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  1. I'll just leave these here... Link Quotes "in fact, the Obama campaign used Facebook to gain a massive political advantage by doing exactly what Cambridge Analytica did and the Obama campaign's media director even bragged about it and confirmed Facebook was aware of it." "This resulted in the Obama campaign accessing roughly 189 million friend profiles that didn't authorize the app and targeted them with political propaganda." Link #2 Quote "Facebook on Wednesday said that the data of up to 87 million users may have been improperly shared" (by C
  2. My name is Commander Shepherd and this is my favorite comment on the Citadel. If you like a quote that likes the like of the comment that you like does that mean you're liking it twice?
  3. Listed in the lawsuit in reference to another google employee named Gudeman. The place where Damore and others listed in the lawsuit were Discussion boards put in place by google for the very purpose of employees discussing ways to improve the company. That was the purpose and goal of Damores memo, he wanted to increase diversity in the workplace by adding his thoughts on the reasons for differences between men and women. His views expressed were not political, they were his constructive thoughts out of a desire to help the company. I'm still not seeing what Damore did as
  4. Then I believe that you are not fully understanding the memo that he originally wrote and where exactly the memo was posted. I will attempt to give some context that I am hoping will clarify some things as I understand them to be. 1: The location that the memo was posted... is an internal bulletin board of sorts that the company actively promotes to it's employees as a place for them to bring up topics for discussion with an emphasis on improving the workplace and making the company a better place to work. This is thusly an open invitation for EVERYONE in the company to
  5. I would encourage you to read the article and pertinent sections of the lawsuit which aren't that hard to find. And I think after reading the examples provided and evidence provided in the ways in which he was discriminated against you will find that it would be highly unacceptable within a company to act as such and for the company to promote as such.
  6. It's not defending Googles own Viewpoint that's the problem. It's that damore is alleging that he was discriminated against and fired because of his viewpoints after being attacked and berated by the Google employees and that Google actively supported those employees in attacking him.
  7. Whether damores conclusions and findings in his memo were correct or incorrect is irrelevant to the discussion at hand. In his memo he provided his own thoughts and opinions based off some data that he found for ways to improve diversity within the company. As a result of him posting his memo in an open discussion forum he was fired by the company for expressing his thoughts and beliefs after being harassed and berated in a way that was seemingly approved of by Google because of his race his gender and his personal beliefs. That is the issue at hand is whether or not Go
  8. Yes, there is, but right now it is growing more and more fashionable to silence voices that you disagree with via threats, voilence, shouting, censorship, ect. A certain popular extremist group in the US claims that an individual expressing a view that the group deems wrong should be silenced with physical violence because that group believes expressing that view is the same thing as physical violence.
  9. The lawsuit proposed that the company is through the bonuses given actively promoting and encouraging its employees to attack and discriminate what is a minority group within the company BECAUSE of that person's beliefs, political views, gender and skin color. That absolutely is promotion of the Google agenda... BUT it is against the law... And horribly discriminatory if that is the case.
  10. I provided a link in my first post to the 161 page lawsuit where the evidence is put forth in the form of emails, intercompany messages, ect.
  11. Thanks for sharing, especially since as you saw in your former company, many, many, many consider (as we see with Google) racism against whites to be ok or even required. Glad to hear you handled it well and found a new job and country to work in. Don't tell them that... The antifascists think they're fighting it... Not part of what they're fighting.
  12. On this topic of James Damore and Google... There is a grand amount of heated opinions, division and anger. I would personally recommend that everyone who would like to comment on the subject at hand or about James Damore to go and READ the WHOLE memo that he authored. IMO it is blatently obvious the memo is: Link to Damores memo HERE well informed well constructed intended for good designed to encourage constructive change for a better work place does not include any anger/hatred/intent to harm
  13. THG extensive compound guide Found here Read it, follow it, make a decision for yourself as to which one you perfer. IMO: I use noctua nt-h1, it's one of the better performers and it's dirt cheap.
  14. Question is, are your Graphics, physics and combined scores about where they should be? Or are the scores low? If the scores are fine... Then don't worry.
  15. Not in gaming when the 8600k is overclocked or not by any strech, only in applications that can fully saturate 12 threads through the CPU. All speculation and oppinion, (now my opinion with survey results) Migration in that direction but it will be a slow 5-10 year march. 4 cores has been the gaming norm for 7 years plus and new gaming releases continue to be based on engines that cannot or do not usually take advantage of more than 6 cores for certain reasons: Game makers would be heavily reducing their available gaming population by mak
  16. The 8600k will generally perform noticeably better in games by a decent margin especially when overclocked The Specific size of the FPS improvement in gaming will depend heavily upon the Framerates that you are interested in, The higher the framerates that you will be encountering the greater the difference in the performance of the 8600k vs the 1700x. This is entirely due to lower FPS generally games being GPU bound/bottlenecked and thusly the CPU performance difference will only arise when higher FPS situations allow the GPU to utilize the CPU more. SO, generally high
  17. 8600K will be your best Gaming performer(8700k will work just as well but cost more) 1600 will work at a lower price but not offer much in the way of an FPS per dollar improvement Toms Hardware quoted pictures FYI: the R5 1600 had a price drop after this article was posted so the dot for the 1600 will simply drop to the $200 line and thusly improves it's value but not its performance. First pic: FPS vs Cost: the closer the processor is to the bottom right the better it's performance and value(overclocked the 8600k is a very good value, bett
  18. VS This always makes me laugh, hope there are no hard feelings. One little letter makes a big difference.
  19. Net neutrality was hard at work protecting freedom of speech and opinion I see... Oh wait, I forgot... Diamond and Silk, (demonetized) PragerU, (restricted and demonetized certain videos) The Polish government(restricted) Oh... And James Damore... They just straight fired him for his views and having a research based discussion on his thoughts.
  20. The best thing you can do is check utilization numbers on both the processor and the graphics card. That being percentage of utilization, clock speeds, memory usage, core usage and watching for any spikes in utilization. It's these numbers that will tell you wether your card is performing normally. It could very well be that your graphics card is simply underutilized because it's being bottlenecked by the 7700 k. Use some programs like afterburner and Intel XTU and hardware monitor while you're using the programs are having issues with then get back to us with some numb
  21. From the day Al Gore invented the internet until 2015 net neutrality did not exist, the world survived (in spite of what Al Gore predicted) and the internet has continued to grow in size and speed. No chicken little, net neutrality did not erect the sky in 2015 only to have it fall down in 2017. Net neutrality put regulatory chains on the ISP's but not at all on the left leaning politically correct technomonopolies who are so happy to do the actual opinion and thought censorship on the internet but are the darlings of so many despite their immense power and willingness
  22. My initial response would be to use several performance monitoring tools like afterburner for the GPU, hardware monitor for the CPU and even using the task manager like you're already using and start watching for any spikes in usage or maxed out memory or anything indicating a bottleneck of sorts. I would start running some known problem programs to see if anything spikes as well as a performance check for the read and write speeds for your drives and even a memory checker to make sure your RAM is functioning at its desired speeds. I would also be looking for anything
  23. I'm not exactly sure what your "problem" is... is it that your vram usage is under 40%?(thats perfectly normal)... are you wanting to get lower fps because of screen tearing?(turn vsync on if so)... you're getting great FPS, it's likely your GPU is only hitting 60-80% usage and that your 14 core CPU could use some extra frequency when it's only using 4 cores and under(try overclocking it by bumping the max frequency for 0-4 core usage up to maybe 4.5Ghz or higher if possible, this could help you boost the FPS even more) I don't personally see any problems with
  24. There's nothing greedy about Nvidia's choices, there's nothing wrong with not offering SLI and there's nothing wrong with not offering nv link. Nvidia has produced what is one of the single largest pieces of silicon design I've ever seen, it took a ridiculous amount of engineering man hours and production man hours to make this thing work. The whole design is incredible, and thusly expensive to make and they're even offering it at a discount over what their V100 cards are sold at. It's not a graphics card... it's a card that can do graphics(and likely pret