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  1. Ok people, I get that we have photographers on the forum. I’m talking about regular people.
  2. Subjective. Also I don’t see how carrying an extra device is more ergonomic. Not saying you shouldn’t keep using DSLRs if that’s your thing. But I’m just explaining the rationale behind the market trend.
  3. The best camera is the one you have with you. With people owning great smartphone cameras thanks to optical zoom lenses, computational photography for features like smartHDR and Extended Dynamic Range for video, stellar video and still quality, why would you buy a DSLR?
  4. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Dominates the iPhone Market

    Released in October of 2018, the iPhone XR was designed to be, “the iPhone for Everyone.” And it seems that the iPhone XR is now the phone that everyone bought. iPhone XR is the spiritual successor to iPhone 5c. The XR comes in a wide variety of color options, has the most battery life of any iPhone, offers a reasonable starting price of $750, and has the design language of iPhone X. With all of these in mind, in addition to the much higher prices of the Xs and Xs Max, it only made sense that iPhone XR would be the most popular iPhone of the generation. The success of the iPhone XR also extends to the UK where it is also the most popular phone being sold. On a semi related note, iCloud has seen decent growth 48% of Apple users pay for extra iCloud Storage. My favorite is the 50GB for $1/m plan. For those of you wondering how these results were found: Something to keep in mind about Apple Products is that the more the internet hates it...the more successful it becomes. Bad faith actors like Unbox Therapy and Jerry Rig Everything portrayed the iPhone XR as a bad phone. Mostly citing the displays’ “low” resolution of 1792 x 828. Claiming it has the same resolution as the iPhone 4 because it shares the same 326ppi. Thankfully consumers can try out iPhone XR before they buy it. And in the vast majority, if not the entirety of cases, the average consumer either doesn’t care or simply can’t see the difference. That’s not because consumers are dumb or don’t know any better...it’s because retina is a real thing. Not a marketing gimmick. Resolution and ppi are nothing next to industry leading color accuracy, contrast, and brightness. So it would appear that in a surprise to no one, Apple has won the smartphone game once again............ Sources: https://www.cultofmac.com/621524/iphone-xr-apple-us-sales-q1-2019/
  5. Hell yeah! My 6s Plus gave it all it had, and now it’s giving even a little more!



    $250 for a 64GB 6s Plus is above market value. The trade in experience was extremely seamless. The hardest thing about it was dropping off it off at a FedEx location. 

    1. BuckGup


      Wow that's a lot 

    2. DrMacintosh


      It certainly helps. It brings to cost of the 8 Plus I bought from $699 down to $449. 

  6. How do people wear in-ear headphones? 

    1. They are kinda gross

    2. It's like wearing a stethoscope whenever anything touches the cable

    3. They hurt my ears

    4. You can't hear anything around you which is a safety hazard

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    2. Hiya!


      @Skiiwee29 what about if you lie down to the side? I assume the foam is not thick enough to prevent the earpods from pressing against your ear. 

    3. Skiiwee29


      @Hiya! the ones I got are quite thick and are made specifically for my earbuds.



    4. Hiya!


      Owh that's for iem lol I though u were talking about earpods.. Iem doesn't hurt at all even my cheapo Z3S feel comfortable. 

  7. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Dominates the iPhone Market

    That’s why Apple still offers the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 line. As as for your hopes of shorting Apple. I’d switch up your investment strategy.
  8. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Dominates the iPhone Market

    Just sharing my experiences. I tried using WPS office to see if it would work for my grandpa. But when I tried to print I couldn’t unless I payed.
  9. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Dominates the iPhone Market

    Yes, because iOS is not a traditional desktop environment. If you had another Mac, it would show up on the desktop.
  10. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Dominates the iPhone Market

    Lol. Those are also feature capped by paywalls. You can't print with WPS office without paying for example. Or at least that was how it was when I looked at it a couple of years ago.
  11. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Dominates the iPhone Market

    So can I install Google Drive and drop a .jpg onto my desktop and have it show up on my iPhone? That's what I mean by syncing your desktop.
  12. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Dominates the iPhone Market

    In what way? Like Google Drive? Sure that's an option if you like being required to be online to write anything. Office is free on Mobile but you get none of the important features.
  13. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Dominates the iPhone Market

    The forum glitched.
  14. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Dominates the iPhone Market

    Keep in mind iOS Devices come with Apples own Office Suite and other services that you would normally have to pay for on Windows and Android.
  15. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Dominates the iPhone Market

    As far as I am aware, Google Drive and Drop Box cannot cloud sync your Desktop and Documents folders.
  16. DrMacintosh

    iPhone vs Android – The FIVE Year Test

    No, its not terribly complex. But its more complex than not having to do anything which is a barrier for a lot of "normal" people.
  17. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Dominates the iPhone Market

    Essentially. iCloud Drive is very much like Google Drive and DropBox, just much more integrated. It's also used for iCloud Photo Library and iOS Device backups and other iCloud Services.
  18. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Dominates the iPhone Market

    A single handset making up 38% of the market is pretty dominate.
  19. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Dominates the iPhone Market

    People who want last gen flagships? I bought the 8 Plus over the XR you know....
  20. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Dominates the iPhone Market

    Do you even know the current product lineup?
  21. DrMacintosh

    iPhone vs Android – The FIVE Year Test

    Yeah? And? Who’s talking about Macs?
  22. I’ve been using a Dark Theme with Chrome on my PC for a while. Maybe I’ll be able to remove it with the release of this.
  23. I should order copies of The God Delusion and The Selfish Gene. Both are apparently very good books by Richard Dawkins. 

    1. captain_to_fire


      You should. As for me, it wasn't The God Delusion that made me question my previous faith that led me to atheism, I read it when I was already in doubt.

    2. nerdslayer1


      My favorite part of The Selfish Gene is how it introduced the term "meme". 

  24. DrMacintosh

    Is a GTX 1650 a worthy upgrade from a RX 460 2GB

    Nope. Buy an RX 570 if you want a performance upgrade. It’s cheaper than the 1650 and performs better.