to purchase actual things then it will likely flop. Analogy: if everyone is mining for gold but no one is willing to accept gold as a form of payment... then the gold will eventually become worthless no matter how hyped up all the miners are. Crypto currencies are a high risk investment(that means the payoff may be big or there may be massive investments lost, no one knows).
  21. RX470 and RX570 are great cards for the money... but can you find any? or... can you find any that aren't marked up 50%. All that mining going on. 1050Ti is a very nice card, for the right price and the right person.
  22. Nice overview of the cases there! I'm personally not a fan of the tall and thin HTPC style but i can see how they would be great for someone with a Home Theatre. I am very impressed by the NCase M1 though having not seen it showcased anywhere else before, it has the design style of the DAN Case A4(I own one and I love it) but has additional room for expansion. However it is still a hard purchase to justify for anyone who's on a budget at a $185 asking price(though better than my DAN Case at $230). The price is especially hard to swallow when you can pick up a Cooler Master elite 130, which for the money at $45 is a darn fine medium little case(and also fits a ATX PSU) that will allow you to have good thermals and upgrade to a smaller and/or nice case in the future.
  23. I agree with Linus on this topic, that being: When there is an option for a more powerful single GPU or having two less powerful GPU's in SLI. The single most powerful card you can afford is the best option long term, best compatibility with every game and most consistent performance. So my vote is 1080Ti Am I the only one who read this and thought there was something very wrong with the statement? The Titan X(pascal) is the GP102 Chip from Nvidia The 1080Ti is the GP102 Chip from Nvidia The 1080 is the GP104 Chip from Nvidia Therefore the Titan XP is not the 1080 with more vram and cuda cores See below, a direct copy/paste from Anandtech. NVIDIA GPU Specification Comparison GTX 1080 Ti NVIDIA Titan X GTX 1080 GTX 980 Ti CUDA Cores 3584 3584 2560 2816 Texture Units 224 224 160 176 ROPs 88 96 64 96 Core Clock 1481MHz 1417MHz 1607MHz 1000MHz Boost Clock 1582MHz 1531MHz 1733MHz 1075MHz TFLOPs (FMA) 11.3 TFLOPs 11 TFLOPs 9 TFLOPs 6.1 TFLOPs Memory Clock 11Gbps GDDR5X 10Gbps GDDR5X 10Gbps GDDR5X 7Gbps GDDR5 Memory Bus Width 352-bit 384-bit 256-bit 384-bit VRAM 11GB 12GB 8GB 6GB FP64 1/32 1/32 1/32 1/32 FP16 (Native) 1/64 1/64 1/64 N/A INT8 4:1 4:1 N/A N/A TDP 250W 250W 180W 250W GPU GP102 GP102 GP104 GM200 Transistor Count 12B 12B 7.2B 8B Die Size 471mm2 471mm2 314mm2 601mm2 Manufacturing Process TSMC 16nm TSMC 16nm TSMC 16nm TSMC 28nm Launch Date 03/10/2017 08/02/2016 05/27/2016 06/01/2015 Launch Price $699 $1200 MSRP: $599 Founders $699 $649
  24. You got it! Straight out of my 1080. After finally getting all the parts and the PC assembled I did run some ROG Realbench last night. That whole tiny box puts out some serious heat with the CPU and GPU running together. The GPU (980Ti)was running in the low 70c range and the CPU was in the low 80's. I still have to do some tweaking to lower the temps, the CPU voltage was running at 1.350v, I would like to get it to 1.250v or under while hopefully with a small overclock. This PC will be primarily gaming and media consumption so realbench was more heat than it will realistically be encountering. Exactly what I was and am hoping will be the case.
  25. The least expensive aftermarket non blower style cooler from a reputable brand: Asus, EVGA, MSI. My emphasis is on the least expensive and reputable brand then also picking the card that fits your build aesthetically.