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    ASUS Hero VII
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    HyperX Beast 2400mhz 16GB
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    MSI Gaming X GTX 1070
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    Corsair 760T
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    Samsung 970 EvoPlus - Samsung EVO 750 GB + Seagate Hyb-1TB +WD Blue 1TB
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    Corsair HX750i
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    Dell 24 UltraSharp Monitor: U2415 * 2
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    Noctua NH-D15
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    Razer Stalker
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    Logitec G502
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    Win 10 Pro

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  1. Hey, I am still using the gtx 1070 MSI gaming X. On 1440p 144hz. I was thinking is it worth upgrading now? I do not really wanna wait another year for prices to drop, or new gpu which will cost more and I will want it. So what you think?
  2. This is why I am consultiong XD> About 11700 - price. the only reason. sata, also for price. ( and just for the build example) it will br upgraded just need to decide on main parts first. about PSU - I was thinking about it, I have same for my server pc, and i never heard him been really loud, for now, to save on it we might stick with it ( we dont need to purchase we will use one I already have ) and if needed we will buy a better one, like corsair 750H that i have or somethin similar. CPU coller, to keep it cool and quiet ( GPU is not available , its for future r
  3. Hey all. I wanted to know opinion of others, Is this Build good enough for few years of use for gaming and Video Editing? Main focus on MB, CPU and Ram, the gpu not gonna go over 3070. I also was thinking is 500W will be enough ?! ( thou on pc part picker it says it is good enough ) Should i get 700W right away? Ram will be upgraded latter () will add editional 16 GB) https://pcpartpicker.com/list/gZG8Gq
  4. Thanks. I used to do it in my old 4790k build, only to find out, that ram was not compatible with cpu ro MB so coulndt overclock. XD Thanks
  5. Thanks. If I understand right, If i take 3600mhz i will noe use the full 3600. but only portion, unless I will overclock. ?! Is there a suggestion in this casE?
  6. Hey all. I am building my GF a pc for video editing mainly. I would like to make sure if I am doing it right, checking the right RAM speed for this CPU. Is it the max speed?! How to chose corectly the ram for the cpu? ALso, if you have any other suggestions for the build. Ill be glad. Thanks
  7. Hey. I am curious, I am building a ~ sort of a budget pc for video editing. Planing to use CPU from 10400 -> 10500 -> 10600k will be decided latter. This Pc will not be for gaming, maybe some SIMS 4 , not more than that. So if I get a cheap MB, what I am expecting? The cheapest MB is Asus H510M-K LGA1200 Intel H51 So, how bad bottleneck we talk here? If any at all?!
  8. Hey, I belive here will be planty of people, who use ADOBE products. Can you suggest from your exp what cheap CPU i need to get to be sattisfied while using Adobe produts?
  9. Hey, I am trying to decie what cpu - chepest to buy to be able to work with all adobe produvts with out any issues, and have good results in rendering.
  10. Hey all. I can not make sure what is the cause for the restart. I checked the history for sudden shut down, it did not said anything special. The restart happens while I play, main game is Hero of the Storm. I can not see if there is sudden temp spike. i have 3700x Noctua nhd 15 corsair HX750i - psu GTX msi 1070 gaming x. I have fans running on auto - ASUS AI on MAX ANd yet sometimes pc restarts. When running on full fan speeds, never had this issue accuring. Maybe you have suggestions how to check pc
  11. Hey all. I have an issue with my internet provider, and devices they provide. I would like to test if router loosing connection to the internet, or maybe the router at fault. I am not even sure. I would like to test for hours, if router loosing connection, or not. The only test I know, is too ping to google.com Do you have maybe any other suggestions please ?
  12. Thanks for all relevant answers, and sarcastic as well
  13. When will they fix it Jesus. What is the point in usb 3.1 and 3.2 if it still the same speeds, more or less.
  14. Clouse , write in between 16~60mbs. Which annoys me.
  15. So you saying... I should get a read and write speed over 500mbs?