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    RollinLower reacted to MackerelMike in Finale - Folding Month 2018   
    Good luck making sense of this clusterf**k
    If someone would like me to track their ranking, send me your username, i'll make a plot for you.
    There appears to be something wrong with my code, the plot will be revised. Fixed my code, forgot an integer conversion along the way, still a mess.
    There appear to be some weird entries in the data causing some strange data points to appear in the graph, I'm looking into them.
    Edit: I've generated a "final" view of the migration that the users that made it to the end of the month have taken. The overall trend is indicative of people holding their places with a few late power crunchers joining later on in the race, we can see them shoot up in the rankings. The other notable trend is the promotion of users through list culling, users that failed to contribute were progressively removed from the list (some added back as they rejoined). We can see that between the 5 and 15 day mark was the period of highest activity.