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    Xeon E3-1230 v2
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    BallistiX 16GB
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    AMD Radeon VII
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    Carbide 300R Window
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    240GB SSD + 2TB HDD
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  1. Boot with 'nomodeset' kernel option and then install the Nvidia drivers. Nouveau is the default driver and it doesn't work with RTX. Even if it did you still need to install the nvidia drivers.
  2. That's why I put my in text file, along with an explanation of what they do ? I doubt Virt Manager is much work to get running. Probably just install it from software center.
  3. QEMU doesn't require any GUI. I have used QEMU a lot and have never used Virt Manager. You can just type a command and QEMU will open the VM window. Something like this: ./qemu-system-x86_64 -cdrom install-x86.iso -smp 8 -m 2G Which starts the 64bit x86 emulator with that iso as boot cd, 8 CPUs and 2GB of RAM. To use KVM in QEMU (turn it from emulator to Virtual Machine) you use "-enable-kvm"
  4. No. It would use the same IP for all of that. Looks like they are calling it "Dedicated IP". Is there a reason you want to do this? I can't see the point of it.
  5. Yeah, the lobby is this game hits the GPU hard. On my R9 290 I would get more FPS in the actual game compared to lobby. To fix this just set up a global frame rate cap with "Frame Rate Target Control" in the AMD driver control panel. Fixed it for me.
  6. I assume you mean that compression fittings don't fit? Looking good, would be very effective for vertical mounted GPU systems.
  7. Use Linux. I don't think you would be able to run cinebench but some benchmarks have a Linux version you could use.
  8. According to this website which lists all FM2 CPUs, the best is the A10-7890K with 4.1Ghz and a 4.3Ghz turbo. The Athlon X4 880K has the same specs but 100Mhz lower clocks. The Athlon would be the one to buy because you don't need an APU if your going to be using a dedicated GPU. It would be better to not get any and wait to upgrade your whole system though because FM2+ is pretty old and outdated at at this point. It wasn't much good when new either.
  9. I forget if Linus has already covered these. A lot of youtubers have covered them already. There are some pretty nice Dual Socket boards coming out now.
  10. I guess you considered something like this: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32948192293.html It's very cheap, although you would have to factor in the cost of mounting it (custom bracket + nuts & bolts). That exact one I linked might not be suitable as I couldn't find the size of the mounting holes, it might not be a standard and might vary between vendors. I don't have an X570 but if I had to buy one and watercool it, that's the method I would use. Might be a good idea for an LTT video.
  11. Not sure what use they would be if they didn't?? Only difference between quadro and geforce is that quadro has special drivers that give better performance in some professional paid CAD software. Quadro will not perform better with KiCad. A better GPU will be better. 2300g is not that bad but KiCad uses OpenGL and AMD drivers (on windows) for OpenGL are pretty bad. A GTX 1050 would be a lot better. The P600 is an very overpriced 1050 it will not be faster in this program. As AMD OpenGL drivers are poor I would not buy an AMD GPU for this if you are using windows.
  12. Why pro cards? You can use a normal GPU for that program. I don't believe professional drivers will do anything for you.
  13. Not exactly. On Linux there is no normal consumer driver and a "pro" driver. There's a pro driver that can be installed for 3d work and compute (but is worse than built in drivers for gaming) then there is another driver for machine learning and running CUDA compatibility (called ROCm). Both of these drivers support Radeon VII. I think the MI50/MI60 have some extra features for machine learning but otherwise there are no driver restrictions on Linux.
  14. Yes. Unless you need a feature which is only available as part of the Pro drivers (that are not available on the Rad VII).