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About simson0606

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    Running a 960 on triple 1440p
  • Birthday 1996-06-06

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    tech stuff
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    Test subject @ Aperture Science


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    x99-e ws/3.1
  • RAM
    32Gb Corsair Dominator Platinum 3000mhz
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX960 SC
  • Case
    Powermac g5
  • Storage
    950 pro 512gb and mushkin 240gb ssd and WD Blue 1tb
  • PSU
    Corsair AX860
  • Display(s)
    3x Dell u2515h
  • Cooling
    Full Noctua
  • Keyboard
    Logitech g710+
  • Mouse
    Func MS3 r2
  • Sound
    jbl speakers and sennheiser ie80's and sennheiser rs175
  • Operating System
    windows 8 pro

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  1. simson0606

    Dutch Talk

    Belegen zit gewoon tussen jong en oud in. Heeft alleen maar te maken met het aantal weken dat de kaas gerijpt heeft.
  2. simson0606

    Dutch Talk

    ftfy oude kaas > jong belegen kaas > jonge kaas
  3. You want to look at creating a Nginx reverse proxy.
  4. Maybe first ask for a loaner unit, even if you would have to pay a deposit. If all goes wel, you'll get the deposit back, have a video, maybe more subs, and eventually build a relationship with the vendor.
  5. There would have to be a lot of carbon in the smoke to cause any kind of electrical issues (Won't be the case, especially if you have filters) Other than that, your pc might need cleaning a bit more often... At home I use a laptop near a bonfire a couple times a year for music at parties. There's a lot of smoke and debries (laptop covered in ash) and it still works fine... (Don't worry, this is an old laptop)
  6. You could try Custom Resolution Utility, it has worked for me to make a 1680x1050 into a 1920x1200 display
  7. Maxwell isn't supported either... (at least, my 960 doesn't work) Kepler is the latest supported generation in Mojave (They had a official GTX680 for mac).
  8. They are x99 systems, so many parts won't be available. But a intel 9700k or a ryzen 2700x will outperform the system listed below. CPU: 5820k Mobo: Asrock x99-ITX/AC Ram: 16gb (I think) Storage: Intel p600 128GB GPU: NVS810 Case: fractal design core 500 PSU: Seasonic Focus Gold (Or Platinum, not sure) 650
  9. At work we have 2 of these cards in separate itx workstations to each drive 8 1080p 55 inch displays. Works like a charm. Setup is a bit of work though (have to walk back and forth to see which screen you are on )
  10. you might be able to use a generic Asetek design aio with the mounting hardware used on the hybrid.
  11. Maybe a cheap android tablet with a SDR (Software Defined Radio) usb stick. It can pick up DVB-T, DAB (Radio), and FM Radio (And more)
  12. Nice profile pic

  13. The raspberry pi can run c# (.NET) exe files with mono on raspbian. You can make either a windows forms application or a console application. It is a bit more limited than a full windows environment though. Another option would be to run windows 10 IOT core on the pi. That way you can run windows UWP apps (Also C#).