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    Z390 Aorus Master
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    2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB 4000
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    GTX1080Ti FE @ 2012Mhz w/ Hybrid AIO 240mm
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    Fractal Design Meshify C
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    250GB 970evo, 500gb Samsung 850EVO
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  1. Fact is we should be giving the OP advice based upon his needs and wants. Yes he is free to do as he pleases, but calling his decision to go with a 16 core Stupid because it is your opinion is that having a PC that is more powerful than necessary is wrong. Stand by your comment... but recognize that it is your opinion and nothing else. So it is your Opinion that that choice is "Stupid". The same "stupid" logic the OP is applying here is applied everyday by you and me and billions of others to a multitude of other life decisions and is not called stupid. Next time you buy anything o
  2. you can also get to work or anywhere you need in a yugo, why anyone would buy something other than a yugo for work is completely stupid. the fact that he wants something with more power and luxury than he plans to use at the moment is completely normal and perfectly fine. please don't call someone's desire stupid if they have worked hard and have the money and desire to get it, he's willing and able to do this because he wants it. Go for it dude! you worked hard, it's your money, it's your PC, don't let anyone convince you a 1000$ processor is stupid while most people d
  3. hopefully someone else more intelligent and with more experience than I will chime in with something we're missing... sorry man, i'm out of ideas atm.
  4. i'm not picking up on any immediate easily diagnosed problems here... My personal next step would be swapping out CPU cooler... maybe there's a problem with the cooler... heat pipes were never filled, mounting surface is defective, ect. if another cooler performs better, we may have an answer.
  5. does applying gentle but firm pressure to the top of the cooler while testing offer any reduction in Temps? i'm trying to discern if we have a mounting pressure problem... i experienced this with my h100i several years ago. also, what kind of core voltage is it using?
  6. Some tests and trials need to be run. I have to ask, and i'm not trying to offend but keeping it simple is a good place to start: have you removed the clear protective adhesive sticker from the bottom of the cooler? Looks like this: I like that you've tried reseating the cooler, How does the Thermal paste spread look? after removing the cooler, should look something like this. Nice, thin, well distributed, not overflowing. What voltages is it applying to the CPU? Have you tried something that isn't prime 95 to stress test? prime 95 small ffts
  7. great monitor, response to the need for a 5950X: if the 5950X is what you want, in your budget, and doesn't cause you to give up other more beneficial gaming upgrades because of the price, then go for it.
  8. the fans that came with my meshify c... i would call them above average for included fans, i also have a few HP-12's and IMO they are below noctua but better than average.
  9. this is a painful question to be asking right now... i've always been a big advocate for the USED gpu market, however even used GPU's are way above value. I can't honestly recommend anything other than 1 of the following: buy what you want if you can find it and pay a lot, buy what you can afford which may be disappointing, or buy what will get you by for the next 6-12 months to then get what you want.
  10. Welcome to PC building! I've done a few and I'll throw some recommendations your way that I would do were it my PC build. 1: Get 4 sticks of ram, Ryzen CPUs love ram speed and actually it appears they like having 4 sticks... to quote Gamers Nexus recent video: Here "on previous AMD platforms; in fact, running 2 sticks of RAM was sometimes better because it'd be easier to stabilize the tighter timings and higher frequencies than running 4 sticks of RAM. Now, with Zen 3 and the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, R9 5900X, R7 5800X, and Ryzen 5 5600X, it's become clear that 2x
  11. with 3080's looking to be scarce until next year, if your fear is your PC being unable to game, there are also some cheap 2080Ti's floating around now.
  12. an I5-8600k is fine for the 3080, it will not extract the same potential at extremely high refresh rates (144hz and up) that a i9-10900k will but you will certainly see a large performance improvement across the board.
  13. Here's the NH-D15 which is about $90. It is one of the best air coolers, why not spend another $30 and get the best air cooler money can buy instead of fiddling around with these mid tier coolers for 60-70$?