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About simson0606

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    Running a 960 on triple 1440p
  • Birthday 1996-06-06

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    tech stuff
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    Test subject @ Aperture Science


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    x99-e ws/3.1
  • RAM
    32Gb Corsair Dominator Platinum 3000mhz
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX960 SC
  • Case
    Powermac g5
  • Storage
    950 pro 512gb and mushkin 240gb ssd and WD Blue 1tb
  • PSU
    Corsair AX860
  • Display(s)
    3x Dell u2515h
  • Cooling
    Full Noctua
  • Keyboard
    Logitech g710+
  • Mouse
    Func MS3 r2
  • Sound
    jbl speakers and sennheiser ie80's and sennheiser rs175
  • Operating System
    windows 8 pro

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  1. simson0606

    SFP Windows 10 Pcie 3 Card recommendations

    yup, used them on 8 and 10 with success. even automatically installed on 10.
  2. simson0606

    Apple XServe, 10GB SFP+?

    You can take a look at the solarflare SFN5122F. I used that card in a thunderbolt enclosure with my mbp 15 2015. The drivers are for mac os 10.9 but still work with high sierra and with mojave.
  3. simson0606

    Desoldering 8-pin bios chip off of HDD PCB??

    apply some fresh solder to the legs of the bios chip, grab the chip with a pair of tweezers, apply heat to 1 side of pins and lift that side with the tweezers (carefully, don't rip them off). Repeat for the other side. this how i did it a couple of years ago. (although with a soldering iron which was capable of heating a whole row of legs)
  4. simson0606

    EATX in a G5?

    I have an asus X99-E WS 3.1 (is SSI-EEB/ EATX) in my g5 case. Fits easily.
  5. I do not expect that it's really 20v on that rail. Asus boards have pretty good over/undervoltage protection, so i'd guess it would have shut off by then. Not to say that the psu is fine, it could still be a problem. Do you have another psu to test with?
  6. simson0606

    i7 2600k overclocking potential?

    I've been able to hit 4.5ghz with my 2600k on a Noctua NH-U12S quite easily. (iirc i was able to hit up to 4,8 but voltages and temperatures were quite insane)
  7. simson0606

    SuperMicro H11SSL-1 (small Problem)

    You can use the IPMI utility (there might be another tool too, but i'm familiar with the IPMI utility) to set the fan speed manually.
  8. simson0606

    My PC is reallly underperfroming :(

    Is the heatsink seated correctly (or maybe the thermal paste has dried out), sounds like a cooling/throttling issue
  9. simson0606

    SFP+ Tranceiver compatibility

    Okay thanks! Just wanted to make sure I didn't overlook anything.
  10. simson0606

    SFP+ Tranceiver compatibility

    Hi all, Can anyone clarify if the following SFP+ transceivers and cables are compatible? Tranceiver: https://www.fs.com/de/en/products/11552.html Cable: https://www.fs.com/de/en/products/41735.html I'm planning to use them with a TP-Link T1700G-28TQ switch (anything to worry about in terms of compatibility? Cisco seems like the most widely supported transceiver)
  11. simson0606

    NVMe to USB enclosures may (finally) be coming soon!

    The power limit shouldn't matter on usb type C devices (100w limit iirc)
  12. simson0606

    Rarely-accessed NAS, how important are NAS hdd's?

    It wouldn't matter much if you would only power up the nas when you need it and shut it down when you're done (not much a nas anymore though)... But to be safe i'd then steer away from complex raid types and just stick with raid 1 or raid 10. (rebuilding is much less wear on the working drives) All in all: nas drives are often not that much more expensive, and if the data is important to you... why not spend a little more for the peace of mind.
  13. simson0606

    dBrand opinions / shipping / quality

    I like their skins, have one on my laptop and on my phone. One time i had some shipping issues but they immediately sent a replacement skin, so their customer service is on point. (and like 6 months later the original one landed on my doorstep... usps/postnl...)
  14. simson0606

    dumbest question about SSDs

    In general you would use raid with the same model drive (2x 960 evo for example). Although it will work with different models (same capacity though) With raid 0 the data will be striped between the drives and will result in roughly double the speed and double the capacity, but when one of the 2 fails all data is gone. also boot times will be slower because raid needs to be initialised. with raid 1 all data is stored on both drives and will possibly give some advantage in read speeds but the most important part of raid 1 is that 1 drive can fail without much consequences. EDIT: I woud not recommend buying a different model drive for raid 0 down the line as capacity increases and prices drop. and different models in raid 0 can impact reliability
  15. simson0606

    dumbest question about SSDs

    You shouldn't have to work that much, stuff like web browsers other small programs (i'd even include office in that list as an exception) will be no problem on a 120gb drive. remember that windows 10 by itself needs to be able to run on a 32gb drive on some tablets, so microsoft needs to keep storage space in mind.