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  1. To my knowledge Ryzen 2700x is only a dual channel setup, installing 4 sticks of ram will not provide better performance vs 2 sticks of ram because installing 2 more sticks of ram does not increase the memory bandwidth. however, 2 sticks of ram could potentially give you better overclocking results due to only having to deal with overclocking 2 sticks of ram instead of 4 sticks and the likelyhood of one of those sticks dragging the others down in speed. also, if your primary use for this setup will be gaming and you have no other specific need for 32gb of ram, then for
  2. the 2080 would work very well, it's what... like $400 usd less for 15-20% lower performance. so it's a much better performer at FPS per dollar spent and it can do 4k 60 and 1440p 144hz but it may need some settings turned down to maintain that performance
  3. One of the biggest benefits that i've heard discussed with the Ryzen processors is getting high speed and low latency ram, the ryzen chips really like faster and quicker ram, it helps them especially well. I don't personally have a lot of knowledge on what the new Ryzens are maxing out at with memory speeds, i do recall that the first gen ryzens had difficulty getting memory to run very fast.
  4. technically yes, an overclocked intel 9700k or 9900k would help somewhat, but primarily with very high refresh rate gaming, you're not likely to notice any meaningful difference with most 4k games but you may see a few more fps at 1440p and 140+ FPS. but, thats really splitting hairs IMO. it's a huge cash investment for a small improvement.
  5. I may stand corrected, looks like the 2080Ti will hit 130-140 fps at 1440p maxed in witcher 3 https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/geforce-rtx-2080-ti-founders-review,29.html
  6. wow, that's a LOT of GPU horsepower you're looking for. with 1440 144hz and 4k 60 2080Ti is your only option, and that likely won't do 144hz with max settings at 1440p on some AAA games like Witcher 3 my 1080Ti won't do 100hz at 1440p in witcher 3 if i recall and a 2080Ti is 15-20% faster i believe
  7. As Nocte said, the answer to your question depends on: 1. what resolution you want to run 2. what refresh rate you want to run 3. what graphical quality you're interested in the answers to these questions could mean you choose anything from an RX580 to a 2080Ti
  8. The temperatures are high, but possibly normal. the 9 series intels run hot. it appears that these temperatures all at stock settings? One of the things that I am seeing is AVX, AVX instruction set stress testing will give much higher thermal results than a standard stress test. If this stress test is using AVX: 1. are you planning on using AVX regularly in your normal usage of the CPU? if so, an AVX offset may help the temps 2. if not then run a non AVX stress test and see what happens with the temperatures. also: I have seen some yout
  9. Not entirely sure what you're asking in this thread, I think what i'm hearing is: why is this new Asus strix card not clocking as high as my ichill cards with custom 280mm AIO cooler on it. well, GPU boost 3.0 automatically clocks your card to the maximum it can given the restrictions in place, those restrictions include: temperature power consumption factory overclock (if not manually overclocking) silicon lottery, the quality/perfectness of the individual chip your ichill card has at least 1 large extra in it's favor but may also h
  10. CPU: 9700k vs 8700k is a close race, the winner of any comparison between the two will hinge on the specific applications ability to use the extra logical cores(due to hyperthreading) to full effect, if the application doesn't fully exploit all the available logical cores the results will nearly always favor the 9700k due to more physical cores and higher(or identical) clock speeds. Motherboard: as per Buildzoid in the video I referenced, the Asrock board listed has the best VRM(motherboard cpu power supply components) of any ITX board available, one of the most problematic factors
  11. My Advice: CPU: 8700k or 9700K, i would personally go 9700k, IMO the higher pysical core count will be more advantageous in GAMING, hyperthreading can actually sometimes very slightly negatively impact gaming performance due to each core handling 2 threads at once and sometimes being forced to handle individual threads slightly slower as it pushes 2 threads through 1 core. For CAD work, the higher thread count of the 8700k might be better, but i'm unfamiliar. Motherboard: Z390 Phantom Gaming ITX/ac https://www.asrock.com/MB/Intel/Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITXac/in
  12. Agreed, The current crop of middle and high range gigabyte boards have the best VRM of any Z390 board in their classes. The Master has better VRM cooling... but that doesn't mean the elite has poor cooling, the master just has the best in category. Buildzoid has some great rambling about the new Aorus boards if you wish to know more. Buildzoid Aorus Master Overview: Here Buildzoid Aorus Lineup overview: Here I personally chose the Z390 Aorus Master board, but would have been just as happy with the other mid range Aorus boards after w
  13. Benchmark: Firestrike CPU: i9-9900k GPU: GTX 1080Ti Founders Edition GPU Core: 2025 Mhz GPU Memory: 1434 Mhz Score: 25,672 3DMark Link: https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/30850414? PCPartPicker Link: Here Benchmark: TimeSpy CPU: i9-9900k GPU: GTX 1080Ti Founders Edition GPU Core: 2012 Mhz GPU Memory: 1434 Mhz Score: 10,416 3DMark Link: https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/30850910? PCPartPicker Link: Here
  14. I love all the Logitech mice that I've ever had, i personally perfer the right handed mice with a thumb shelf. Something like this may fit your needs.
  15. I would lean towards the 1080Ti greater raw performance in current games and as said above, ray tracing is still a great unknown and seems to perform poorly even on the 2080Ti
  16. I am not seeing where the forum reactions are Donaldesque, unless you mean that people standing up to a bais that has affected their lives and has lead to ridicule and attack against them... which is called character assassination. The proper way to address disagreements with another person's viewpoint or belief is to discuss why you disagree with that viewpoint and provide evidence as to why. When, you attack the individual instead of the idea and label them a term ending in "ist" or "fobe" you claim you don't have to provide proof or evidence that their idea is wrong
  17. The online communities at Facebook, Twitter, Google, ect. Have been heavily focused upon and in the spotlight recently. Much of the criticism has had been rightly placed on the companies due to the ways they have handled(or mishandled)the occurances. I am personally entirely in favor of our community and the internet as a whole being held as closely to complete freedom of speech as possible. Regulation of allowable content and ideas, by nature, will always place one bias against another... These biases are real and our own blindness to them is also very real. Brian Amer
  18. Hello all, Some interesting news I just came across, perused quickly and figured I would share after all the diverse opinions I saw on the net neutrality issue. It is apparently a proposal being circulated by certain senators. The link to an article written by the Libertarian website Reason.com briefly discussing some of the proposals can be found HERE The full PDF of the proposal is HERE: PlatformPolicyPaper.pdf I have not had the time or desire to read the full PDF that was leaked... It's long and full of legal speak.
  19. 100% agreed, 66C is fine. I'm more interested in, the challenge of doing something like a bigger rad with a universal GPU mount for my second hand proclivity, the enjoyment from a desired result being achieved in an unconventional way and at a price that makes it even more worthwhile, and then sharing my unconventional choices to reach a goal and hopefully help someone else to do the same if it fits their budget, goals and desire and then also to give some a good laugh... That's primarily why i'm sharing.
  20. Assassin's Creed Origins... great game, loads of fun, very pretty with all the makeup on(maxed out graphics settings) and the first AC game that I have played. But I've noticed it's not afraid to work my PC pretty hard(6700K @ 4.6Ghz with H100v2, 1080Ti founders with 120mm EVGA AIO installed, 1440p @ 75hz) and will run my 1080Ti at 90%-100% load at all times. My poor little 120mm AIO is working overtime to keep 250watts(likely more with the overclock) as cool as possible... it pushes some incredible heat out of that radiator, at full saturation the card tends to run at ~ 66C and of course it w
  21. I can agree with that being brought up(though i'm not entirely sure about the EU's consumer protection laws... and I seldom tend to be in favor of many of the things i see coming out of the EU(but that is a personal world view and mindset difference on my part more than anything else)) I can both agree with and disagree with "policing their platform within reason" example: Agree with policing for: Content like "backpage" or other flagrant abuses used to exploit people are a definite NO NO Disagree with policing for: Content like "Diamond and Silk" wher
  22. Then the fault on that front is primarily with Kogan and with Facebook who to my understanding was extremely lax in their data control and usage enforcement for many years and also in in their favoritism in the entities they gave privelidged access to. If they don't enforce the rules and bend them at their own particular whim then problems like this will occur and the fault is primarily their own. edit: I should also specify that I don't absolve Cambridge of wrongdoing, but in their case any wrongdoing is dependent entirely upon the knowledge that they had a
  23. Wow, angry are we? All the sources I've read have shown that the Trump campaign use of Cambridge data was extremely limited and have never any indication from any source anywhere that the RNC ever used data from Cambridge. (BTW the Trump campaign and the RNC are separate entities) If you have any evidence to the contrary please present it. The RNC and the Dems have been gathering voter data far longer than the infantile company known as Cambridge has been. Why are do you seem to be most concerned with the political party usage of Facebook data?