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    Salty Springs
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    Similar to yours
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    Tall skinny Middle school kid that cares more about computers than getting an A
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    Do what my parents say


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    Intel Core i7 6700k
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    ASUS Maximus VII Hero
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    32GB Patriot Vipor 3000mhz
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    Evga Superclocked gtx 1080
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    Corsair 600t
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    512GB Samsung 970 pro m.2 and 2tb and 4tb 7200rpm WD Black
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    Corsair AX860
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    Viotek 34-Inch 1440p ultrawide curved 100hz
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    Ek-Kit A240G with 360mm expansion and primochill vue red
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
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    Corsair non rgb :( somethin (pretty ok has sniper button)
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    Astro A50 Xbox/PC Edition
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    Windows 10 (cuz windows has more freedom and microsoft forced me)

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  1. It ended up taking 30 minutes and was completely fine. I know how frustrating corrupted windows installs are after updating. That happens all the time with hard drives i've found.
  2. I’ll recommend the netgear ones. They’ve always worked well for me. I will warn that network switches are very vulnerable to lightning strikes/power surges, so make sure you always have them plugged into a good surge protector as they like to burn out Ethernet ports on your pc as well.
  3. I’ve used my pc everyday for the past week. It asked me to update and I let it restart and do updates. It usually only takes 3 minutes tops for any update, but now it’s been 20 minutes and I’m on 25%. It’s looking like it’s going to take over an hour. I haven’t seen anything like this since windows XP. I have a good pc with a samsung 970 pro nvme ssd and an 800-1000mb internet connection. Why is this update so insanely massive?
  4. I’m still not even sure why I got a 1080. I could throw my 960 4gb in and still run most games just fine. It will still run Minecraft at 1000+ fps
  5. Minecraft, CS, Valorant, Rocket league, Siege, and a ton of vr games. I’m also a reformed fortnite player. I honestly don’t think the ps5 and series x are adding to much to the table. They’re still so cheap compared to PCs. Do people really care that much about 4K and higher refresh rate when playing on their tv? (Do either of them even do high refresh rate?) You’d think the fact that consoles are able to run games at comparable quality to a pc at such a low price would drive pc parts manufacturers to make their prices lower.
  6. I honestly don’t think I need anything for Christmas. I’ll just enjoy the holiday and give some gifts. Not really my issue. I just thought it was odd that I’m just not as pc interested as I used to be. Since I was 9 or 10 I always wanted something for my pc. This year is the only year I really don’t want anything lol. Again... Just rambling. Merry Christmas
  7. Probably a dumb question but you never know... do you have ALL of the power pins occupied for the pcie power? check for corrosion/damage on the pcie connector too. Otherwise RMA it.
  8. I’m only 15 years old. My parents asked me if I had anything in mind for Christmas. Every year I ask for something pc related. Last year was the quest, year before was a Gtx 1080. This year I really don’t know what to get. I’ll admit that I am very very spoiled, but anyway... Am I the only one that feels like hardware is evolving too fast for software and even my brain to catch up? My pc with a 6700k and a gtx 1080 at stock clocks can push games at well over 200fps at 1440p while streaming. And my monitor is only 100hz. I just feel like there is no need to upgrade beca
  9. That is quite the study! It does make a lot of sense. That adhesive is thicccc.
  10. Also just noticed that I have the flow direction wrong on my cpu block. That may be part of my issue but it is such a pain in the ass to fix that I am just going to leave it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. My cpu is bottom of the bin in terms of overclocking performance anyway so I really can't care that much.
  11. I have a custom watercooling loop with a 360 and a 240mm rad. I am cooling my 6700k and my gtx 1080. The 1080 is at stock clock speeds and the 6700k is at 4.5 at 1.45v. With my pump running at a little over 50% and my fans at 100% my gpu stays at 52c but my cpu is jumping from 80-90c. This is while stress testing both the cpu and gpu at the same time. I know my thermal compound application is good and the waterblock is mounted solid. The only thing I can thing is that the thermal compound between the die and the heat-spreader is absolute shit. I knew it was bad but is it really this bad? I rea
  12. I do think it uses display port. I wish someone made an adapter that could convert it to hdmi.
  13. I have a lenovo y500 with the massive ultrabay slot that used to house the second graphics card. Since sli is completely useless now, I decided to make an egpu solution with the exp gdc. That involved getting an external display driver that I could shove into the ultrabay slot since the pcie bandwidth isnt enough to carry display information as well as the pcie information for the gpu. The problem i have is that I would still like to use this as a normal laptop when i need to. but it is very annoying having the extra hdmi hanging out the side and plugging into the laptops hdmi.
  14. My high school is requiring me to get a Chromebook for school. They said something about having to register it so idk what that means. But chromebooks are very underwhelming and make the Windows user inside of me cringe. If I were to do a hard drive transplant with the chrome os into a normal windows pc, would it run? Or is it locked to the computer?
  15. I am moving to a new home and we are completely redesigning our home network. My dad and I are internet hogs. We will have an access point in each our rooms. In opposite sides of the house that have our PCs connected via Ethernet and phones connected wirelessly. Those access points will be connected to a switch coming off of the main Velop router. The other two nodes will be connected together using Ethernet and one will be plugged into the main switch. can you still use a switch if you are hardwiring the child nodes together? And also how is the wired performance of this rou