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  1. Hey there, I'm looking for a gpu to do a new build, and I have no idea about the current gpu maket. My budget is 200-370 for a gpu that can perrform well at 1440p, but i know that's quite a lo ask, so switch down to 1080p is acceptable if needed. My last GPU was a 980ti but my rig had to be sold as I moved to. The main factor is money at the moment, and I'm doing a mini-itx build since space is a huge issue for me. So I assume that has some relevance in the form factor of the gpu.
  2. i have a VPS i can easily that i can easily throw stuff onto to im not super worried on the storage side of thingss huh really? what kind of chassis/case solution are you using?
  3. I'll probaby get a 250gb or 500gb ssd, and and one 3.5" hdd, but that would be it
  4. My partner and I will be going to school next september and will likely be getting a studio ot small 1-bedroom apartment. As a result, we will be very limited on space, so I was considering going the mini-itx route to make as much efficiency as possible. But I want to know of any downside people have experienced doing one of those small-form factor builds: what have been the biggest problems that have arisen from the form factor?
  5. Hey there, I think I have decided to come to Canada to study, really tired of my home. I'm interested in changing my career route to the Networking, so I'm looking at Network Technician programs across Canada, and weighing out my options. I've found lots of great options, but I am having trouble finding a Network Technician program which has a Co-op program to get some job experience firsthand during my studies. Does anyone have any suggestions for Colleges or personal experience relating to this situation? BTW I have Canadian citizenship, so there shouldn't
  6. Hey there, I'm currently weighing out some options for a new cellphone, and the ones that fall into my budget pretty well are the following: - LG Stylus 3 - Huawei P9 Lite - Moto E4 - Moto G5 - Moto G5 Plus - HTC Desire 10 - HTC A9S The main priority is performance and multitasking, and good picture quality. Honestly I know nothing about phones or the phone market.
  7. well ive seen both of those messages display on the same monitor so i assume they have different connotations im using Dual Link DVI, although I don't have any HDMI or DisplayPort cables on hand
  8. yes i have! i have made that mistake before if the drivers weren't installed wouldn't it read "No signal" instead of "No cable connected"? also i leave the tab open, it's fine
  9. Alright, so a friend of mine gave me his R9 290 since he upgraded to a 980ti a little while ago, and I have an interesting issue with it. When plugging it in it shows as "No cable connected" on my monitor, and I think I might know why, but I'm not sure. I've tried different 8-pin & 6-pin connectors from my power supply with no avail. I've made sure the card is nested nicely in the PCI express slot. I've tried flicking the little switch on it for the Legacy & UEFI bios settings with still no avail. What I think it is, is that my power supply doesn't have enough wattage on the mai
  10. Here is a result from pinging google
  11. Hey there, I've recently moved to a new place, and I won't be able to run an ethernet cable up to where my computer is, and moving the router isn't an option unfortunately. There has been latency issues with my internet connection, but there hasn't been any issues for anyone else, so I have narrowed it down to my current adapter. I'm currently using a TP-LINK TL-WN822N, so it is obviously not the greatest adapter. My ping usually sits around 50ms, but frequently jumps up to ~300, and commonly jumps up to ~1500ms. And this happens for no one else. The router is running 2.4GHz @ 802.11b/g/
  12. TheMail

    Dutch Talk

    dat is wat ik dacht
  13. TheMail

    Dutch Talk

    ik weet het niet, het is te laat!
  14. TheMail

    Dutch Talk

    Time for some dutch talk!!! waar zijn al mijn broers?! sorry als mijn nederlands is slecht, het is een beetje anders dan het afrikaans