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  1. Based on the same architecture is not the same as based on the same silicon design, and AMD does not allow what you are proposing, they allow using Xfire with the same silicon design across multiple naming scheme's(because AMD likes to rebrand the old products, unlike Nvidia) example: you can Xfire a r9 290 and r9 390 because they are the same silicon design. you cannot Xfire a r9 290 and r9 280x because the silicon design is different. Update clarification: HOWEVER: one thing that AMD does allow is crossfire on the same silicon design at different
  2. Does the system work normally when it is not overclocked? Did you do any stress testing at stock speeds before attempting overclocking? If you cannot answer those questions I would start by doing that first, if all is stable and temps are fine then try overclocking again. AMD seems to have been very specific with their binning of the ryzen chips(1800x, 1800, 1700x, 1700) with these 4 chips having a relatively small max frequency spread for the exact same product, they seem to have very limited clock speeds compared to Intel and seem to respond less to overclocking and hi
  3. Jayz2cents would tend to disagree from his experience, specifically about the expected time til failure. See his "how far has Nvidia come in 5 years" video: Link about 1 min 39 sec. He(and many others) has/have handled far more AMD cards than myself so I can't comment personally... Warning an OPINION follows read at your own risk!!! My Own thoughts... It feels like AMD has had such terrible launch drivers and such slow driver updates and progression that the possible performance difference could be related to (as others have said) AMD cards simpl
  4. As digital Foundry says they perform their CPU test with the highest performance GPU possible to eliminate bottlenecks. Because it's only when you eliminate gpu bottlenecks that you see the true difference come out when the CPU is not being held back by the GPU. You're correct in saying that a 1080ti makes the performance difference apparent but that's because of the high frame rates it provides, so it's not just a more powerful GPU but High frame rates that bring out the performance difference. It's not just "nonsense" combinations that bring this out it's just more apparent with th
  5. I understand your point on that, but... If this was a gtx1060 vs rx580 question half the forum would be having a full on nuclear war over 10fps because that must mean one card is crap and one is good. My only goal was to show the overall trend that it follows, unity follows that trend that I was pointing out but to a lesser degree.
  6. PC part picker: HERE I do not claim that this is the best possible build for you, that it could not be done cheaper or that you will like it. But I did attempt to follow your design requirements and use high quality parts with reasonable prices. I went through and did a rough build using the memory and GPU that you selected and then added: 8600k with a z370 Motherboard that should overclock well without being crazy expensive and a Beefy CPU cooler to help with your temperatures when overclocking(a lesser air cooler can lower your price 50$ while sacrificing maybe 1
  7. Ok, you disagree a better product is not worth it even though he has the money and is willing to spend it... just because his current setup can't fully take advantage of it. You are entitled to your opinions. ACE1329: It's your money and your future upgrade path you have in mind. Equal or slightly lesser performance right now or spend the $100 and get something that will perform a little better now and much better in the future. You make the $100 choice based upon your aspirations and desires. I'm always going to recommend the better product within the budget you have decided upon.
  8. He asked: The answer is yes, you even said so yourself, I saw no point that he was looking to save money, he said that he HAS the money and is asking if it is worth it. Yes, a 25% bonus towards his future is worth it.
  9. Soooo... what your're saying is that you should completely disregard a better performing product because with your current setup you won't see an immediate difference? I mean... it's not like anyone around here upgrades to better GPU's down the road or anything... I mean... why should i take that into consideration and recommend a product with a noticeable performance boost? It is worth it to purchase the best performing product that you can currently afford to allow for the best possible future upgrade path. So when someone asks, should I get part A(not even overclocke
  10. You mean games like... Witcher 3? 156 FPS vs 116 FPS Rise of the Tomb Raider? 130 FPS vs 100 FPS Far Cry Primal? 136 FPS vs 100 FPS Assassins Creed Unity? 130 FPS vs 120 FPS 26% average performance boost over the 1600X @ 4ghz is... meaningful given the choice between the two. 8600 Benches here 1600x @ 4ghz Benches here
  11. Fixed my quoting for clarification. Are you sure Europe is doing that much better? According to information Here It doesn't look terribly impressive, Sweden being the top performer at 19Mbps. I am at 25 Mbps myself(I rarely need anywhere near that speed, but it is useful for downloading big steam games. I have to confess that I do really like the Xfinity hotspots that are popping up seemingly everywhere now and allows me to avoid using my project fi data.) I could easily go to over 300 Mbps if I Really wanted to now that docsis 3.1 is active. None of m
  12. The following Quote is from an article discussing net neutrality with a man named Bill Frezza, who began his career at Bell labs when the telephone industry had the same problematic(opinion) regulations as net neutrality. He lived through, worked though and saw first handedly the stark difference in the development of the phone system before and after the Bell Monopoly breakup. On an observational note I think and hope that there is something everyone here can agree upon, we all desire better internet infrastructure and continued investment in and advancement of the technology and
  13. How to make the most of 32 Gb of ram... I know! Can you tell me how many chrome tabs it takes to get to the center of 32Gb of ram?
  14. If you want freesync unfortunately your only real high-end option is a Vega card but those can be scarce and I believe pricey. But if you can find one especially with an aftermarket cooler you'd be doing well. An RX 580 will work but will definitely struggle to give you the Fps do you want at each resolution with AAA games. Other than those two options that leaves you with Nvidia 1070, 1070Ti, 1080 or 1080 TI, and sticking with vsync to prevent screen tearing... in which case you probably want to lean more towards Overkill to keep your ability to produce FPS well above
  15. Luckily for you! EVGA is having a Black Friday PSU sale! And it's on some Truly Really good PSU's, like this one! EVGA G2 650W PSU is now available for only $10 more than that... thing found HERE
  16. I'm keeping with my recommendation, a 360 rad with only 2 of 3 fans installed should perform very similar to a 240. It doesn't require changing any components other than not installing 1 fan and the performance would be unchanged. If he would prefer to go through the returns process and get something new then that is perfectly fine as well, just requires more steps.
  17. Not an perfect solution... but you could leave out the middle fan and fit everything in... IMO, a 360mm rad is WAY more than enough for an 8600k, an 8600k can likely get decent overclocks with a 120mm radiator. Remember... a 300 watt graphics card with an AIO solution (or 500 - 60? watt GPU for the R9 295X2) uses only a 120mm radiator and they see some of THE BEST temperatures of any GPU you can buy. An overclocked 8600k will pull... maybe 200 watts(double stock TDP)? edit: The Strix is 298mm long and the case with a 25mm fan accepts a 315mm
  18. Old... ish(need to define the how long ago it must be to be old)
  19. Quote directly from an article that addresses this topic, I find myself in direct agreement with most of it. And most of this article's content goes completely untouched by the mainstream because to them freedom means being able to freely censor any voices that dissent from being politically correct or left wing tech monopoly corporation approved. "Do ISPs have the potential to become the content police of the internet, absent regulation? Yes they do, and that is a legitimate concern for defenders of internet freedom. It’s not hard to imagine a scenario in which an ISP, pressured b
  20. Overall the Overclocking difference will be more greatly affected by the silicon lottery than SC2 vs FTW2. The FTW2 likely has a higher allowable power limit by a few percent (possibly 120% vs 112%) They both will be bound by Nvidia's hard Voltage limit They both will be kept cool by very similar coolers and have similar temperatures They both will very likely clock somewhere around 2100Mhz IMO: if you can fit it, the EVGA Hybrid models with the Hybrid AIO cooler are my favorite for the quietness and cooling capability.
  21. The 580 trades blows with the 1060 6gb but the 480 is a bit behind both in general. Can't go wrong with any of them. Digital foundry test: here As far as a 1070/1080 equivalent... It has been said already, 980ti or Vega 56 and 64 would be the only options. Get what you like, what is the best value and you feel most comfortable with... They're all good cards.
  22. Happy to help! If my assumption proves correct... that he's getting the A240G kit from EK... EK does not make any other GPU blocks for other cards that are compatible with this kit, the reason being that this kit uses all aluminum components to get the selling price down to 1/2 of what the kit would cost with copper and nickel plated components. Therefore he MUST get a founders edition pcb.
  23. As you wish! HERE More info: the Founders edition is the "stock pcb" for the 1080Ti there are no other non Founders cards that use the Founders pcb, not even the cheap MSI aero cards, they use a custom(if possibly worse) pcb. My assumption for the kit that you found would be the: EK A240G kit found HERE FYI, remember that this kit it not currently compatable with ANY of EK's other parts as the aluminum components are approved for use with any of their copper or nickle plated parts, that being said... it will still perform very well and will cost
  24. I'm not a phone snob/trendy individual soooo.... The things that interest me most are: 1: Camera: It seems that everyone agrees that the camera is crazy good, with great video stabilization. 2: Size: I have medium large hands and my current Nexus 5X is as big as my hand is comfortable with for single handed use and as big as I want for a mobile device, IMO over 5 inches is silly for on the go use. 3:Screen: over 1080 resolution in a 5 inch screen is crazy overkill... 400+ ppi... bragging rights and spec wars for the sake of only those 2 things when we get to and go beyond
  25. Not a paper launch... paper launch: "the phrase is used to denote product announcements that explicitly compare the "new product" with other actually available products, despite the fact that the newly announced product is not actually available to consumers." quoted from ars technica Coffee lake 8700k's are available, are being sold but it appears that intel pushed the launch up and as such the number of chips is limited as of right now compared to what intel's normal launch volumes are... so, My opinion on Intel's decision is that instead of stockpiling product for a